Weekly Schedule (Oct 26 – Nov 1)

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Hey readers. Now that we’ve stabilized a bit after our influx of translators and editors and the beginning of school, I have decided to try out a weekly schedule. Posting timezone: GMT -6

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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Note: Sponsored LXY and MCIF will be within 48 hours assuming translators are available. CoL will be within 24 hours.

As for Lord Xue Ying and Magic Chef of Ice and Fire.

Lord Xue Ying will likely be released twice a week in collaboration with Dark Translations. We should be able to increase our pace in January after we’re done with our IRL stuff. One chapter during the weekdays, one chapter in the weekend.
Magic Chef of Ice and Fire will likely be released once a week in collaboration with Zen Translations.

Status summary:

Ruze: Drowning in school stuff.  Switched to managing mode and part-time translating.

Miki: Currently has exams. Translating beast will be unleashed after exams.

DD: Also buried in school stuff. Likely MIA until Late December.

Xin: Just doing her own thing.


P.S LXY today.



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