Another Mini Hiatus and The Legend of the Dragon King Update

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Spring break has started for me and that means I have much more time to translate!

Unfortunately, I’m going on a roadtrip for a few days so there won’t be any new releases of LDK, MCIF, HC, or LXY until Tuesday.

Also, I’ve been swamped with exams the whole week as well as packing, so I haven’t had time to translate the weekly regular LDK chapter as well as the sponsored chapter. Thus, I will be translating 3 regular chapters next week in addition to any sponsored chapters.

P.S: I’m the only translator from Radiant on break, so don’t expect increased releases from any other novels next week.


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  2. Well…. okay….

    Just a question…. but how many projects are you doing? And I mean YOU personally….

    It doesn’t seem like a good idea for 1 guy to work on too many projects…

    Especially since a few of them are complete…. wouldn’t it be better to just spend the energy used to translate some of the other novels into completing the translations for the completed works?

    I mean, you’re also doing CoL, right? And wouldn’t that series have been completely translated by now if it was the only focus?

    Ah, I do mean no offense and I am so very grateful for your hard work… just saying, you might be taking a bit too much for 1 person….

    But Thank You for all your hard work and enjoy your short vacation, since you definitely deserve it XD

    1. I’m personally only translating LDK right now. I am however translation checking and editing most of the novels on Radiant as well as CoL in order to assure high quality and accurate translations. I also take care of most of the posting, site management and recruitment.

      Each translator is only working on one novel right now. However, most of our translators are much busier and are unable to translate that much.

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