Beseech the Devil 1


Chapter 1 – Su Ming

Translated by Seaweed
Edited by Hydramon

Green… It was a green mountain.

An area of endless mountains straight like a dragon’s backbone was widely spread across this boundless land filled with vegetation — while the bird beasts cried out, echoing in the air.

From afar, the protruding mountains were seemingly five mountain peaks shaped like human fingers attempting to catch the sky. Atop the middle mountain peak, there was an indented large stone. A young man was leaning against the shade here with a knitting basket beside him. Herbs were piled in it, and their scent blanketed the area.


The teenager had handsome and refined features — his body was thin, giving off the impression that he was slightly weak; he was wearing a beast skin shirt; on his neck held a ring of white crescent beast teeth; and his hair was rather disheveled and simply tied by a string.

He was sitting there, and in his hands was a book of about 10 pages made of beast skin that stuck together in his hands. He was reading this book with relish, his head bobbing while reading.

“Barbarian ancestors who created men by opening the sky and leaving many descendants…..A man who was called a barbarian warrior flew toward the sky and into the earth, and could move the mountains and flip the sea…..The men who could travel in the sky and pick the night stars……” the teenager read — and he sighed.

“Without barbarians, how to form us……Barbarian warriors……Barbarian warriors……Su Ming, you can only pick herbs and can only become a normal doctor. Becoming a barbarian warrior, there is no such possibility.” The teenager laughed at himself and put down his book, and while looking at the far heaven and earth, his mind started to wander.

He had read this book many times, already memorizing it and being able to recite it like the back of his hand — with few missed lines.

“Days like round, if the parties to, as boundless, imitation of sight…….” As Su Ming chanted, his brain imagined the world of that book — unconsciously. The sky started to darken, and grey clouds could be seen in the endless of the heaven and earth forming.

The wind blew, delivering the humid air around the plants and trees, while the patter of rain could be heard.

After looking at the gray clouds, Su Ming instantly became energized.

“Grandpa calculated correctly! There is Black Dragon saliva, today!” Su Ming’s eyes brightened. He stood up quickly and placed the book he was holding into his right arm, so his left hand grabbed the basket beside him and placed it on his back. He quickly took the rope beside him and climbed toward the mountain top.

From a distance, the weak body of this young man emanated a strong determination — and like a monkey, he traveled about a dozen miles with a few leaps.

The gray clouds between heaven and earth rolled in, and thunder sounds came into being. It was as if the heavens were angry at this land of mountains, as the clouds connecting heaven and earth — a dreary sight — moved closer in a split second.

Hence, Su Ming climbed faster. And as the gray clouds dispersed in seconds, he had already reached the location ten miles away from the mountaintop; however, there was a weird big protruding stone, seemingly natural made, floating in the air — with many holes the size of fists covering it. The appearance of this weird stone was like a snake had merged with the mountain itself.

Under that weird stone, there was more stone molded into the teeth of a vampire — shocking many people. It was special because of the part protruding out of the stone, which gave off the illusion that the stone was floating, was very difficult to climb over — unless you could fly.

Su Ming used his left hand to grab hold of the rope and his right hand to take out a small bottle from his basket, which he put in his mouth. Slowly moving his body toward the direction of that stone, he moved a few miles while tilting the rope on his left hand. He clamped it on the mountain wall, and leaning his body against it, he looked up at the sky that held gray clouds, gazing at it motionlessly.

Gray clouds covered the sky once more, and they revived those deafening roars of thunder. It felt like the chaotic storm blowing on this mountain would be able to lift it from the earth. Su Ming stood in this storm, and his fingers that held on to the mountain wall had whitened; however, he did not move — he only gazed at the sky with determination.

The storm grew bigger, which moved the plants, yelling out like a bestial roar. The fallen plants curled up, and the storm covered the sky in its entirety, pushing all the plants to dance within this storm.

Even some of the trunks and some small creatures that were curled up a lively were thrown out spinning as they cried out horrible sounds and became hidden within the storm.

Su Ming could not stay long in this storm. The sky was covered by gray clouds. Under the thunder, rain poured down — turning the land to an underwater world after some time.

The rain continuously fell, growing ever heavier. But Su Ming still clung on the rope — which was wet, for dear life against the mountain wall. The rain continued to drench him, but he remained in the same spot, glaring at the bottom of the stone where the vampire teeth lived.

