《 Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter 》— Chapter 3

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Good morning~ ☀

The final installment of Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter teaser special!

So… as you know…

I’ve been translating teaser specials for all the untranslated novels of the Truly Precious Shared Universe.

And as I’ve been translating these novels, I’ve begun to fall in love with them and so has my editor. Thus!!!

Once all the teasers have been translated and released, I am going to open up a poll. The top novel voted upon that poll will be the novel that I pick up. And—— Amnesiac Queen will not be on that poll because I will be continuing the translation for it once the teaser collection is complete.

That means I’m going to be picking up 2 of these romance novels from the shared universe.

So—— here are the links to the previous novels of this shared universe that I have translated:

《Good Morning, Miss Ghost》C1-3 — Continued @ Novitranslation

《Amnesiac Queen》C1-3 — Promoted to Regular Translation Project (Want to help? Apply to be a translator/editor at Radiant Translations 「Recruitment」)

《Divorce: This is a Simple Matter》C1

《 Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter 》— C2


Now~ once again~ thank you to the lovely Moonclipse for being right behind me as I translate all of these romance novel chapters ♥

Chapter 3: Association — I suppose z and y are two continuous natural numbers, so let’s test it.

Yours truly,

Kiseki ❤(っ^▿^)

PS. The next novel teaser on the list (as I’m going in chronological order) is Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire.


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