PD3M Chapter 12


You were not invited! (2)

Her gesture in covering her mouth to giggle made her looked extremely graceful.

An Qing and An Jin were twin sisters and had identical appearances. But their personalities were completely different. Hence, it was very easy to clearly identify who was the eldest Miss ,An Jin, and who was the second Miss, An Qing.

An Jin was a very lively girl and loved novelties. Once she opened her small mouth, she would not stop talking for a long time. Today, being her auspicious birthday, she wore an apricot-yellow skirt, decorated with lots of small flowers. It looked quite charming. Draped around her shoulders was a peach-colored shawl. She appeared very lively and happy, and with her narrowed peach blossom eyes, she looked incredibly lovable.

On the other hand, An Qing had a rather calm and collected air. Although she was the younger of the two, she was more mature and sensible than An Jin. Even the gesture of lifting her hands showed the graceful mannerisms of an aristocrat lady. Today, she was dressed in a white-colored Chinese gown with a pure white-colored fur short coat. There were very few decorations on her dress, with only a thin design of bamboo leaves on the cuffs of her dress. Her accessories were also as simple as it could get. Yet, her appearance was delicate and elegant.


Simply standing there, she appeared very pure and unpolluted, attracting the hearts of many noblemen.

One must know that these two twins of the prime minister’s house were well-known beauties of Jing City. Many noble youths wanted to be the one to marry one or both of them.

“Sister-in-law wasn’t teasing Jin-er. In two months, Jin-er will get married. At that time perhaps Jin-er will be jubilant.” The sister-in-law, Feng Yue Wei, was their Qi Country’s second princess. She married An Shuo, the eldest son of the prime minister, this past September.

Born with good looks and an alluring figure, she was also very bright, but she couldn’t change some habits learned from the imperial palace. She wanted to overcome Rong Xiu to become the main Madam of the manor.

Although Rong Xiu was not the main Madam of the manor, she still held the supreme position within the manor. Even if Feng Yuewei wanted to usurp that position, it was impossible. The only thing she could do was hold tightly onto those that had the highest position in the manor, the main branch heirs.

The birthday celebration today had been arranged by this eldest daughter-in-law precisely for this reason in order to win over the people’s hearts.

“An Jin will definitely inform eldest brother that eldest sister-in-law teased Jin-er!” An Jin kept her head down and stamped her foot in shyness. From time to time, her eyes still shot glances at that man wearing dark red robes. Her fiance was the oldest son of Grand Tutor Wei, Wei Zhi Lan.

“Your eldest brother would be of no help to you,” said Feng Yuewei with a charming laugh. An Shuo, who was not far off and was interacting with the other aristocratic youths, couldn’t help but to come over and lovingly embrace his wife.

The whole family was happy and harmonious. An Jin and An Qing happily received their birthday gifts that had formed a huge pile.

When An Yan arrived at the gate of the courtyard, she could hear all the lively chatter going on within. An Yan thought, That kind of liveliness was the kind that she had thought she would never be able to participate in. Her personality was cold and solitary. Could she really join in?

“Third Miss has arrived. Please follow this servant. The First Miss, Second Miss, Second Madam, and other Madams are all at the front.” Zi Yi closed the umbrella, the snow falling to the side, before informing An Yan who just stood by her side without moving a step forward.


An Yan clasped and unclasped her tight fists under the cover of her sleeves before finally putting a foot forward.  She believed this step would be the most important step in her life.

An Yan was a beauty, especially after donning those beautiful clothes. She was now like a lotus blossom upon the calm lake. She was slender and elegant, but she emanated a dense aura of coldness, preventing anything from approaching her.

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  1. aw, my pitiful An Yan 🙁

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    I couldn’t help but slap myself from the stupidity of this emperor. I mean if I was him and I know someone was proclaimed to be a poison user at such young age, I might have just find a way to raise and treat her and see if it’s true -after all he can used it for protection and defense… But if the emperor didn’t know this then perhaps I’ll let it go but my gosh he doesn’t know how to effectively use his people XD

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