Recruiting Translators And Editors!

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Hey readers, we’re recruiting Translators and Editors!

We are currently recruit Translators in order to increase the release pace for Lord Xue Ying, Magic Chef of Ice and FireHeavenly Calamity, and Tempest of the Stellar War.

We’re also recruiting editors. This time we’re recruiting editors for the following projects:

Novel Editors Needed
Child of Light 2
Magic Chef of Ice and Fire 3
The Legend of the Dragon King 5
Lord Xue Ying 4
Heavenly Calamity 5
Tempest of the Stellar War 3
Zither Emperor 2
RE* 7
PHS* 6
??* 7

*New translators requested new novels instead of assisting with other translations present on this site.

If you’re interested in helping out, head on over to the recruitment page for more information.


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  1. Also, isn’t wuxiaworld already translating Child of Light? Im pretty sure they’ve gotten pretty far with their translations.

      1. You’ve done a good job. I stopped my reading to bundle some chapters,lol. It wad when the mc turn his dragon back to the parent. Keep the great job

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