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Hi all, ed.L here.

Just wanted to post an update lest people think I disappeared. Just got home from work at 11.30pm. ><

Been burned out with work lately, hence haven’t had much time to work on the novel, but don’t fret, am getting through a bit at a time and fortunately, I’m gonna be on leave for a while very very soon.

There will be chapters coming. I promise. debt of 11. urgh. You might not believe it but I hate having that debt as much as you guys.

Catch you guys soon…



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  1. Don’t worry.Your translations are top quality.Your speed is not so fast but it is understandable because you are doing this IN YOUR SPARE TIME,just so people like us who cant Chinese can English this work.I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this generosity.I wish you could translate faster but I will not drop this because of it.Just do what you can.Know you have the graditude of some random dude on the internet :)).Wish you all the best!!!

  2. Thanks for always keeping us updated, even when it’s bad news.

    Know how hard those extreme long days are and wish you a bit of rest.

  3. It concerns me how it states a “while” rather than a week or two as i have seen similar things said before and then a translator just vanishes never to return to translating again… The rate of translations has also been slowing down.

    please do not misunderstand i appreciate that it is being translated but what has me conserned is the timeframe description of “a while”… I sincerely hope it does not turn into months or years or eternity as some dead translator projects ended up as πŸ™

  4. Thank the heavens that it’s not you being hospitalized or worse.
    Even though you had work and had no time.
    Don’t worry about it and ignore the hate mail.
    Rl comes first and i’m gratefull for the update.
    Take care and see you (or should i type read?) Next week.
    And good luck at work!

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