After an unknown time, the rain still swelled, and heaven and earth were covered in mist. Su Ming was still glaring at the vampire teeth, and it leaked a black liquid after being washed by the rain water.

The black liquid merged with the rain water, making a water line that flowed downward.

Su Ming’s eyes glowed as he looked upon this sight, yet he still stood there unmoving. The black liquid lessened, however, revealing a golden hue under it. His eyes focused, and without hesitation, he released his hands and slid down the hill while moving the bottle from his mouth to his hand.

His left hand held the rope. He then followed with his right hand and released. His body swung around, following the rope at a high speed as he rushed toward the vampire teeth rock.

Due to the tilting of the rope and his precise positioning — which was between the thunder, Su Ming had already followed the rope and was beside the stone. His left hand clung to the rope while his right hand held the small bottle. He quickly shoved his right hand under the stone and swung back to the time limit, filling half the bottle with the golden liquid.

But a sharp, sizzling sound was heard! A black centipede with around four to five strong arms and a half-mile long body crawled out from the hole — as large as a fist — on top of that stone. It rushed toward Su Ming, who was dangling in the air.

Su Ming showed no shock, and when the centipede appeared, he immediately released his left hand. His body fell down, avoiding the centipede’s rush.

“Red!” Su Ming’s body fell at a rapid pace, but the wind that contained the force of small knives had made his body heavy — avoiding the centipede. But if he fell on to the ground here, he would definitely become a small pile of meat.

He did not panic, however. A red shadow from the side of the cliff grabbed hold of a rope and rushed out toward Su Ming’s falling body. As it moved closer, he pulled Su Ming. The red shadow revealed itself to be a red monkey that was gritting its teeth and had eyes which radiated intelligence.

One person and one monkey followed the rope on the cliff. But Su Ming’s eyes showed a sign of panic, and he held the small bottle tightly.

“Red, we have to hurry! This time I have snatched too much Black Dragon saliva,” Su Ming said, “Eh, what are you holding in your hands?” He saw the claw of the monkey which held a small shard of black broken pieces.

That monkey was alert. He moved his claw behind his back and roared a few times in quick succession. Su Ming saw that time was running short and paced himself faster, unwilling to talk now. He moved his body and grabbed a robe, swinging hastily downward with the monkey.

Behind his back, sizzling sounds covered the sky. Only the centipedes could be seen as they were following the stone and moving down to chase them.

That red monkey kept roaring beside Su Ming. He kept looking backward at the centipedes, his eyes frightened but still exhibiting a slight anger.

“It’s not the first time we have to escape like this. That gray dragon from before didn’t dare to move down the mountain. You don’t have to act, old rules. We’ll split this Black Dragon saliva in half.” As Su Ming escaped, he spoke rather lazily, but a smile covered his face.

This pair of man and monkey was very familiar with this mountain. Due to the centipedes, there were some places they didn’t dare travel to. They instead move around those areas to pass them. The pair was able to escape by jumping down, and each time they jumped, they would grasp onto a rope — moving swiftly down the mountain and disappearing within the forest.

Those centipedes never dared to move down the mountain. After roaring a few times, they unwillingly climbed back up the mountain.

The gray clouds arrived quickly, and left in the same fashion. After a number of hours, this mountain land resumed its original state, and the rolling gray clouds moved toward another place.

The pair walked out through the side of the forest, and the sky slightly darkened. At the horizon, where a weak fire rose above the ground, was where they stayed.

“You have already finished the small half that I gave you, and you still want more?” Su Ming was drenched while walking out of the forest, but he didn’t mind. He just smiled as he glanced back toward his own little monkey.

This monkey was clever. He had found it three years ago in this forest, and although there was some conflict, they had become friends in the end.

The monkey blinked his eyes. He moved his head, expressing a face of hesitation, but he quickly gave the black broken pieces in his hands to Su Ming. He roared out, showing that he wanted to exchange with the Black Dragon saliva.

“Okay. I’ll give you some again, but I don’t want this broken stone. You keep it.” Su Ming smiled while taking out the small bottle from his basket and giving it to the monkey.

The monkey immediately grabbed and drank it — his face mirroring an intoxicated person. His body shook a few times and blurred. He threw those small black broken pieces of stone along with the small bottle at Su Ming, jumped a few times, and disappeared into the forest.

Su Ming looked at the bottle, which only had a small bit left. He smiled, not minding the monkey, and placed it back into his basket. He then began sizing up the black broken pieces of stone.


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