Beseech the Devil 12


Chapter 12 – Intention to Kill!

Su Ming raised his head, both of his eyes were emitting a red light. The red light was blinking rapidly, covering the karst cave completely with red light.

His body was shaking violently, and his heart was beating faster and faster, as if it was going to shatter, making Su Ming’s expression more distorted.

He was at a crucial point right now, and he couldn’t just stop it, but the little monkey’s screams and all the current events had been clearly understood by him.

He realized that the little monkey was trying to protect him by going out alone, taking the two outsiders with him.


Su Ming had never been this angry his entire life. The little monkey was his only friend in this forest, and he considered the little monkey to be his own family member after all these years. Su Ming’s rage caused green veins to appear all over his body, creating a thundering sound within his body.

The fifth blood vein on his body started emitting a bright light, and under this blood red light, the sixth blood vein was trying hard to break through the barrier.

“Damned Level 2 Blood Condensation!!” Su Ming raised his head, his eyes were red as he shouted. He had tried break through to Level 2 Blood Condensation with a gentler approach many times, this was so that if he failed, it won’t affect his body.

But now, the little monkey was in danger, and every passing second only served to make Su Ming more and more impatient. Now he was going to risk everything in order to circulate the bloodline within his body. He sent all the blood within his body to the sixth blood vein, just like the Barbarian cultivation method said.

A thundering sound was heard, and blood started flowing out of Su Ming’s mouth. His body was shaking, and his face was pale. This crazy action was forbidden amongst the Barbarian cultivators; those who follow the Barbarian cultivation path, especially in the Blood Condensation realm, had to cultivate slowly, taking it step by step with no risks.

The thundering sound was not loud outside of Su Ming’s body, but to him it sounded like the sky was falling, and the ground was cracking, the thundering sound continually repeating in his head.

“Damn it!!!” Su Ming stared at the exit in front of him, as if he could see the terrified expression on the helpless little monkey.

Without any hesitation, Su Ming started circulating all the blood within his body. He was trying to break through!

More blood started dripping from his mouth, dripping down from his chin and onto the ground…

Third attempt, fourth attempt, fifth attempt!

On his fifth attempt at circulating all his blood and trying to break through, he vomited a huge amount of blood, and his face was even paler than it was earlier, but his face was still emitting a killing intent. Accompanied by his mouth filled with blood, he looked like a wicked devil.

He suddenly stood up from his cross legged position. When he stood up a huge sound could be heard from his body, the sixth blood vein had fully condensed and appeared.

Following the completion of the sixth blood vein, a Qi completely different from that at the first Level of Blood condensation exploded from Su Ming’s body.

Blood Condensation, second level!

Without waiting to adjust to the second level of Blood Condensation, Su Ming’s body flashed, and with his speed that was 2 times faster than before, he grabbed the bow and the bone horn next to him and dashed out of the cave.

He ran out of the cave with incredible speed, and when he went outside, he saw a lot of snow covering all of the surroundings. It was evening, and the sun was going to set soon.

“One of them is at the second Blood Condensation level, and the other one is at the third Blood Condensation level…” Su Ming’s eyes were red, and a cruel look was seen in them. Although the enemy was strong, he wasn’t showing any fear, only large amounts of killing intent!

He had already forgotten about fear at this point in time, the two cultivators from the Black Mountain tribe had become Su Ming’s mortal enemies when they started chasing the little monkey.

Either they die, or Su Ming dies!

Su Ming started running forward with full speed unhesitatingly. He had grown up in this mountain, he had played in this mountain, and he had harvested herbs in this mountain; he was familiar with this place, and he was good at following small traces.

He was running with incredible speed. He looked at the ground then he wiped away the blood on his mouth with his hands. After some time, his eyes brightened. Seeing a messy trace in front of some dried grass and a tree, he took a broken tree branch and examined carefully, his killing intent skyrocketing. He threw the tree branch to the ground, then he changed his direction and started running.

Su Ming ran with full speed along the way. He discovered a lot of traces and blood stains along the way.

There was a few red hairs near the blood stains, it belonged to the little monkey!

But the blood had dried, they had obviously caught the little monkey here and left the place some time ago.

“I can’t make it……” Su Ming’s face was gloomy. He tightened his fist, and he was about to go crazy.

