Beseech the Devil 4


Chapter 4 – The Unusual Change

The Wu Mountain, within the Wushan Tribe, almost all the people were gathering near the center of the tribe, looking at the La Su who were going through their Barbarian Enlightenment.

Suddenly, the floating Barbarian Statue started shaking violently, and loud sounds were coming out from it, the sudden noise had stunned all the surrounded tribe members.

Light could be seen from Grandfather’s eyes, he quickly moved forward a few steps, not looking at the Barbarian Statue, but the sky. A dignified look appeared on his face after examining the sky.

At the same time, more and more tribe folks discovered the abnormality and started looking up towards the sky.


Black winds appeared out of nowhere in the skies, gather rapidly from all over the place, forming a gigantic vortex. The vortex is so huge, it seems like it has occupied half the sky, covering the Wu Mountain and its surroundings, and the huge abnormality could be seen even from far, far away.

Once the vortex had fully formed it started rotating around slowly and creating thunder like sounds, which could be heard from far away. Lightning strikes could be seen from within the vortex.

“The Ancestor is showing his power!?” A man within the Wushan tribe shouted. Immediately upon hearing his words, all the people within the tribe started kneeling down out of respect and fear. They were bowing in front of the skies.

The ones who remained standing were Grandfather and the leaders of the tribes. Everyone except for Grandfather had frightened looks on their faces like the rest of the members within the tribe.

The vortex in the skies is rotating faster and fast, and moments later, a furious wind swept the ground, covering the entire Wu Mountain.

The Barbarian Statue that was floating in the sky started shaking even more violently, as if it couldn’t hold itself within the fierce vortex.

At the same time, on the other side of Wu Mountain, there’s a tribe similar to the Wushan tribe. The name of this tribe is the Heishan Tribe. All the people in the Heishan tribe were shocked by what they saw, a 10-foot tall Barbarian Statue was floating in the skies, above the center of their tribe.

The Barbarian Statue was all black, it didn’t look like a human figure, but more like a lizard. It was shaking violently as if it was going to collapse. Under the floating statue stood an old man wearing a black robe, he was skinny as a skeleton and his face looked a bit cloudy, like he was thinking about something.

The same statue appeared at the same time in every single tribe around the Wu Mountain, even some tribes that are further away seems to have same thing happen to them.

Nobody knows what caused this, and why the vortex appeared, even the Grandfather of the Wushan tribe neglected the fact that Su Ming had walked into the body of the Barbarian Statue and prayed.

Within the body of the Barbarian Statue located within the Wushan tribe, in less than a second the scarlet light had filled all the space, making the whole atmosphere shower with that strange scarlet light, and while Su Ming was stunned, he saw the statue that he was praying for was not far away from him, and it was shaking, as if it had just woken up from a long sleep, giving Su Ming an impression that the statue is something that’s alive with flesh and blood.

He could even see the ferocious statue which was covered by the scarlet light starting to shake violently, as if it couldn’t stand the scarlet light.

The statue was half human and half beast, holding a Dragon with its left hand and a pike with its right hand. But, because of the violent tremors coming from the statute, the ferocious feeling that Su Ming sensed from the statue changed, instead he felt that the statue was afraid, he was wondering if this is wrong.

Su Ming’s mind went blank, he didn’t know what was going on and he doesn’t know why it was happening, he just stood there.

His whole body was covered by a scarlet light which came from the broken fragment on his neck, making it look like he was merging with the surrounding space. The scarlet light was getting brighter and brighter, and in a short amount of time, the space within the Barbarian statue was completely soaked in scarlet light.

Su Ming felt like there was an explosion in his head, as if some barrier had been broken by an invisible force. His body started shaking and strange images appeared in his head.

There was an image of a huge land, and he is looking down while standing in the middle of the air. He sees millions of people on the ground, there are so many that he can’t even see how many there is, as if there is an infinite number of people underneath him.

“This… Where is this place?” Su Ming was mumbling, the scene in front of caused him to be shocked, his mind went blank.

These people are divided into two camps, but they both kneel down and pray towards the sky. Drums were heard all around, forming a sound wave that can touch one’s soul, sending a shock to everyone who was listening to it.

In the middle of the sky, Su Ming could see nearly hundreds of huge Barbarian status in his surroundings. All the statues looks different, they were all unleashing ancient and barbaric feelings, their bodies looked like real ones, as if they were alive.

The statues were kneeling down as well, praying towards the sky!

Su Ming raised his head subconsciously, he saw……

At the highest point of the sky stood two gigantic humans, their faces couldn’t be seen, but Su Ming looked at them once and immediately felt as if he was looking at heavenly beings. It felt like he had become an ant.

They were just like real Celestial beings!

Su Min looked at one of the two men up in the sky who had purple hair. The man raised his right hand, waving it towards the sky… The color of the sky immediately changed, with the blink of an eye the bright sky had turned dark, countless starts sparkling within. Waving his right hand again, all the sparkling stars flew towards the purple haired man, forming a starry milky way besides him.

