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Chapter 11 – The Angry Su Ming

Su Ming pondered  about it for a long time, but he couldn’t figure out what the effects of the Enlightenment pill was. He only received memories on how to concoct the pill, but nothing about the actual effects.

It was now noon, and the sun had become quite hot. Su Ming hesitated for a while, then he left the place.

He ran back to the place where he had been quenching and dispersing with the little monkey. The little monkey didn’t stay there for long, it went back out again after a little while.


Outside of the cave, the mountain breeze was blowing in Su Ming’s face. He leaned up against the wall, holding the green pill in his hand, and then he started thinking.

“What is the actual purpose of this pill…? There’s no effect when consuming it internally, there’s also no effect when used externally……” He furrowed his brow, he had spent so much time producing this pill, but he couldn’t figure out its effects… This made him feel that all his hard work and effort during the last month had been wasted.

He stared at the pill, and then he made a decision.

“I will swallow this pill and experience its effects myself!” Su Ming mumbled to himself, without any hesitation he threw the Enlightenment pill into his mouth.

The pill melted down once it entered his mouth, and a rich aroma filled up Su Ming’s mouth immediately and formed a warm stream which entered into Su Ming’s body, but it disappeared very quickly… nothing could be felt

Su Ming hurriedly sat down with his legs crossed and tried cultivating and condensing his blood, but couldn’t feel any changes at all. He still had a feeling that he didn’t have enough blood.

He scratched his head with a confused look on his face, as it felt to him like all his effort during this previous month had been wasted.

“Impossible! It must have some sort of effect!” Although Su Ming was disappointed, he did not want to give up. No matter how hard he tried to think, he just couldn’t figure out what the effects were. He sighed and smiled bitterly.

After some time, the little monkey came running up the mountain, it went into Su Ming’s room and left some fruits on the ground, and then it left again.

Su Ming sighed, his stomach was empty, so he grabbed a few fruits and ate them.

One fruit, two fruits, three fruits……

Without noticing, he burped and spit the fruit core out of his mouth. He touched his belly and started thinking about. He gazed at the fruits and suddenly, a shocked expression appeared on his face.

“I’m full? What?!” Su Ming stared at the fruit cores he spat out, there were a total of 15.

He felt like he had grabbed onto something, his heart started beating rapidly.

“I’ve liked eating fruits since I was small, ever since Red started collecting them for me… but I didn’t like eating too many of them… I would be full after eating 17-18 of them in the past…”

“But just now, I only ate 15 of them, and I’m full! Did my appetite become smaller? Or is it… because of something else!” Su Ming licked his lips as he remembered swallowing the Enlightenment pill.

“Don’t tell me this Enlightenment pill is something that can replace food?” Su Ming mumbled to himself with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Or maybe, this Enlightenment pill can enhance the effectiveness of other things!!” Su Ming’s heart started beating rapidly. He took a deep breath, then he focused all his mental energy on figuring out just what the effects were, but right now he only had a single clue. Suddenly, an idea appeared in his mind, and without considering whether or not this was a good idea or not, he immediately went back into the cave where he concocts his pills.

He remember that he still had some leftovers of Black Dragon saliva, and this is something precious which he can only obtain when it’s raining, which is why he has been saving the last drop.

He hurried back into the karst cave and took out a small container where the last drops of the Black Dragon saliva were located, opened it up, and drank from it without any hesitation.

Su Ming was very familiar with the Black Dragon saliva, and after a few drops went into his stomach he could feel a cold sensation emitting from those drops. They started spreading around in his body and merge with his blood.

The Black Dragon saliva suddenly became even more intense that what it used to be, it was 10% more effective than it had been previously. It didn’t seem like much, but Su Ming could feel the difference clearly!

The cold sensation merged with his blood and transformed into a boiling state, causing four blood veins to appear on his body. The blood veins were emitting a bloody amber.

After some time, Su Ming opened his eyes and exhaled a long breath, he had an excited look in his eyes.

“It really works! This Enlightenment pills has no effect if consumed alone, but if it is consumed together with something else, then it will enhance the effectiveness of that thing. It looks simple, but it is incredible!” Su Ming gathered his spirit.

“There are 15 small holes in the door where I obtained the quenching and dispersing method, I obviously need to place 15 pills like these there, but right now I don’t even have enough pills for my own consumption…” Su Ming thought to himself.

He made up his mind. He stood up and hurried over the Stone Cauldron and started quenching and dispersing with the leftover herbs.

Besides quenching and dispersing, he asked the little monkey to search and gather some specific herbs he used to gather together with Grandfather. After that he would crush them and drink their juice using the method he learnt back in the tribe. This mixed with the Enlightenment pill allowed him to cultivate much faster.

Time passed and another two months had gone by. Su Ming rarely left this place during this time, the karst cave had become like his second home. On the other hand, this cave was a good hiding spot, Su Ming could cultivate in here without having to worry about being discovered by someone.

