We are recruiting again!

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Hey readers, we’re recruiting Translators, and Editors!

We are always actively recruiting Translators. This time in particular, we’re looking for more translators for the following projects as the current translators may be getting busy in the coming months, thus reducing the amount of time they can commit.

  • Lord Xue Ying
    Magic Chef of Ice and Fire
    Heavenly Calamity

We’re also recruiting editors. This time we’re recruiting editor’s for the following projects:

Novel Editors Needed
Child of Light 3
Dragon Marked War God 0
Magic Chef of Ice and Fire 1
The Legend of the Dragon King 2
Lord Xue Ying 2
Heavenly Calamity 3
Zither Emperor 1

If you’re interested in helping out, head on over to the recruitment page for more information.


No spoilers

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