PD3M Chapter 14


Chapter 14: You have not been invited (4)

An Yan’s steps came to a halt. She lowered her head and listened to all of those unpleasant whispers that flew through the air. Nevertheless, she did not get angry and, when she lifted her head, only a big smile could be seen on her face.

In the midst of the confusion, someone slyly stretched out their leg — the intention behind that action was understood by all.

An Yan smilingly avoided that leg, but her eyes flashed daggers at the culprit.

“It is better to be careful with your legs. After all, poison can even affect your bones!” Her voice was sharp and the people gathered trembled before her imposing manner.


“Aiyo!” An Xi, who only knew the good in the world, tripped over the outstretched leg and fell heavily in front of An Yan. Her old habits were hard to break and her tender face scrunched up, reflecting how wronged she felt. Still, she did not let her servant help her up, but instead nimbly climbed to her feet and stood in front of An Yan.

“Who dares to scold my Yan jiejie? Whoever it is, I will not let you off!”

An Yan looked at the small girl standing in front of her, angrily scolding the crowd. She sighed, pulling her to stand behind her, and said, “All of you present here are from aristocratic families. Speaking like this, are you not ashamed of lowering yourselves? You are all losing your families’ face!”

After these words were uttered, the few young ladies who were enthusiastically gossiping about her all stopped and looked at her. They were at a loss for words.

But An Yan had not yet finished her speech.

“While it is true that I, An Yan, use poison, have I even poisoned any of you? Today is the first time you have seen me and yet you are already speaking poisoned words. This is the prime minister’s mansion, and I am still the Third Miss here. Today is my elder sisters’ birthday, so why can’t I come? Hehehe, this is such a farce! ”

Inside, she was quaking with nerves. This was the first time in her life that she had faced down so many people. But outwardly, she maintained a lofty manner — what I am doing is not a mistake!

“Yan meimei, Jin jiejie and I have not invited you at all.”

An Qing spoke softly. Her words, however, immediately tore down the strong front and imposing manner An Yan had put on, shattering her dignity.

When others spoke rudely, it did not bother her. But they were her own sisters, the stars of the banquet today. A few words from them were sufficient to embarrass her and make her feel awkward.

An Xi, who was beside An Yan grasped An Yan’s hands, feeling sorry for her. An Yan took a deep breath and then glanced in the direction of Aunt Rong. But when she saw that Aunt Rong was on the verge of stepping forward with a distressed expression, An Yan restrained herself from going over to her.

She could not let her Aunt Rong also be mocked at by others.

After all, over the years since her birth, what manner of insult had An Yan not already faced? What sort of contemptuous glances had she not already endured? She did not wish to see her Aunt Rong also dragged into such muddy waters.

There was an indifferent smile plastered on An Yan’s face, her phoenix-shaped eyes glistening with unshed tears.  Yet this made her rather alluring and enchanting to look at.

“I, An Yan, remembered that today was her two elder sisters’ birthday. And since I haven’t seen you both in a long time, I had decided to pay you a visit on such a wonderful occasion so that I would no longer feel the pain of missing you.”

An Yan spoke out bravely, not appearing to be the least bit nervous. Instead, she looked natural and at ease. It was unknown whether her confidence stemmed from the dress she was wearing, or if was her natural ability. But with her dress and style, when compared with any of these spoiled princesses, she appeared wealthier and more graceful.

But she would not speak of the origin of these clothes, naturally because she knew that, to the people here, her clothes were not worth any attention. In their eyes, it was but an ordinary dress, and the valuable hairpin, in these rich daughters’ eyes, was only a common hairpin, hardly expensive.

“What Yaner said is also the truth.”

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