PD3M Chapter 8


Chapter 8: A complete makeover from Aunt Rong (1)

Xiu Liang Courtyard was the residence of the prime minister’s manor’s second Madam, Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu was the younger sister of the prime minister’s first wife. In those days, the sisters(Rong Xiu and Rong Yue) were collectively known as the first and second beauties of Jing City, and had similar temperaments — both were gentle and graceful. Rong Xiu had eventually followed her sister to married the prime minister.   

Xiu Liang Courtyard was quieter and more peaceful compared to the main courtyard. In Aunt Rong’s hands was a painting of a woman whose appearance was slightly similar to hers. She appeared sad as she gazed at that painting.

“Second Madam, the third Miss has come.”


An Yan had been happy while entering, but when she saw Second Aunt turning her head away to wipe her face, her expression froze.

Who has made my Aunt cry?

An Yan would definitely not let that person be in peace. She would poison their entire body and make them live a life worse than death!

“Aunt, what happened? Who made you unhappy? Tell Yan-er and Yan-er will definitely go find that person!”

This year An Yan was no longer young — she was already 14 years old, and would soon turn 15. She was already of marriageable age. But, in front of Aunt Rong, she was only a young child that hadn’t grown up, one that remained most dependent on her.

Aunt Rong was passed her prime. She had two children of her own — the fourth Miss, An Lian Er, and the second Master, An Mo Yuan. An Lian Er was 14 years old, the same age as An Yan, but younger by a few months. The second Master was 23 years old this year.

But Aunt Rong still looked as beautiful as a young and unmarried maiden. However, her fair complexion and elegant looks that resembled a lotus were now dulled by sorrow. It was unknown as to what matter had caused this beauty to grieve so deeply.

“Aunt has nothing worrying her. How can Aunt worry when the cute Yan-er is here?”

Aunt Rong went to stand beside An Yan, sizing her up. The sadness that had just been visible on her face seemingly vanished instantly upon Yan-er’s appearance.  An Yan knew that whatever was troubling her aunt was only concealed deep within her and that she was unwilling to share it with her.

Does my aunt feel that I, An Yan, can’t help her?

Thinking thus, An Yan felt rather unhappy. In such times, she would always wonder why she was not the proper, respected third Miss who could have helped, instead of having the reputation of a poisonous female that no one respects.

Mother, how did you die from poison? It is not my fault, but rather something else happened, right?

“Aunt, why did you call for Yan-er?” An Yan mentally shook herself free from her thoughts and suppressed the yearnings of her heart. The past was the past and it was not in her nature to pity herself. Even if she lived as powerless as an ant, it was still living, and it was still better than being dead. By being alive, she will have the opportunity to go to the outside world and witness all the beautiful hustle and bustle of life.

Aunt Rong quietly looked at An Yan who was all grown up with a complexion similar to hers. She was alive and had a face resembled her sister’s . It brought a soft and tender smile to her face as she said, “It is hard to imagine that Yan-er is already so grown up. After some time, you will have to get married.”

An Yan was flummoxed. She did not expect that, upon looking at her, Aunt Rong would say such things. After staring foolishly for a while, her cheeks became flushed and even the tips of her ears turned red.

An Yan was like a pure white parchment paper. If one casually puts an ink stain on it, it would make people feel that the parchment is very colourful.

An Yan never thought of getting married — she never thought that there would be someone bold enough to ask for her hand. Now that Aunt Rong mentioned such a possibility, she could only blush.

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