Lord Xue Ying Chapter Release – Volume 1: Chapter 1 & 2

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Lord Xue Ying Book 1: Chapter 1

Lord Xue Ying Book 1: Chapter 2

Hey readers, here are the first two chapters of Lord Xue Ying! The first chapter was translated as a teaser by NomYummi of VoidTranslations. We’ve edited and re-translated some terms. The second chapter was translated by GX and Demenious of Dark Translations and some terms were translated by me. The chapter was edited by M2T5.

If you would like to help out with this project, you can join Radiant Translations or Dark Translations. If you wish to join Radiant Translations, go to our recruitment page and for Dark Translations, email [email protected]

We had some difficulties with this chapter translating “Transcendence” due to the raw cutting out some characters. Darn raws.
Some notes. Xue Ying is the MC’s name (which translates to Snow Eagle) but it’s also the name of the territory. We were going to translate it as Snow Eagle Territory but the raws explicitly stated that it’s named after the MC. So we decided on keeping it as Xue Ying Territory. Which brings me to the title. The title literally translated into “The Lord of Snow Eagle Territory”. However, this wasn’t appealing to us. So it became “Lord Xue Ying”, since Xue Ying is presumably the lord of the Snow Eagle/Xue Ying Territory.

Enjoy the chapters!


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  1. Its an assurance to know that Slave, Radiant & Dark are working on this together. Thank you so much. How come your Little alphabet doesn’t work on reply column when i try to key in a reply to you.

  2. I mean the captcha verification code. It makes me feel like a kid getting a new toy to play with when i tried several times but refused to acknowledge it

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