ZE Announcement + Zither Emperor — Episode 6: [C153-154]

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So… some rather bad news.

As you can see by the missed releases for these past two weeks and the haphazard releases in general, Zither Emperor hasn’t been my top priority. In all honesty, I lost motivation in translating Zither Emperor months ago. It’s been a struggle to finish the next chapter because although I love the concepts behind the story, I dislike how TJSS executed it. The writing style doesn’t sit well with me, and while I make the best of what I have, I am not willing to force myself to translate a novel I can’t stand to work on. This is a hobby of mine. I don’t want to continue translating something and end up hating the whole process. Even my editors have grown weary with ZE.

So, here’s what I plan to do. I’ll keep translating ZE. Maybe once or twice a week; it’ll be slow. The moment someone wants to pick it up, I’m dropping the series. I’m sorry; I know I made promises to try and finish it all the way, but a chapter that normally took me a few hours at most is practically taking up half a day because I cannot bring up the energy to even read the Chinese text and turn it into English for ZE.

I’m even more sorry that tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of the novel translation. I had even planned months ago on making a huge event of it, but that was when I actually enjoyed translating the novel. And now… I don’t.

For any translator out there interested in ZE,  you have two options. Contact Ruze about picking up the series, and I’ll post an announcement linking to your site. If you want to translate here at Radiant, apply via the Recruitment page. Ruze will give you a ZE excerpt to translate, and we’ll see how things proceed from there.

Once again, sorry. But I honestly can’t even stand looking at a ZE chapter for more than a handful of minutes at a time. I’ll force myself to translate a chapter a week just so you have something to read, but I’ll be spending more time on my other novels.

TL;DR: ZE release rate slowing down because I’m dropping the novel the moment an interested translator pops up.

TL: Kiseki

ED: Moonclipse

ZE [C153] Episode 6: Chapter 41.3

ZE [C154] Episode 6: Chapter 42.1


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  1. So sad… so so sad…. but I get it… thank you for all your hard work….

    And to be honest, wasn’t this one of Tang San’s earlier works??? I mean, compared toe HJC and DD series, his older works felt a bit lacking….

    That said, how many more chapters are there for this story???

    1. 1038 chapter parts, around 336 total chapters I believe? So I’ve only translated 14.84% of the novel >~< Zither Emperor was the 8th novel he wrote, way back in 2008. It's actually the novel he wrote just before Douluo Dalu and was still writing while beginning his release of DD1.

      1. Oh, well then… that kinda sucks…

        Though Douluo Dalu and after seemed better….

        I do wonder, is this going to get better later down the line?

    1. Nope. Zither Emperor has never been the most popular of novels, and it is admittedly a pain to translate. A lovely novel though, just not something I have an interest in continuing to personally translate.

  2. me sitting at my desk reading this: “NOO!!” T_T

    I can’t believe this… after I finally found a really good novel to read… this happens! ugh… I wish someone could pick this up and translate it… (i’m dying here rn)

    1. Post

      *pokes fingers together*
      sorry… but Zither Emperor is a wild ride, and I couldn’t hold on (well, plus my dislike for TJSS’ writing style *shrugs*)

  3. Thank you mr or misses kiseki for translating the novel i honestly liked the novel alot haha i cant read chinese so the translations was nice although its saddening it hasnt continued i still enjoyed it thank you ^^ the way you translated and rewrote it was very very fun :3

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