Beseech the Devil 10


Chapter 10 – Blood Burning

“I will try both of them!” Su Ming said with an annoyed expression on his face. He threw the red herb with six petals into the Stone Cauldron.

The herb with six petals is the one he obtained from the swap, the one that made his blood feel like it was boiling when it bloomed.

Su Ming could clearly see a devil like red like emitting from the Stone Cauldron when the herb touched the herb juice within the Stone Cauldron. He didn’t cover the Stone Cauldron, instead he walked over to the other side of the Stone Cauldron, where the fire filled channels he dug earlier were located. He took the black horn and dug another vertical line across them, stopping the fire from flowing to the furnace, it helped him control the amount of fire going to the cauldron.

There were way more channels on the ground than there was one month ago, and there are a lot of vertical lines on them as well, this is the method that Su Ming came up with from his one-month experience of controlling the fire.


Su Ming was anxious at this point of time, all his focus was on the ancient cauldron. According to his experience during the last month, he can stand at this spot for about half an hour without having to worry about fire shooting at him.

Time passed, and half an hour had passed. Su Ming immediately moved away from where he stood, and fire immediately erupted from the spot where he was standing.

This scene kept repeating, Su Ming watched from not far away, his body was covered in sweat. He didn’t take his eyes off of the Stone Cauldron for a single second, he knows that he will need 7-8 more hours in order to see the result.

During this time he needs to control the fire at all times according to the changes of the herb juice, and lastly he needs to cover the Stone Cauldron with the lid, making the heat increase rapidly and form the pill.

This is something that he had done a lot of times during this previous month, he is familiar with the entire process right now.

One hour, two hours… a red fog started emerging from the Stone Cauldron, it was odorless, but there was a devil like red light blinking within, making Su Ming’s blood flow faster as he saw it.

He made some changes to the fire’s strength within this period of time, until the sky outside of the cave had turned completely dark, both of Su Ming’s eyes had turned red, he had spent the entire day concocting this pill. Everything had gone smooth, and now, he had reached the final step.

Looking through the red fog, Su Ming could see the herb juice was lessening within the Stone Cauldron, and bubbles were appearing within in. Every time a bubble popped, there would be some red fog coming out of the Stone Cauldron.

“It’s time!” Learning from his numerous failures before this, Su Ming blinked his eyes and grabbed the cauldron’s cover located next to him without any hesitation, then he quickly walked over to the Stone Cauldron and immediately covered it.

A muffled thundering sound echoed within the cave when the Stone Cauldron was covered.

“Let’s see if I can succeed this time!” After covering the Stone Cauldron, he took a deep breath, stepped back and saw down with crossed legs. He closed his eyes and refreshed his spirit, he knew that he had done everything he could do, success or failure is beyond his control, it depends on luck.

Another hour passed, thundering sounds emerged from the Stone Cauldron, and it continued with 9 thundering sounds before calming down. The fire underneath the Stone Cauldron was still burning, but no sounds could be heard.

Su Ming didn’t open his eyes, instead he continued refreshing his spirit while patiently waiting. Su Ming opened his eyes the second the flames disappeared, he stood up and walked towards the cauldron, his right hand was carrying herbs that can remove heat. He pushed the Stone Cauldron’s cover, opening it up.

A red heat wave immediately rushed out after removing the cover, but, Su Ming was prepared for this, he moved backwards immediately after removing the cover.

He waited for the red heat wave to disappear for a short period of time, his heart was beating rapidly, and he was filled with anxiousness and expectation. He slowly walked up and looked into the Stone Cauldron.


Su Ming suddenly started laughing out loud upon taking just one look.

At the bottom of the Stone Cauldron there were 3 red pills!

Su Ming carefully took the red pills out and sat down with an excited look on his face, he kept examining the strange objects that he had only seen within those strange memories of his.

Su Ming was quite happy with these round shaped pills, he put them near his nose and tried to smell them, however, he couldn’t smell the herbs fragrance within, but there was some bloody smell.

One more things is that these pills looks incredibly fragile, Su Ming was feeling that if he pinched them with slight force then they would turn into powder, in fact, that is what would happen if he did pinch them, but Su Ming didn’t put much concern into that.

“After one month, I had finally success once!” The more Su Ming looked at them the happier he is, putting one near his mouth and wanted to tried, but Su Ming hesitated.

He held his excitement and started thinking about the weird events that happened when he harvested the Six Petals Flower.

“Since this herb can produce pills, I wonder if another one can be produced as well…” Su Ming thought to himself. He put away those 3 red pills carefully, then he took the herb with 5 petals.