The man pointed with his right index finger towards the Milky Way, and it made a loud sound as it started flying towards the man’s opponent. Looking from far away, this scene almost looked like the skies had collapsed and the Milky Way had fallen, as if the skies used all its strength against one man.

Within all the commotion, the purple haired main suddenly looked down, gazing around before finally landing his gaze on Su Ming, this was out of his expectations!

A huge explosive sound was heard within Su Ming’s head, he was pushed by a huge force, blowing him out of this illusive like world.

Su Ming’s body was shaking, and he couldn’t see anything but darkness. After a long, long time when he regained his consciousness, he discovered that he was still inside the space within the Barbarian statue… Only this time, there was no Scarlet Light, as if everything that had just happened were just illusions.

Breathing heavily, Su Ming stood there soaked in own seat. He suddenly looked down at the broken fragment hanging on his neck, the fragment looked somewhat black, and except for a tiny warm feeling coming from it he couldn’t sense anything unusual about it.

“Is this just an illusion… or is this the memories of this Barbarian statue…. What I saw just now… It was just like what was described in the Beast Skin Book, stars…” After a long time, Su Ming finally woke up from scene he just saw. He stood up and prayed towards the statue once again, and he was getting ready to leave the place.

But, just when was about to bow down he could hear a cracking sound in front of him, he saw a tiny crack appearing on the statue’s face, and the crack was getting bigger whenever Su Ming continued bowing, as if it was following Su Ming’s bowing motion.

It was unable to bear the bow from Su Ming, and if Su Ming bowed down completely then the statue would break into pieces. The abnormal scene mad Su Ming feel shocked, and he no longer had any doubts about what he had experienced moment ago, it was definitely not an illusion!

Mumbling sounds resounded within his head whenever cracks appeared on the statue, Su Ming looked thrilled heard what was being said, as what he heard is what he has been dreaming about… The Blood Concentration Script for Barbarian cultivators.
Barbarian cultivation methods cannot be passed on with words, the only way to learn it is inheriting it directly from a Barbarian statue, the existence of a Barbarian statue means everything to a tribe, and it is directly connected to a tribe’s survival.

Su Ming’s body vanished from the space within the Barbarian statue once the mumbling sound disappeared, then he reappeared in the Wushan tribe. After reappearing he immediately discovered that all the tribe members, including his Grandfather, were looking up into the sky. With a single thought he decided to look up into the sky.

The huge vortex was still rotating and the sound of thunder could still be heard.

“Su Ming, come to my side.” Grandfather said to Su Ming. Feeling perturbed, he had a feeling that the abnormality in the skies had something to do with the fragment hanging on his neck, but he didn’t dare tell anyone about this. He walked towards Grandfather with an anxious look on his face, and positioned himself behind him.

Not long after that, the abnormality in the sky slowly dismissed, turning back into a normal sky. Nobody ever asked Su Ming if he found success. There’s no red light emitting from him, which means failure.

Waiting until the skies returned back to normal, the rest of the La Su continued their praying ceremony. Everything was done, but there were 2 kids who were still examining the Barbarian statue.

Both kids were brought away by Grandfather, they will become someone who is important to the tribe, and personal experience of Barbarian cultivation will be passed down to them.

As for the rest of the La Su, with disappointed looks on their face they all left separately. Su Ming was leaving too, and he remained silent. His heart was beating incredibly fast, he wanted to tell Grandfather about everything, but he had a feeling that what would happen would be something too huge, specially the cracks on that statue.

With hesitation, Su Ming started walking towards his own house.

Grandfather who was wearing a long robe looked at Su Ming from his back with a puzzled expression.

Hurrying back to his house, Su Ming sat down on his wooden bed and looked down on the irregular fragment on his chest with a puzzled look, after a while, he tried to remove it from his neck, with hesitation. He got up placed a wooden stick that blocked the door from the inside, so that if anyone tries to enter the house then he will have enough time to respond.

When he finished that he went back to his bed and placed the stone fragment on his palm and started carefully examining it.

“What is this stone fragment that Red found… I guess the wind really was too strong that day and ended up blowing the rotten leaves on the ground away, exposing this fragment… That’s why Red found it….” Su Ming’s heard was beating fast, it felt like he had found some sort of priceless treasure.
[TL: I haven’t read previous translations, but Red is a monkey friend of Su Ming]

“Even the Barbarian Statue was cracked because of it… I wonder where Red found this thing, maybe there’s some other fragments there as well…” Licking his lips, Su Ming had an excited look on his face.

“I don’t have a Barbarian body, that’s why I couldn’t inherit and Barbarian cultivation methods, but with this fragment I managed to inherit a method!” Taking a deep breath and suppressing the excitement within, he focused all his energy on this stone fragment.

After some time, without him knowing, drowsiness struck him, and while holding the fragment he fell asleep on the wooden bed.

When he fell asleep, the fragment started slowly emitting a blinking scarlet amber, a weak amber light.


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