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OPEN FROM 08:00 UTC-8 | 01/19/2017 to 12:00 UTC-8 | 01/22/2017


Kiseki here~~~♥

Thank you for following this whirlwind of romance and fluff. Honestly, I can’t choose which novel I would want to translate because I fell in love with all of them. Amnesiac Queen, however, is the choice my editor and I ended up on because drama + mystery + romance?  *falls straight into the hell that is romance*

Thus… I’m letting the readers choose! Below are all the rules and options for this poll. This is for the 【 Truly Precious Shared Universe 】Teasers that I have done so far, the 4 novels that are left.

Thank you for sticking with me; I’m honestly grateful for all the comments and views. Thank you ♥

So please, vote on the novel you want to see translated the most.


1. You may only vote TWICE on this announcement poll on Radiant Translations.

2. I am fully aware that NomDePlume has created a Novel Updates Forum thread to poll which novel to be translated. She has done so with my full permission. The same rules here apply there as well, but on the NUF polling thread, you may only vote ONCENUF Truly Precious Voting Thread

3. I acknowledge that you might vote on this announcement poll AND the NUF polling thread, and I do not mind. Go ahead. Vote to your heart’s content. You have 76 HOURS to vote. Share the novels with your friends. Get them to fall in love with them too. Have them vote alongside you or against you. The whole point of this project is to spread these modern romance novels far and wide.

4. For the novels that do not end up being selected, they are free to be picked up. If you want to translate it and do not already have a site, apply to Radiant Translations. I am completely willing to help you with the translation; I just don’t have the time to juggle even more novel projects on top of the ones I am already working on. If you plan to translate them on another site, drop me a comment and I’ll link to your translation.

5. Later down the line, if the other novels aren’t pick up, I might consider picking up another one. It, once again, depends on my workload.


Divorce: This is a Trivial MatterC1C2C3

Sweet Heart in Honeyed DesireC1 — C2 — C3

Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage 》C1 — C2 — C3

My World Falls into the River of Love 》 C1C2 — C3

『Vote in the comment section below~!』


Comments 119

    1. A person after my own heart. I too love these two romance novels to the point that I rue the day I was not born in China or be a reincarnate fly that lived in China.

      Kiseki your majesty thank you very much, here is my vote
      1.Sweetheart Inhibited Desire
      2. My World Falls Into The River Of Love

  1. Seriously, thank you so much for introducing us to this author. I loved my fault for being blind and have enjoyed all the teasers. I’ll be happy with whichever wins…

    My vote goes to – My World Falls Into The River Of Love!!

    Thank you again for all your hard work.

  2. Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter
    Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire

    Almost voted for My World falls into a River of Love, but it’s the only nove which is incomplete…

  3. My vote is for
    1.Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter
    2.Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire

    Major vote on DTTM because for other novels, MCs will definitely fall in love. But for DTTM, they turn from divorcee to love partner again. That makes me curious.. ^^

  4. My World Falls into the River of Love
    Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter

    and thank you so much for the teasers, God, i read all of it <3

  5. “My World Falls into the River of Love
    My World Falls into the River of Love.. ”
    I am so looking forward to this one but if Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire wins Its okay since these two are my favorite.
    Thanks for asking for our input in the new novel…`(^_^)`

  6. I loved My Fault for Being Blind, so I really want to read about CEO Song’s future in-laws in Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter. I think the leads in Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage are adorable. Thanks for the lovely teasers!

  7. 1.Sweetheart Inhibited Desire – kinda intrigue to split personalit male leads
    2. My World Falls Into The River Of Love – man hater heroine interesting how the male lead will deal with this

  8. 1. Sweetheart
    2. Divorce

    But, in all honesty, I have loved all of Chestnut’s works translated so far so in the far future, I hope to see all of her works translated or else, I’ll need to add another language to my repertoire. Thanks for letting us vote!

        1. //shrugs
          I might, might pick up the other novels far off into the future when I finish AQ or MWFRL — if no one has picked them up yet.

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