ISUD Synopsis + My World Falls into the River of Love — Chapter 26

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Weekly release~!~!~!

Myuu~ the milestone mutual exchange event is now over. Total owed bonus chapters are 6 AQ Bonus Chapters and 1 MWFRL Bonus Chapter.

It was mainly to get the novels being released at a steady pace. :3

Now, there’s no screenshot teasers this time, but…


Presenting the synopsis for…

? I Seem Unsuited for Dating ?

Yup~! ♥ Finished translating that a few days ago; now eagerly awaiting the first chapter release from Chestnut. Also debating on picking this up or not because the synopsis already has Yue and I hooked.

Anyways~ click on the link or pic to read, but back to the MWFRL release.

TL: Kiseki

ED: Darkreverie, Moonclipse

? MWFRL ? My World Falls into the River of Love ? MWFRL ?

Chapter 26 — I couldn’t bear you leaving to another city.

? MWFRL ? My World Falls into the River of Love ? MWFRL ?

AQ Sponsor Queue: $0/$45

Bonus Chapter Queue: 6

MWFRL Sponsor Queue: $15/$45 → 1 Chapter

Bonus Chapter Queue: 1


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    1. It’s LINE! Though it’s also cuter than standard because I have a cat cafe theme~ which makes everything adorable :3
      The stickers are cute~~ and I’m so tempted to buy more~~ but I’m not going to >~< well, not going to spend actual money. Play credits from surveys are fine to use though :> I still have a crazy high amount of stickers (48 atm)

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