Beseech the Devil 5


Chapter 5 – It’s just a dream



A weak voice that gave of a special feeling resounded within Su Ming’s dream.

“Brother…… Can you hear me……? Brother……”


“Brother…… I’m waiting for you….” The person who just spoke sounded tired, as if the owner of the voice had been talking to herself forever, getting weaker and weaker, until it couldn’t be heard any more.

Su Ming felt a piercing pain in his heart, like something very important to him had followed the voice that just disappeared, this feeling woke him up instantly.

Su Ming was laying there with a pale face, soaking in sweat and feeling cold all over his body. He looked around while breathing heavily, the familiar surroundings were able to help him calm down.

It was midnight now, birds and beasts could be heard from far away. Nothing could be heard except for these sounds. Su Ming sat quietly on his bed, staring at the fragment laying in his palm, a doubtful look slowly appeared on his face.

“The dream was strange indeed…. And I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all just now, but I still fell asleep the moment I started examining this fragment… That dream… That voice…” It was rare for Su Ming to dream, and a dream like this was something he had never had before… And that female voice, he couldn’t understand why it felt so familiar to Su Ming.

“What just happened must have happened because of this fragment!” With some aid from the moonlight, Su Ming looked down and carefully examined the fragment.

“Just what is this thing…” After hesitating for a short moment he bit his finger tip, following the instruction of the Beast Skin book… Every single treasure in this world needs one’s own blood to activate.

Ever since Su Ming was born, he had never seen any treasures before this fragment. He squeezed his finger tip, allowing some blood drops to drip onto the fragment, then he waited patiently while staring at the fragment.

After waiting for a long time… Nothing happened, and the blood on top of the fragment wasn’t absorbed.

Scratching his head, a stubborn feeling was unleashed by Su Ming. He stood up and tried every method he could think of… He bit it with his teeth, he tried to break it with his hands, he soaked it in water… But the fragment remained the same, nothing happened.

The sky was getting brighter. Su Ming grabbed the fragment and stared it blankly… Time went by, the far side of the skies turned completely bright and the sun emerged on the sky… An idea appeared in his mind!

“The fragment became warmer when I placed it against my body… Maybe… Maybe this is its real usage!” Without hesitating, Su Ming immediately put the fragment on, placing it against his chest.

Feeling the warmth that was being emitted from it, the warmth flew into Su Ming’s body and it felt like it had already covered his entire body. He felt very comfortable. He took a deep breath and the Barbarian cultivation method that he had inherited from the Barbarian statue appeared in his mind.

Barbarians, the root of this this world, what Su Ming inherited was a cultivation method for the first Barbarian level, the Blood Condensation Scripture.

Su Ming had read in the beast skin scroll that in ancient history, the Barbarian Ancestor had broken through the heavens and created the human race, and all the human were celestial beings during that time. But, as time went by, the Barbarian race who were supposed to inherit the legend and not legends any more, they were now merely mortals.

The Barbarian cultivation methods was inherited from that period of glory, but it had altered to let the Barbarian race cultivate to the first Barbarian Cultivation Realm. The Blood Condensation Scripture has eleven Realms, and its purpose is to activate the small amount of inherited blood from the Barbarian ancestor in a cultivator’s blood, to condense the blood.

As for the Barbarian body, there are actually some tribe members who have inherited more Barbarian ancestor blood in their bodies, and only these tribe members can go further in the Barbarian Cultivation path.

There is only a small amount of Barbarian ancestor’s blood in the bodies of normal tribe members, therefore they’re not recognized and they instantly lose their qualifications to become a Barbarian, meaning they won’t be able to inherit the Barbarian cultivation methods when they pray to the Barbarian Statues.

But Su Ming was a special case, it’s a fact that he doesn’t possess a Barbarians body, but because of that strange fragment he was able to obtain a cultivation method that cannot be passed on by words, something that can only be obtained by praying to the Barbarian Statue.

“Condense the Barbarian blood in the body so that I can activate it and finally draw the Barbarian mark belongs to myself, stepping into the Enlightenment Realm!” Su Ming mumbled to himself as his eyes brightened.

He sat down with crossed legs, closed his eyes slowly and took a deep breath. He followed the cultivation method in his head that cannot be spoken, slowly immersing himself in it.

Time flew by and soon the sun of the far side of the sky had been raised high. The smoke coming from the food in the tribe had already spread thin and members of the tribe started gathering. Those who belonged to the tribe’s hunter group were led by a few of the tribe leaders, getting themselves ready to walk out from the tribe under their family member’s respectful visions. They were going to hunt for food that’s enough for the tribe consumptions.

Few of the La Su who looked only 4-5 years old, running naked within the tribe, playing among each other happily, and their laughter put a upward curve on other tribe members’ face.

