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This is more tiring than I remembered.

1st chapter of this week, debt of 11.

TL: Hedonist

TLC: ed.L



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  1. Thanks for the hard work and the new chapter.
    And no matter what everybody says, take your time and take care.
    Dutch nutcase, over and out!

  2. I really respect you for standing up to your mistakes and acknowledging that you promised to deliver something thus you will even going so far as saying a dept of said chapters this is something i extremely respect i hope you stay this way cause this is a quality of a true man. Keep up the great work iam rooting for you.

  3. 3/18/2018 the author states he wants to release chapter 231 today or tomorrow however when the end of 3/20/2018 comes around there is nothing to see not even a change in announcement or comment…

    page debt only keeps growing and the translator has less motivation than before…

    Sorry… i truly appreciate the effort i really do however when someone lists a release date and then more than exceeds it without a word then i start to question it especially if it comes after a break and the words sound like someone about to give up.

    once again i apologize as it sounds quite negative and unthankfull i just wish to state that i fear at this rate the translation stops for good at any moment, i really like this novel i truly do but i would like to know for sure if translations are ending and not end up with it taking longer and stretching further and further without knowing if translations stopped or are going on like those novels that get a translation once every 3 months…

  4. announces the 18th that he will release today/tomorrow depending on timezone but no word is heard from author & nothing has been released when every timezone has gotten to the 21st…

    i could understand if it was released early on the 20th for some timezones but…. this just looks like a case of neglect….

    at this rate i fear the author just left the translations and that after exceeding a deadline he set himself after a vacation and without a word…

    I am very grateful that it is being translated however i am still an honest fella and will voice my doubts & concerns when someone after a vacation fails to meet his own deadline without giving an update… the least he could do was just change it to be delayed or anything for that matter… Being slightly delayed is fine don’t misunderstand be and even releasing it this late is fine however if you set a deadline u cannot meet then at least update it so people know it will be delayed or something came up otherwise doing so right after a vacation makes it look like you quit…

  5. Why did you quit on a lie ? you set yourself a deadline and then silently left now thats just rude behavior…

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