PD3M Chapter 4


The prime minister’s grown-up poisonous daughter! (3)

An Yan inhaled sharply. She was fourteen years old, but her figure still looked just like that of her seventh sister, An Xi. Her small face was flushed red due to the cold before she finally took a step back.

“Second Aunt treats me really well. Nanny Fang, remember that these boxes Yan-er is holding were personally done by her to give to her sisters. Please give this birthday gifts to them on my behalf.”

An Yan received the basket from old woman Fang and, at the same time, she passed the boxes she was holding to Fang mama. Her two eyes, full of sincerity, were looking at old woman Fang, waiting for her response.

“Ok ok ok. I, Nanny Fang, will definitely give these gifts to eldest Miss and second Miss. ”


After An Yan got this guarantee, she did not say anything more. She turned around and left while hugging the basket of food tightly.

A few days’ worth of snow lay thickly on the ground. It had still not melted. As she stepped on the snow, it crunched beneath her feet. The new shoes that she had worn especially for today became wet. Her thin and weak figure appearing lonely and desolate as she faded amidst the snow-filled scenery.

Old woman Fang, who was still standing at the same place watching her leave, sighed and looked at the crude and simple boxes in her hand. Her expression became peculiar and she whispered, “Eldest Miss and Second Miss have a noble identity. How could things such as these even enter their eyes?”

But she did not throw them away. She bypassed the main street and went to the main courtyard. There, she informed the personal servant of the prime minister’s family’s eldest Miss, An Jin, of the gift. An Jin was normally a lively and friendly girl, but upon hearing that An Yan had sent this gift, she immediately panicked and sent for someone to throw it away.

The second Miss, An Qing, had inherited her looks from her mother Rong Yue, the previous Lady of the prime minister’s Manor. She had also inherited the intelligence and calmness of her mother. Upon hearing this was a gift from An Ya, she smiled and accepted it, but soon after had her servant throw it away.

How could they accept gifts from the prime minister’s family’s poison daughter?

Old woman Fang had promised An Yan and so had brought the gifts to the servants of the eldest and second Misses. As for how they treated their third sister’s personally-made gifts, she had no way to control that.

Today, the main courtyard was unexpectedly lively. It was the prime minister’s Manor’s twin sisters’ — An Jin and An Qing — birthday. Jing City’s influential people’s daughters and sons had all come. This was like a gathering of celebrities.

Currently, the prime minister’s Manor still had no lady of the manor. The second Madam, Rong Xiu, who was in charge of the matter in An Yan’s courtyard, was the younger sister of the previous lady, Rong Yue.

Stopping An Yan from coming to this event had been her way of showing her love for that girl.

An Yan knew that second Aunt was only her maternal aunt and not the genuine lady of the Manor. However, she cheerlessly stayed in her small courtyard, day after day.

An Yan returned to her small, but clean courtyard. All of the snow had been swept away by herself. Tt was the 12th month of the 30th year of the Yuansheng calendar. Soon it would be a new year, the 31st year, and would be the season of spring. She could then plant fruits and vegetables in her courtyard.

Winter will soon pass by.

“Third sister! Third sister! Open the door. It is me, Xi-er! Third sister, please open the door!”

She had just sat down and her body was not yet warm, but there were a series of knocks on her door. On hearing the cute and lovable voice that followed the knocking, she couldn’t help but smile.

If it is said that the person she likes the most is her second aunt, then the person she loathes the most is her third aunt Lin. She would never forget those who mocked her and schemed against her.

She hated her third aunt deeply. Even so, why was it that third aunt’s daughter, her own seventh sister, would come calling and bother her?

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