Guang Zhi Zi Chapter Release – Volume 2: Chapter 33

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You can see it here. 

Translated by DD. Edited by Ruze.

I present to you our first dedicated chapter of the week.

Hoorah! We’ve finally finished the last chapter of the volume!

Now we move on the adventuring arc. The grand adventures of Lazy OP Light Mage with his dragon (and maybe sidekick Ma Ke).

Oh boy, look at that queue! I’d better get to translating.

And so now we start Volume 3~

If you like this story, be sure to tell people about it 😀 I feel happy inside when the view counter goes up.


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  1. Is he the blue haired one?

    Also thanks for the chapter (:
    [i gave up on trying to reply to your comment because the captcha code wasn’t working (I tried typing it in at least 20 times on my phone and laptop)]

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