“They are from the Black Mountain tribe, they had gone back to their tribe… if this is the case, there is a shortcut which can lead to the Black Mountain tribe from here!” Su Ming turned around and disappeared into the woods.

“Faster!” Su Ming was running incredibly fast, almost as if he was flying, but it still felt too slow for him. He left his footprints in the snow as he went forward, jumping into the air and landing on the ground below.

The snow in front of him loosened up. A little beast that looked like a fox, but with pure white fur and antlers on its head, jumped out with great speed In just a split second it had approached Su Ming with a ferocious expression.

“A possum fox!” Su Ming didn’t slow down, he struck a punch towards the little beast that jumped up from its fox hole.

If this was before, then this punch wouldn’t have enough force, but now he was at the second level of the Blood Condensation realm, and he had condensed 6 blood veins. His blood and Qi were so strong that both his speed and strength were a few times stronger than before.

The punch hit the fox’s body. The little beast’s eyes shrank while screaming, turning its body in the middle of the air to try to avoid the punch, but Su Ming’s body slammed forward, grabbing the bone horn and ripping apart the little beast’s body.

The little beast was screaming in pain, its blood turning the snow red.

A clean cut! Su Ming stopped running. He looked down at the dead possum fox, then he squatted down and took a deep breath. He raised his right hand and started circulating the blood in his body, and immediately, a blood red light covered him, making it look like it was merging with the blood stains on the ground. Under the blood red light, six blood veins appeared on his body.

He slowly placed his right hand on the dead fox’s body. One of the blood veins on his body started twisting, and it slowly moved from his right arm to his palm, looking like it was going to merge with the body of the little beast.

The little beast’s dead body suddenly started trembling. Its skin and furs fell off, and its body started shrinking rapidly, turning into nothing but a skeleton. At the same time, white layers of smoke started flying out from the skeleton, gathering to form into how it looked before it died. However, it looked fragile, as if the wind could easily destroy it.

This was the first time Su Ming had used the Soul Devourer skill. There was a detailed explanation of this skill in the cultivation method he obtained. The skill required him to cultivate before he can devour, but he didn’t have the time to do that right now. He opened his mouth and inhaled deeply towards the possum fox formed from the white smoke, and it flew into his mouth immediately.

Su Ming’s body started shaking, he could feel that he had obtained some extra strength from this, but this extra strength was disappearing very quickly. It won’t take long before he returned to normal.

Moving his feet, Su Ming started running again, and now he was even faster than before.

The howling sound of the wind passed his ears, but the only thing Su Ming could think about was chasing the two persons and saving the little monkey.

As for how he was going to do that, he wasn’t an impulsive fellow. He had prepared everything.

After half an hour, the extra strength in Su Ming’s body had depleted, but it did allow him to arrive earlier to the place located closed to the Black Mountain tribe which was located outside of the Black Fiery Peak.

This was a small mountain, but it looked more like a slope. His eyes allowed him to see far from where he stood.

Su Ming’s eyes were sharp and bright as he stared towards the direction where the Black Fiery Mountain was located, and very soon, at the end of his vision, he saw two figures moving fast. One of them was holding something in his hands, it was the little monkey who was unable to move!

Su Ming stood there. His right hand grabbed a small container from his pocket, and inside the container was a red pill. Making sure there was no blood on his hand, Su Ming grabbed the pill.

This pill was his trump weapon!

He was breathing carefully as he held his bow, a dead silent expression visible on his face. The two men were getting closer and closer, there were just a few miles away.

Both men had big and muscular bodies, and they seemed to be very strong. The man who carried the little monkey was only wearing a single layer of beast skin on his lower half in this cold weather. His upper body was naked and was emitting layers of white steam, it seemed like his own qi and blood could melt the snow before it touched him.

Su Ming only looked at the man for a few seconds before turning his vision towards the other man. This man had a similar body, however, he was a bit shorter than the other guy and carried a few long poles on his back. Su Ming could sense a huge amount of blood and Qi from this guy. He was far stronger than his companion, and far stronger than Su Ming.

This was a strong man!

Su Ming’s pupils shrank, he raised the hand that was holding the bow and pointed it towards the man.

The man also saw Su Ming, a cruel look emerging in his eyes – a ferocious one.


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