Tempest of the Stellar War – Volume 1: Chapter 14

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It’s finally here guys! Sorry I couldn’t get it out last night, terms can be a real nightmare sometimes.

She is all ready for your reading enjoyment.

Those of you who like a little extra with there release posts, I will talk a little bit about my experience with TLing so far after the READ MORE link.


Translator: Sir Jynx, Ruze

TLC: Ruze, Phillip

Editors: Eclipse, Phillip

Chapter:  Volume 1 Chapter 14

Quick shout out to Ruze, Phillip, and Bagelson! They are a great help to me with things like terms, etc.

Now, let’s talk about terms a little bit. Terms are really fun to come up with, but also very challenging. Some things can be TL’d accurately many different ways, but you may not find out what the ‘most correct’ way was, until several chapters later. Maybe a word you choose not to use in the naming of a term, becomes the root for another term later, which as interlinked. Uh-oh! Got to go back and fix it. Trying to make a term the ‘most correct’ while also sounding proper, and good, in English is quite the struggle.  This is one of the things that slow me down a bit, and in a novel like this, with such a large scale world, new terms are very frequent. That doesn’t mean #foreverslowreleases though. Just means I need to get ahead of the game a little. I’ll get there, so no worries.

Another interesting thing I am running into, are slang terms. In chapter 13, we ran into the term 外挂, which we translated as ‘hacks’ but literally means ‘plug-in’.  Now saying ‘plug-in’ in English, makes ZERO sense for what the author intends. This is a slang term use in China, which took quite a bit of research to understand. I finally managed to find this site, where I found what it means.

Relevant text from that site.

“开挂 (an abbreviation for 开外挂) – kai1 gua4

开挂 or 开外挂 is the act of running an illegal plug-in on a game, either for practical usability purposes (translating an interface into Chinese) or to cheat (faking in-game presence to accumulate more virtual currency, or even packet modification to make a character move faster in an online game). Outside of gaming, it has become an expression of disbelief, as well as an adjective to mean exaggerated or enhanced. In English, you might say that a particularly beautiful sunset looks Photoshopped; in Chinese, you’d say it was running an illegal game plug-in.”

Interesting stuff!

The other main thing that slows down TL speed, is Chinese grammar. I am learning that slowly, but it is the single most important factor for my speed right now. Sometimes you can get by with minimal knowledge, other times, it causes me a large amount of time trying to decipher the true meaning of a line/paragraph, and I lean heavily on my TLC’s for that. This is also something that will change in time, and will be the biggest factor for faster releases.

Thanks for reading, For those who read the whole thing. Happy reading, and just so mobile users don’t have to scroll back up

Volume 1 Chapter 14


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