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Chapter 13 – The Evil Barbarian

“He’s someone from another tribe, and he is alone! I can tell that he is only at the second Blood Condensation level… Killing him will be easy! This place is pretty close to our tribe, and we have two persons… I’m not scared if he has put up any traps, but since he dares to challenge us, then he must have some hidden tricks… But, with me being at the third Blood Condensation level, everything will be fine!” The person at the third Blood Condensation level from the Black Mountain tribe smiled cruelly, he wasn’t taking Su Ming seriously. In his mind, there was a huge gap between them. Furthermore, Su Ming looked weak, it didn’t seem like he was very strong.

Most importantly, if there was a lone barbarian cultivator from some tribe other than the Windy Tribe, then the Black Mountain tribe would kill them without any hesitation. There was no room for negotiation, only the strong would survive.

Just like before, if the little monkey did not lure them away, then they would have killed Su Ming when they entered the Karst cave, take his head, and exchange it for a reward.

“Yu Chi, I will kill this man, wait for me here.” After establishing his demands, the man jumped out like a tiger pouncing on its prey. In a split second he had started approaching Su Ming.


The man named Yu Chi who carried the little monkey did not dare to go against his companion’s orders. Although he knew that he could kill the barbarian cultivator from the other tribe, take his head, and exchange it for a reward himself, he did not dare fight against his companion.

“This man is at the second Blood Condensation level, just like me. It would take some time for me to kill him. I hope he will share some of his rewards with me!” Yu Chi looked towards Su Ming. In his mind, the result was already decided. He mentally adopted a cruel look, as if he could imagine what was going to happen next… It would be a cruel fight.

The shorter man who was approaching Su Ming possessed the same thought. He was getting closer and closer to Su Ming. Soon, the distance between him and Su Ming was less than 100 meters.

80 meters, 70 meters, 60 meters!

As he got closer he could clearly see Su Ming’s face. He taunted him with an evil smile. The snow was shaking and flying up into the air before exploding, turning into mist that quickly covered their surroundings.

The short man grabbed a long pike with his right hand and threw it towards Su Ming who was standing 50 meters away with all his strength.

The spear whistled through the air. Su Ming felt a quick and fierce Qi coming towards him, and instinctively, he took a step to the right. A whizzing sound went past his ear, and the long pike almost touched his hair.

The man didn’t bother looking at the spear after he threw it. Both of his legs were surrounded by layers of black smoke which increased his speed. He was now 30 meters away from Su Ming.

“Die!” The man raised his right hand and grabbed another long pike. Just as he was about to throw it, an arrow suddenly penetrated through the dissolving snow mist, flying like a lightning strike towards the man.

The man laughed out wildly and hit arrow with his long pike easily. Bang! The arrow shattered into many pieces. But at the same time, he heard the sound of another arrow shooting again; another three arrows were approaching him with great speed.

The arrows were fast and precise. The man furrowed his brows, and with a cold humph he released more black smoke from his feet. Soon, all the black smoke covered his body, making it look like he was covered in fog. The three arrows arrived quickly, but when they met with the black smoke, they melted into black colored liquid immediately.

Fortunately, some of the black smoke dissipated, revealing parts of the man’s body.

“You are only at the second Blood Condensation level, how dare you challenge me?” The man said as he leapt forward. The distance between him and Su Ming was only 20 meters now.

Su Ming’s face was pale. His legs weren’t moving at all, and there was no fear in his eyes, just the typical dead silence.

He grabbed another arrow and shot it towards the man with great speed. One arrow, another arrow, another arrow… Nimbly, he released 5 arrows!

The 5 arrows looked like one long line, and they possessed great speed. They were flying towards the man rapidly. The man furrowed his brows when he saw this, there were not many people from his tribe capable of shooting like that.

“Five Rapid Arrows!” The main raised his long pike with his right hand and hit the first arrow, but his long pike shattered along with the first arrow, the explosion’s reverberations echoing.

The second arrow approached, but the man taunted Su Ming with an evil smile, covered his entire body with black smoke again, and melted the second arrow into black liquid.

The third arrow came in like a bolt of lightning, and the man moved his body quickly to avoid the arrow, but then the fourth arrow arrived. The man growled and held his right fist together tight. He threw a punch onto the arrow, crushing it but wounding himself in the process.

The fifth arrow was on its way. The man tried to avoid it, but failed to do so as the arrow cut a small wound on his shoulder, drawing blood.

“I will rip your head out!” The man was not even really wounded, a small cut was nothing for a Barbarian. Without looking at the wound, he cruelly smiled and started walking towards Su Ming. The distance between them was only 10 meters now.

He could already see himself winning, for him there was no risk in this fight. At most, he was annoyed by those arrows.

Yu Chi stood far away and licked his lips. He enjoyed watching this kind of bloody scene, and this only served to excite him.

The man took big steps as he walked towards Su Ming. With a pale expression and dead silent eyes, Su Ming did something that startled both the man and Yu Chi.