During these two months he had produced quite a number of Enlightenment pills. He consumed these together with the herb juice which helped boost his blood and qi, and the fifth blood vein had already been fully condensed.

Even the sixth blood vein had started condensing, and if he continued cultivating this way, then the sixth blood vein will be fully condensed soon.

It is winter outside, and all the mountains were covered in snow except for the Black Fire peak, which was clear from snow. The snowflakes would melt before touching the ground, which resulted in the Black Fire peak being covered in fog.

If an outsider saw this then he would be very interested in this place, but Su Ming had grown up in this area, so he had gotten used to the strangeness of this mountain peak.

Su Ming sat cross legged on the ground, and a dense blood red light started covering him. 5 red blood veins circulated around his body, making it seem as if they were alive.

Su Ming’s body was covered in sweat and he was shaking, but he is naturally persistent. As this is the third time he tried to condense the sixth blood vein within the past two weeks , and once he manages to condense the sixth blood vein, he will enter Level 2 of the Blood Condensation realm.

But what’s more important is that he will be able to use the first Barbarian skill in his life, a skill that belongs to their tribe, Soul Devourer!

The skill Soul Devourer needs to be used near the corpse of a dead animal that just died, and with the help from his blood veins, he will need to remove the soul, which will then increase his own ability for a short period of time.

Only those who can use a Barbarian Skill could be called a Barbarian cultivator,  as a Barbarian Skill can make someone several times stronger than those without one.

Su Ming’s body started shaking, and the blood red light surrounding him slowly disappeared, with the sixth blood vein also fading away. He had failed at condensing the sixth blood vein yet again.

Su Ming took another deep breath, then he took out some herb juice and drank them together with the Enlightenment pill, and then he begun the cycle of cultivation yet again.

Days passed, and another month was gone. The Black Dragon Mountain was covered with snow, and the fog surrounding the Black Fire peak had become even thicker. The Black Fire peak was nowhere near as hot as it used to be.

The coldest period of the year, is here.

But for Su Ming, this current period is the most important time for him. After persistently cultivating while consuming a lot of herbs and Enlightenment pills, Su Ming was able to cultivate with incredible speed now. The sixth blood vein had formed, and now was the time to try and fully condense it.

The little monkey was not willing to go outside during winter. Its hair was fire red, and it would be very easy to spot in the white snow. That’s why it usually calmed down and stayed inside during winter.

He squatted down besides Su Ming, and while yawning he also started staring at Su Ming with his round eyes. Suddenly, he turned his head around and sharpened his ears.

A sound could barely be heard from the outside……

“Yu Chi, the Heavenly Rock Grass really grows in here? We have searched for half a day, but we have yet to see one… are you sure this is the place?” A cold voice was heard by the little monkey, making his body shake.

“I’m pretty sure, I remember it being just a small sprout when I first saw it, that’s why I used a Barbarian Skill and hid it. I calculated the time, and it should be ripe by now. This place is where normal tribe members come and harvest herbs, they can never see through my Barbarian Skill.” The other person replied with a sharp voice.

“Then we need to hurry and search for it, if we can get this Heavenly Rock Grass then it might be able to help me break out from Level 3 to Level 4… And as for you, you might be able to reach Level 3.”

“Be patient, I can feel the Barbarian Skill around here somewhere…… if you can reach Level 4 then you should be able to join the Black Mountain hunter group, and I heard that the target this time has been decided by Grandfather himself…… and whatever we can get will be all ours!”

The voice of the two men chatting was getting closer and closer, it sounded like they were just outside of the cave. The little monkey was very anxious, he didn’t even dare breathe too loud, he could feel that the men outside were a serious threat to him.

He kept looking back towards Su Ming, but both of Su Ming’s eyes were closed. His body was shaking, and the blood red light became brighter and brighter, it seemed like the sixth blood vein was about to be fully condensed anytime soon.

But at this point of time!

“Found it!! Wait? Look, there’s a small hole here…”

“You’re right, this is the Heavenly Rock Grass! As for this hole… this was once the territory of the Fire Barbarian. It looks empty inside… Since we are here, let’s go inside and have a look, a small hole isn’t going to stop me…” The voices was heard by the little monkey, but what they were doing turned the monkey’s expression into a shocked one.

In panic, the little monkey made up a decision. It looked back at Su Ming, then it dashed out of the cave through the small hole, turning into a flashing red figure.

A surprised sound could be heard from outside the karst cave.

“A Fiery Monkey! And it is still in teenage form! Haha!”

“This cave is where it hides from the cold, catch him! Its blood has a great cultivation effect, and we can give its skin and fur to Grandfather!”

The two men immediately started chasing the little monkey, but inside the karst cave, Su Ming’s expression was distorted, and his body started shaking violently.

“You guys…… are looking for death……” Su Ming raised his head and shouted out angrily.


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