Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 16

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Volume 2: Chapter 16

Chapter translated by DD and edited by Ruze and Sockie (Our new proofreader).

Donated chapter courtesy of Jessie B and Matthew G.

Let us all take a moment to mourn our fallen comrade.

Readers, please try to remember that Zhang Gong is a kid who acts like a kid. He’s not OP Chinese MC like Chu Feng or Yun Che, but he certainly isn’t a dense Japanese MC either. He’s just a lazy kid who supposedly becomes great. As I haven’t read ahead yet, I would speculate that Zhang Gong’s character is much like Sun Knight from The Legend of the Sun Knight (which is also a great read if you guys like Zhang Gong).

Enjoy the chapter!


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  1. He’s going to mature as the story progresses and as responsabilities are laid upon him. Although he will still be influenced quite alot by his beloved xD

  2. Yesss, another sun knight fan~
    I am currently searching for this kind of protagonist, someone like sun is just hilarious ^_^
    The only thing I wish that Zhan Gong will develope is sun’s shrewdness and underhanded tricks~

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