Su Ming let go of his bow and arrows. He tightened his grip with his right hand and started moving closer to the man.

No one had noticed that right now in Su Ming’s hand, there was a red colored pill that had been crushed into powder by his hand.

“You’re looking for death!” The distance between the two of them got closer and closer. Soon, the distance between them was only a few meters… 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter…

The man tightened his right palm. All the blood and Qi within his body was boiling, giving him a great amount of strength that all funneled to his fist. He punched towards Su Ming’s head. If he managed to land the punch correctly, then Su Ming will be unable to withstand the blow… He would die immediately!

Suddenly, Su Ming raised his head. The dead silence in his eyes disappeared, and it was replaced by a terrifying killing intent, a killing intent so strong it made the man freeze in shock.

But it was too late for him to be shocked. When Su Ming raised his head, he also waved his hand towards the man. A red colored powder dispersed into the air from his hand, and some of the powder even fell onto the man’s shoulder wound and his right hand’s wound.

The man’s body started shaking. There were no pained screams or struggling. His body was boiling in front of Su Ming, as if he had been wiped away from this realm. He transformed into a red mist that flew high up into the sky. What was left on the ground was a skeleton without any flesh.

Next to the bones there was a strange plant with a black and white color, emitting a weak glow.

The dramatic event made Yu Chi who stood far away shocked. He could not accept what he had just seen, and he could not believe what he had just seen. He looked like a paralyzed person. And now, he could see the skinny young man with the cold expression together with cruel eyes rushing towards him.

“The fiery monkey’s corpse can be used to make a good tonic, give it to me!” Su Ming’s eyes brightened as he came closer to the little monkey.

Yu Chi started trembling after hearing Su Ming speak. He regained his consciousness and noticed that he was covered in cold sweat. What the young man said had made him give up all ideas of threatening to kill the little monkey, and it gave him the impression that Su Ming didn’t care if the monkey was dead or alive.

He immediately turned around and started running away crazily after some thought. He still couldn’t figure out how his companion had died, and that terrified look on his face just as he died had horrified him. He just couldn’t accept it.

“Evil barbarian!!! You are an evil barbarian!!!” Yu Chi screamed out loud, his face pale. He was horrified, and he just could not believe what he just witnessed. He had been scared to the brink of death by Su Ming, and he dared not face him. He could only run away at full throttle. Su Ming was blocking the path to the Black Mountain tribe, so he could only run towards the Black Fiery Peak.

Su Ming wanted to chase him, but he suddenly felt dizzy, and his vision was disappearing. Extreme exhaustion finally set in. He shook his head and forced himself to raise his spirit.

He took a look at the skeleton on the ground; this was the first time he had kill someone. However, this was not the time for hesitation. He didn’t immediately start chasing the man who ran away, but instead he walked around with haste, picking up the arrows on the ground as well as the strange black and white plant. Su Ming looked towards the direction where Yu Chi had escaped, a large amount of killing intent surging out of his body.

“Red is still on his hands… Since I have killed one man, I might as well kill the other one. This way my spot for quenching and dispersing will not be exposed!” Su Ming gritted his teeth and forced his fatigue down before he started running in the same direction as Yu Chi.

Both of them were running with great agility; one was escaping in the front, while the other was chasing from the back. Yu Chi did not dare turn back and face Su Ming, he could only run as fast as he could and hope that the distance between them grew larger. However, he was not as familiar with the Black Dragon Mountain as Su Ming was.

Furthermore, his speed was slower than Su Ming’s speed. Although he had escaped from Su Ming earlier, he had still left some traces that allowed Su Ming to easily track him again.

Pushing his fatigue down, Su Ming’s eyes were closely watching the man from the Black Mountain tribe running in front of him. He knew that Yu Chi was scared because of what he had just done, which was why he didn’t dare fight him. This was part of Su Ming’s strategy.

With the red pill, as long as he could kill the first person without difficulty, the second person would be scared. Most people would be scared out of their minds upon seeing such a demonic scene.

Su Ming didn’t come too close to the man, but he purposely slowed down by running into some obstacles without the man noticing. Originally thinking that he would eventually have to turn around and fight, the man suddenly discovered that there was quite some distance between them, making him hesitate.


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  1. Ha ha, that had to be one hell of a scene, I wonder what uses that black and white flower could have. Truly reminds me of the resurrection lily functionality in ISSH, well they share the same universe so it might be something to take note off.

    Many thanks for the chapter, it sure had been a while.

    1. They already said, it helps with cultivation breakthroughs. And since one plant was deemed enough to help two people breakthrough, I can only imagine how extreme the effect will be when combined with the green pill.

  2. When did he get more arrows? Didn’t he only have five total?

    I really thought he’d absorb the first guys soul to help him hunt down the second guy.

    I wonder why he didn’t drop Red. Holding him is only slowing him down and dropping him will distract the guy hunting him or possibly even allow him to run away without being chased (as far as he knows).

    Since they want his blood and skin, why didn’t they already kill Red?

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