New Translator and a New Novel!

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Introducing, our newest translator, Sir Jynx!

Jynx will be picking up Tempest of the Stellar War (Name pending), which is also known as Stellar War Storm on Bluesilver Translations, and estimates that he will be able to translate 1-2 chapters a week. If the novel is received well, we may figure out some way to increase the releases (I have summer break coming up in two months, so I’ll be able to translate A LOT of chapters). However, Jynx wasn’t anticipating to release his translated chapters for this novel until May. In addition, he also has real life matters to deal with, so we’ll be working to figure out a way to get some chapters out for the next two weeks. Afterwards, everything should be smooth sailing! (Except for the calamity in summer that will either be an endless rain or greatest tsunami ever :P)

You can all expect to read chapter 13 within the next several days.

Here’s a brief overview of the novel for those of you who are unacquainted with it.

Tempest of the Stellar War



Directly eliminated by a gene score of 28 close to the military school entrance exam.
Delivering a love letter for a friend, he falls into the lake and gets the reputation of suicidal.
The first present Wang Zheng ever gets, sends him into purgatory……
However, at the end of everything, student Wang begins his happy college life!
Hot blood everlasting, this is the march of storms, this is the most violent and most hot blooded surging mech tide!

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  1. Cool XD

    That said… for your help translating… aren’t you already working on a bunch of series?

    Thanks for all your hard work and want you to know that we readers dearly love you XD

    1. Yep. Luckily, some are easier to finish off then others. If you can bear with us for another month or two, then we’ll promise to drown you in chapters. 🙂

  2. Yay! I was so happy to see that you guys were picking this up. Looks to be a fantastic novel so far, and the guarantee of a good quality translation going forward… so awesome!

  3. I’m trusting you. I got through all 66 chapter of dragon mark war god in a day…drowing in chapters is difficult ^^ yay!! (I think i’ve only drowned in chapters twice in my life. I was reading coiling dragon on wuxia and they had something like 250 chapters out at the time =^~^=

  4. Could you please drop it, and just focus to get the chapters out from the other series..
    Slow and steady wins the race but I’m not interested like many other readers to wait 5 years to complete a book. Main reason not to donate for me..

    Example lord Xya got like 500 chapters you only do max 1 chapter a week there are 52 weeks in a year.. So I will come back in 10 years

    1. Each translator is in fact focusing on their own novel. Sir Jynx is a new translator and chose to pick up a new novel rather than aiding the others.

      1. And still the fact remains 😉 because of the chapter release speed I don’t even try to bother to pick it up! I mean you ask for donation but it’s not the release is not consistent. (keeping up the attention aka the focus of the reader) Is just asking for not read it.

        because with the current speed you need 10 years to finish the book, is like hmm I m not gonna click on this site every week knowing I have to wait another week…

        it’s called reader experience…
        humans have short attention focus

        We all know you guys have real life behind the scene but don’t ask for donation if it’s so slow.

        Ps thumbs for the quailty

  5. Given from what i can see all queue are empty aside 1 chapter from the legend of the dragon king, maybe the reason it’s slow is because the lack of donations ? Translator usually commit themselve to release X free chapter in a said timeframe. Which they take on their free time, now if you want them to stop playing their game, reading their book or going out then you obviously need to pay or shut up. You are saying it’s slow and because of that refusing to donate. You are like a kid whining about his old bike but refuse to do odd job for his parent for a new one. (like cleaning your room, helping and whatnot)

    As for translator teaming up, some don’t mind, other prefer doing their thing at their own pace. I’m nothing but a leecher but i guess being a lot of people on a same novel should be tiring in the long run, if there is no clear line like one take even and the other take uneven number, it should be annoying to always have to reserve which chapter you are going to translate, and whatnot.

    Now mind you, i don’t know what you mean by not consistent as i came to this site only because of Stellar war which mean 2-3 days ago. Still it doesn’t matter in that, so what if it’s slow ? in my book, slow is still better than none. Though i do know child of light (not than i read it, i’m only reading 2 thing from wuxiaworld, i’m waiting the end for other since i’m only a little M to follow few serie weekly as for following all other … just thinking of all those cliffhanger i cringe) and the release speed seem good enough to me, the translator is also one from this site so yeah … Ren give a bad influence to reader, he spoil us far too much. Some can deal with it, other end up like …

    That said, asking a new translator than you don’t even know his release speed for a said novel to drop it … it’s … I’m curious, how do it feel to fart highter than your arse ? mind telling me ?

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