Remaining silent for some time, Su Ming blinked his eyes and started calculating the time he needed, then he closed his eyes and sat down on the ground and started erasing his fatigue by rotating the bloodlines in his body.

The night passed by in peace. The little monkey back during midnight, his facial expression was full of fascination upon entering the karst cave, and without disturbing Su Ming, he jumped into the cave and found a place that wasn’t too hot.

It had gotten used to this place after a month.

He laid on the ground and kept smelling the air, the fascinated expression on his face was still there. The little monkey seemed to be happy about something, there was a smile on his face that wouldn’t disappear, as if he was thinking about something incredible.

The next morning, Su Ming opened up his eyes and stretched his body, the fatigue from yesterday was all gone.

His spirit was refreshed, Su Ming grabbed the herbs with 5 petals and continued the Quenching and dispersing process.

A few days later, Su Ming walked out of the karst cave, he hadn’t left the cave for quite some time, and when he saw the bright sunlight outside the cave, he felt a little pain in his eyes, he had gotten used to the red light within the karst cave, and he wasn’t comfortable with the bright sun light.

He took a few deep breaths of the fresh air while waiting for his eyes to recover, Su Ming opened his eyes and carefully looked at his surroundings, and he started slowly descending the mountain.

He moved fast and he kept his alert along the way as he descended the mountain, the little monkey was also helping him keep watch of their surrounding so that they don’t encounter any danger. Not long after, they reached the bottom of the mountain.

He found a river near the mountain, the river water was hot too. Su Ming took off all his clothes and submerged himself into the water, he could feel all his remaining fatigue disappearing.

Reluctantly, he came out of the river and left with the little monkey in haste, he had something more important he needed to accomplish.

Within the forest, Su Ming and the little monkey were running rounds around the forest with great speed. Su Ming was holding a couple of small fierce looking beasts.

Even the little monkey caught a few little beasts.

At a deserted corner, Su Ming looked at the 4 little beasts who were tied up and roaring at him, he didn’t care too much about them, then he reached into his pocket and took out two small containers made from clay.

Within the two clay containers there were two kinds of pills, one of them was red in color and had a nasty look. The other one was green in color, and there was a light herb fragrance coming from it, just one whiff from the green pill could refresh one’s spirit.

That green colored pill is the result of Su Ming’s quenching and dispersing with the 5 petals flower herb.

“Enlightenment pill…… according to my feeling, this green colored pill is the Enlightenment pill… but this red colored pill, I’m not sure about this one…” Su Ming blinked his eyes, there are 3 pills in each container. He took one from each, then he looked at those little beasts, stood up and walked towards them.

He fed two separate pills to two different beasts, then he stepped back and watched anxiously, even the little monkey was influence, it became anxious as well.

Nothing happened after waiting for a long time, the beasts were still fiercely roaring towards Su Ming.

Su Ming furrowed his brow, then he waited for some more time, but still, nothing happened.

“Why…… logically there should be some reaction…… but I can tell that these pills are not poisonous. Don’t tell me…… don’t tell me these pills are not for internal consumption, but for external use?” An idea stroked Su Ming’s mind, he took out his black horn and walked over to the other two beasts who weren’t fed with the pill, and then he gave them a cut, making them bleed.

The little monkey came closer and looked at the beasts by the side.

After Su Ming gave the beasts some cuts he took out another two separate pills and placed them on their wounds.

Immediately, a sudden reaction!

The little beast that was touched by the red pill, in almost an instant, without letting out a single cry, its whole body dissolved into a pool of blood, but before that pool of blood touched the ground, it started burning, then it transformed into red fog which floated in the air.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Su Ming stepped back in haste and with a shocked expression, the little monkey was also shocked by this, it cried out loud and ran away with full speed.

“This… this…” Su Ming couldn’t believe, a terrified look could be seen in his eyes, he had never imagine that the red pill he had made could give such an incredible result!

The red fog was floating in the air, and it kept floating until it slowly disappeared, there were only some purple red colored bones left. As for the rest of the little beasts, even though they were close to this, they weren’t affected by it at all, however, they were obviously stunned by what happened as well.

Su Ming was breathing rapidly, after some time, he looked down into the little container with the red pills, there’s still one more left, the pill gave of an evil and bloody feeling.

“Nothing happens if eaten, but it instantly kills if it touches blood! I’ve made this pill; I shall call it the Blood Pill!” Su Ming mumbled to himself, he was still terrified in his heart, and he the pill carefully. He had a feeling that this red pill would become one of his secret weapons!

“As for the green pill, it should be the Enlightenment pill, but what its actual effect is…” Su Ming thought to himself, then he gazed at the little beast who had the green pill melted onto its wounds, it showed no reaction at all.


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