SHHD Announcement + My World Falls into the River of Love — Chapter 18

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Do you remember 《Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire》?

My lovely, darling Yue/Moonclipse convinced her friend to read it, so now we have a translator!!!

So yes, Radiant Translations is claiming the continued translation of SHHD. :3

Blaq (the SHHD translator) still hasn’t finalized the release schedule for SHHD (will most likely be once a week because she is a busy busy bee), as she just joined. Yue and I just wanted to announce this first to make everyone’s day because it made ours when Blaq expressed her desire to translate it. ♥

Anyways, as you can see, 7 sponsored chapters for MWFRL.

The planned schedule for this will be 3 sponsored chapters this week, 3 next week, and the final one (as of right now) the following week.

This chapter, however, is not a sponsored chapter. It’s the MWFRL bonus chapter from the mutual exchange milestone with AQ.

So I hope you enjoy~

TL: Kiseki

ED: Moonclipse, Darkreverie

? MWFRL ? My World Falls into the River of Love ? MWFRL ?

Chapter 18 — When did Jian Yan and Director He…become food buddies?

? MWFRL ? My World Falls into the River of Love ? MWFRL ?

AQ Milestone: 1/3

AQ Sponsor Queue: $0/$45

MWFRL Milestone: 10/3 → +3 AQ Bonus Chapters

MWFRL Sponsor Queue: $15/$45 — 7 Chapters



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  1. You, Moonclipse and Blaq ( which strangely reminds me of Vlad Dracula’s “Blah Blah Blah” voice just by reading the user name) made my day . Thanks.

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