《 Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage 》— Chapter 3

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Myuu~! munches on gifted chocolates

A little present from me and my lovely editors Moonclipse and Darkreverie~

Tis my birthday, ya know? And what better way than to spread some romance and love~? ♥ (tbh, I’ve been floating on cloud nine all day because of the serenade I got the moment the clock struck midnight >///<)

Anyways~ Final teaser installment of….

Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage

Now~ Remember how I said that I’m going to be picking up some of these novels up?

Amnesiac QueenC1-3 ← already personally selected by Yue and I to be picked up because we love it too much.

《 Good Morning, Miss GhostC1-3 — Continue translation here: C4+ ← already being translated by Novitranslation so go ahead and read

Divorce: This is a Trivial MatterC1C2C3 ← Vote!

Sweet Heart in Honeyed DesireC1 — C2 — C3 ← Vote!

Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage 》C1 — C2 ← Vote!

My World Falls into the River of Love 》??? To be released soon!!! Next teaser coming up!!! ← Vote!

Well… vote when the 【Truly Precious Shared Universe Voting Poll】is up later this week. Keep an eye out for it! The second romance novel will be reader-picked >o< (because I like all of them :3)

With Love,


? SFAAM ?  Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage ? SFAAM ?

Chapter 3: To Make a Living — You have a tattoo? You wouldn’t happen to be part of a shady society, right?

? SFAAM ? Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage ? SFAAM ?


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  1. Happy birthday ? And thanks for the chapter.

    Enjoying the teasers. How do we vote for our fave? Will you set it up after the last teaser is done?

    1. Thank you~ ❤
      Glad your enjoying it.
      After the last teaser chapter is posted, a separate announcement post will be made for the poll. Please keep an eye out for when that happens!

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