PD3M Chapter 11


Chapter 11 : You have not been invited! (1)  

She stretched out roughened fingertips to catch some of the snowflakes that floated down. Unfortunately, the moment they touched her fingers, they melted as if they never been.

Distracted, An Yan gazed at the sky, wanting to see the beautiful sight of snowflakes swirling in the air as they drifted down.

The moment she raised her head, Zi Yi standing at her side unfolded a parasol and held it above An Yan’s head.

“Third Miss, this servant did not know that we were in for a sudden heavy snowfall. This servant has just returned from fetching an umbrella. Second Madam instructed me to not let the Third Miss catch the cold.”


Zi Yi was slightly flushed. The fingertips holding the umbrella were slightly red from being out in the cold. When she exhaled, her breath formed a white mist in front of her face.

An Yan returned to her senses, her expression playful as she laughed and reached out to hold Zi Yi’s hand. But her hand only grabbed empty air. Zi Yi had quickly dodged her hand. An Yan appeared startled, her hand still stretched out, but she then slowly withdrew her hand.

Her expression turned stiff. She emanated an aura of frostiness that was even colder than the snowflakes falling down around them.

Zi Yi only then noticed the inappropriateness of her action and she hurriedly bowed low to apologise as she said, “Miss is a noble person, how can she share an umbrella with this servant? This slave appreciates Miss’s kindness, but this slave asks Miss to…”

“Let’s go!”

An Yan ‘s expression remained ice-cold. That previous lovely and enthusiastic smile had immediately vanished like a reflection on the water that had been disturbed by a small ripple.

Zi Yi was cursing inwardly for her previous action, but outwardly she did not dare to say anything. She knew that this Third Miss had the iciest temperament. In front of the Second Madam, she would be extremely docile, but, she generally wouldn’t care about anyone else. Moreover, she contained poison in her body so no one dared to provoke her. If they did, they could be instantly killed by her poison. It wouldn’t be worth it.

There were snowflakes scattering everywhere and in the midst of them was An Yan’s wee and bonny figure that looked lonely and desolate.


“Jin-er, today, as per your wish, you will be able to see your future husband. Are you happy?”

In the main courtyard, it was unusually lively, with many of the aristocrats’ children who had all gathered together. They were all laughing and playing. At the front, there were young boys that were making a ruckus. It was as expected for the New Year celebrations!

All of the elite noblemen of the city had congregated. There was a wooden fire going on in the room. The wood used was very rare, the most expensive silver carbon wood. The room was warm without a trace of the scent of smoke. Most of the young ladies seated inside wore girdle-laced cheongsams to look pretty. Each of their appearances was like a piece of art. Together, it formed an extraordinary beautiful scene. The males gathered together to drink wine and chatted, discussing poems, adding elegance to the gathering.

The one who spoke was a married woman, wearing a dark blue brocade skirt and a short white fox fur coat. Her arms were as fair as green onions. She had a charming appearance, especially her captivating eyes. Any man who looked into those eyes would find his soul deeply entrapped by them!

She moved closer to the Eldest Young Mistress of the manor An Jin’s ear and whispered. Her words made An Jin blush, the tips of her ears turning hot red.

“Sister-in-law! You only know how to tease Jin-er!”

An Jin stamped her feet and pulled over the slightly quiet An Qing who had been smiling slightly the entire time before she complained, “Qing meimei, look at our sister-in-law! She is teasing your Jin jiejie again. Isn’t she annoying?”

Although An Jin said that, her lovely peach blossom eyes were often glancing at a handsome youth that was dressed in dark red Chinese robes standing amongst the group of noblemen.

An Qing, who was at her side, just wordlessly placed a hand over her mouth and giggled.

Her gesture in covering her mouth to giggle made her looked extremely graceful.

An Qing and An Jin were twin sisters and had identical appearance. But their personalities were completely different. Hence, it was very easy to clearly identify who was the eldest Miss,  and who was the second Miss.

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