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So it’s been a month since my last chapter release… I am very sorry to tell you that I will not be planning to go on translating Pivot of the Sky, at least in the future I can see. It’s going to have an indefinite period of hiatus…

There are many reasons behind this. The major one is my release speed. I am not capable to do more than 6k words a week, and thus it’s hard to attract enough readers. This in return became a problem when I looked for a long-term, stable partnership with a dedicated editor. I am finally tired of seeking editors every few weeks. Another reason is from real life. I work in investment banking and recently my workload has increased significantly. I don’t have time to provide translations with on par quality any more, and I don’t want to lower the standard.

It’s sad that Pivot of the Sky didn’t become popular. I’ve made quite some mistakes when decided to start the translation. Perhaps it’s just not English readers’ cup of tea. For those who want to know what happens to Amon, there’s a translation at lnmtl. If anyone wants to pick up this novel, there’s no need to wait, in the condition that you contact me (pm Renardusud / Renardusud1 at NUF), and I will give you the translated setting pack and other useful resourses and references.

Anyway, thank you for your support and help all the way here. So long my friends.




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  1. I appreciate your hard work and definitely understand your other commitments. Pivot of the sky went past my radar for a long while and overall it was enjoyable not reading about a kill happy chinese mc. Here’s hoping it will go to a good home/translator in the future.

  2. NNNNOOOOOOOoooOooOooooooOooooo!!!!!!
    Rip me. Can i perhaps get a link to the machine tled on? Or do i just look it up. And “translation”, not “trnaslation”. Rip me again.

  3. Oh no. So sad. This was the first novel i read here and i looked forward to every chapter. Thanks for your translation. I still believe POS is one of the best web novel I’ve ever read.

  4. Thank you for your quality translations up till now. This was one of my favourite novels so I’m really sad that it will no longer be updated.

  5. Sigh, this was becoming my favorite novel…

    Well, thanks for the translations so far! Good luck in whatever you are doing! Hopefully somebody picks this up again (or you return at some point to finish it).

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