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First release of the week!

This chapter should have appeared earlier. Unfortunately, I lost contact with Saint, which means I’m alone again… Many thanks to Meeseeks and WenHui, who have helped me with the editing of this chapter. But I still need to find a regular editor for the future chapters. So,


Looking for enthusiastic and dedicated editor(s). Requirements:

  1. Proficient in English with decent formal vocabulary. (optional) Familiar with (or at least have a basic knowledge of) classical and biblical texts.
  2. Good at English grammar and collocation, able to detect errors and give corrections.
  3. (optional) know and love the novel!

Since I am planning a 2 chapters / week pace, the editor(s) will deal with around 6000 words every week.

For those who want to apply: If you have a NUF account, please PM me in NUF (to: renardusud). If you have a gmail account or a discord account, please leave it in a comment below. I’ll contact you.

Now, let’s cross our fingers…



A mistake in the previous chapter, the “Confirmation” in the title should be “Fusion” (already corrected).

Volume III : The Divine Emissaries

Chapter 83 – Duc’s Past

Editors: Mr. Meeseeks, WenHui

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