Magic Chef of Ice and Fire – Chapter 15.3 – 16.1

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Here’s the regular chapter plus a bonus one from Grenn~

This was meant to be released yesterday, so this is a belated birthday gift from Grenn. Also, more MCIF editors would be welcome!

TL: Grenn & lovelyxday
Editors: Tenebris, Pseudonym, jstone, Eclipse

A message from Grenn and the chapter link below!

Hello everyone.

This is Grenn, the translator for MCIF. I have two news for you before I start ranting about myself.

1- Finally!!! We have another translator for MCIF. I’m so happy having another fellow translator to share the goodness of MCIF. Please give a warm welcome to Lovelyxday

2- Today is my birthday. You guys get double releases. XD so, enjoy today like I will for mine.

Since it’s my birthday today, I want to be in the limelight a bit.

So, I’m Grenn, a rookie translator who officially started translation in january 2016. At first, there was a lot of problems with my translations as It was worst than MTL. Two main reasons being : Chinese is my fourth language and english is my third language. What more, it’s been a few years since I reviewed english grammar. I had to double my effort learning chinese and relearning my basic english grammar. It was quite hectic as I was also working full time and still is.

Sometimes, I wonder why I torture myself so and why I didn’t just plainly translate from chinese to french which is way easier and faster? Then again, I remember why I want to translate in the first place : learning while having and sharing my hard work to the most people. And there you have it, the me today who is still translating, but at a steady pace that allowed me to still be motivate about it instead of having a nervous breakdown.

I’m not a native chinese, so it might take me a few more years until I can master enough chinese to be able to translate like Ren or DB. I’m like a cultivator still at the level of condensing Qi while they are Spirit severing level translators. But that’s not a problem since learning a language was a long term project and dream, so it’s not like I will stop in a few weeks. If I were to quit, then what were the three years of self learning chinese beforehand were for?

Finally, I must give my thanks to the whole Radiant Team (akaRadiant Sect) for giving me so many advices which helped me gain numerous enlightment on the dao of translations. They even give me lots of resources which I can access to further my translation cultivation. I also want to thank all the editors for helping me improve my translations skills with reformulation, grammar, etc.


MCIF Chapter 15.3


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  1. Happy birthday Grenn ! Little question : how do you learn mandarin? I mean what’s you main method : book, internet site, mandarin class ?

  2. Thanks for the birthday’s wishes!
    As for your question, my current main way to learn mandarin is a combination of lots of methods. I hate learning by heart through reading only textbooks and flashcards. Although, i do use textbooks and flascards, but that was at first. It’s easier for me to understand through real use of the language, so I watch drama in mandarin with chinese and english subtitles, listen to mandarin music with chinese and english subtitles, translating chinese novels by using dictionaries, grammar textbooks and referring myself to others translators. Yeah, i guess i went with the immerse-yourself-in-the-language method.

    Before I use those ways to self-learn, My first year of learning was with a non-professional tutor 2hours per week for a year. I got the foundation of how to learn chinese and the basis of conversation from it. From there, it’s much easier to self learn. The learning curve for self-learning mandarin is really slow at first and you don’t have a super solid comprehension on some basic things because self-learning is not as structure as learning through mandarin class, but you learn at your rhythm. Although, you can structure your self-learning by referring yourself to the HSK test contents and see what you haven’t self-learn and are considered basic mandarin knowledge.

    Did my reply answered your questions?

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