Translation Pace/Donation system yay or nay?

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Hey readers, with the completion of the first volume of Guang Zhi Zi come some announcements.

First of all, this first volume has been a sort of trial period for me. Just to see how well I can translate, how quickly, etc. And well, I’ve found that I like it. However translating takes time away from other things I could be doing. So from now on I’ll be maintaining a constant pace of 2-3 chapters a week. Hope you guys weren’t mislead by my release pace these last two weeks. 😛

Second of all, I’m considering a donation system similar to Wuxia World’s which has gotten so popular.  Some points about how it would work over here:

  • I would continue releasing 2-3 “regular” chapters a week regardless of donations.
  • For every $60 (Subject to change) I would add 1 “sponsored chapter” to the weekly amount of chapters
    i.e $180 = 3 regular chapters + 3 sponsored chapters = 6 chapters that week
  •  Of course this would be capped out at some point as there is a limit to how many I can translate a week.
    I feel confident in releasing 8-10 chapters max at the moment. This number would increase to ~15+ in summer.
  • Donations would mainly go to:
    1. Website management/upgrades for more website functionality.
    2. Maybe get a new domain, forums, chatroom, etc.
    3. My Twizzlers addiction (Don’t judge, it’s my translation food.) 😛
    4. More Twizzlers.
    5. Would be willing to translate for boxes of Twizzlers or Snickers

Final bit: I’m considering taking up a side project for those days where I don’t feel like translating Guang Zhi Zi. So if anyone has any recommendations for a Xianxia/Fantasy Chinese webnovel available online that no one else is translating, that would be appreciated. Note: This would be an extremely slow translation.

So there ya go.


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  1. Hi! Imo i still think its too early to run a ren type system since the series hasnt been out for that long. I still think a donation button is a good idea too. I also feel that if u do not have enough time to deliver more regular chapters, asking for donations for chapters will cause drama, especially since you do not have a consistent normal release schedule. Your quality is also average, so drama similar to elysion might emmerge. Tldr i think donation button is awesome, but not ren style. Instead just make for regular chapters 🙂

  2. Hmm kinda agree with fatchinee.

    IMO, I think its too early for you to join the donation wagon. Though I know it takes your time, it looks like your rushing it a bit. The popularity of the series is not that high and you dont have a huge fanbase yet.
    Ren is successful due to the quality of his trans and the popularity of the series. The only successful imo other than Ren is flowerbridgetoo. 3 chapters a day for free and extra sponsored for 80$ is reasonable. No wonder he has a huge following.

    1: Keep up a consistent pace for more followers. This means the story would be interesting. The current stage is good but not great.
    2. Implement a donation button with no expectations for now.
    3. buy a domain and add ads.
    4. dont follow elysion’s path.


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