Amnesiac Queen — Chapter 13

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Weekly release~!

Uh… bonus chapters will be released once I get them done (sweatdrop). Oh… and, uh, after the regular weekly release for MWFRL tomorrow, I’m ending the milestone chapter exchange… mainly because I’m not keeping up because of all the MWFRL sponsored chapters (it’s going faster than I expected). I’ll still release all the promised bonus chapters up until now though (when I get them translated).

*coughs* I’m mainly translating this for Zuo Yi so motivation is more like oh god what is YZZ and QK doing/where are my painkillers

Oh!! Right, Chesnut has also begun a new novel series that she has just released the synopsis for. I have got to say, it is downright hilarious. Imagine, a possessive, clean freak male lead together with a female lead who shies away from romantic commitment. The title of Chestnut’s new novel is 【Neighborhood】《I Seem Unsuited for Dating》. //cackles

TL: Kiseki

ED: Moonclipse

♕ AQ ♕ Amnesiac Queen ♕ AQ ♕

Chapter 13: University — Go, Pikachu.

♕ AQ ♕ Amnesiac Queen ♕ AQ ♕

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