Happy π Day!

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It’s March 14th everybody, which is Pi day!

Now, I’ve been getting some inquiries as to if I’m back, and this is my only answer:


Unfortunately for me, I’m cutting my 2 week hiatus short in celebration of Pi Day. This means I’ll be back to translating, editing and posting chapters~

Now for some important announcements!

Heavenly Calamity Sponsored Chapters:

We will be opening up Heavenly Calamity to sponsored chapters at $50 a chapter. There is now a donation link on the donation page and a new progress bar for Heavenly Calamity. However, we won’t begin releasing any sponsored chapters until March 21st. We’ll be using the time in between to gauge how many chapters we will need to release a week in order to satisfy whatever queue we have.

New Project:

What better way to enjoy eating some pie than with some music? We’ve already got pie covered with Nian Bing’s sparkly cooking skills, but we still need some music! Well, our Ultimate Editor turned translator, Kiseki, has picked up another fantastic novel by TJSS, that is Zither Emperor! Look forward to the first release in a few hours everybody!


For all those who have applied but have not yet received an answer: I will be going over all of your applications next weekend. Also, we are still in dire need of translators for MCIF, LXY and HC in order to increase their release pace.

P.S: John Wick is an awesome movie. Go watch it if you haven’t yet.


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