Besides this, Grandfather was delivering his experiences of Barbarian Cultivation to the two teens who had proven to possess a Barbarian body, the Barbarian cultivator are the most important force for a tribe.
[TL: He’s basically sharing his experiences / wisdom]

The whole Wushan tribe, followed by the old generation of Barbarian cultivations had passed away, they only have 22 Barbarian Cultivators at the moment.

No one ever noticed that Su Ming’s house’s door had been tightly shut ever since this morning. He has been sitting inside cross legged and surrounded by a scarlet light that was being emitted from all over his body, and if you looked hard enough at dim scarlet light then you would see that a blood vein underneath his skin was the source of the light, and it was blinking slowly while emitting a scarlet light, giving a demonic feeling.

As of now there was only a single blood vein that could be seen on Su Ming’s body, and it was somewhat hidden, making it hard to see.

After a long time, Su Ming opened his eyes and exhaled all the cloudy air in his body.

“In the Blood Condensation Realm, the more blood veins I have can signify the possibility of breaking through to the Enlightenment Realm, but reaching the Enlightenment Realm is too hard. According to the beast skins scroll, only those in the Enlightenment Realm can be considered true Barbarians, that’s something that can make a small tribe become a medium tribe!

“Grandfather has condensed more than half of the Barbarian blood in his body, but he is still far from reaching the Enlightenment Realm, and I have not heard about anyone from the surrounding tribes who have reached the Enlightenment Realm.”

He said to himself. The Enlightenment Realm is just too far away from him, and right now his focus is on whether he is able to succeed in Barbarian Cultivations and reach the first real, Blood Condensation.

The first tier of Blood Condensation will require three blood veins to form.

If someone possesses a Barbarian’s body then once he starts cultivating he will condense three blood veins in a very shirt amount of time, reaching the first tier of Blood Condensation… Not like what Su Ming is experiencing right now, where only the first blood vein is condensed and barely seen.

Although cultivation wasn’t going to be any for him, Su Ming never felt depressed, because, as long as he can cultivate there will be hope for him.

And when he was condensing blood in his body earlier he could clearly sense that the fragment on his emitting more and more warmth, and this pulled Su Ming’s spirit up. He had a feeling that he had to discover the key to this fragment.

Time slipped by and 7 days passed, Su Ming hardly went out from his house during these 7 days, he didn’t even feel hungry. According to the beast skin scroll, the cultivators, especially during the Blood Condensation Stage, will have their appetite increased because of the revolving blood in their bodies. More food will provide nutrients, allowing one’s body to grow and produce more blood in the body to aid with cultivation.

But none of this happened with Su Ming. After some thoughts he decided to credit this to the warmth that was being emitted from the fragment.

During these 7 days, Len Zhen had come once, bringing Su Ming the blood of a Sable Deer, and he took some Black Dragon saliva. Lei Chen has had a Barbarian body since he prayed to the Barbarian Statue when he was 7 years old, and he had reached the 4th level of Blood Condensation. He had condensed 23 blood veins in his body, and he was considered a core member in the hunter team.

Lei Chen hesitated a bit before leaving, he wanted to comfort Su Ming, but he only stared at him and told him that he was leaving with a bored and silly voice.

“Su Ming, we grew up together, I will protect you in the future! If anyone dares to bully you then I will take revenge for you!” Finishing what he wanted to say he waved his arm forcefully and left with a silly smile on his face.

A warm feeling emerged in Su Ming’s heart after looking at the leaving Lei Chen.

Living in a tribe is simple, but it’s not boring. All the tribe members had something to do, and they all needed to contribute with their own strength to ensure the tribe’s survival.

Half a month after the Barbarian Enlightenment ended, Su Ming carried his bamboo basket and waved good bye to the tribe members. He left the tribe by himself and walked into the forest far away.

Su Ming changed like he was a different person upon stepping into the forest, full of agility, dashing around like an arrow… With a few steps he had climbed to the top of a tree. He sat on one of the branches with a happy smile on his face, he was quite satisfied with his own speed.

“I have yet to completely reach the first level of the Blood Condensation Realm, but my body has become more flexible than before.”

Placing two fingers of his right hand in his mouth, Su Ming whistled. The whistles could be heard from far away, and it cause an echo, like a drop on the water. Not long after, a red figure could be seen running towards Su Ming with great speed. In just a split second it had approached Su Ming.

With a huge smile on his face, Su Ming jumped from the tree branch before the red figure could come close to him and dash forwards, the red figure followed Su Ming.

“Red, let’s have a competition today, let’s see who can reach the mountain top first!” Su Ming said happily while leaping forward like an arrow. The red figure behind him was the little red monkey. The little red monkey had a contemptuous expression on its face while eating a fruit core in its hands. It was underestimated Su Ming completely, and after scratching its face it decided to follow Su Ming in a lazy manner.

The eyes of the little red monkey turned red after following Su Ming for some time, it started moving faster and faster and had a look of disbelief on its face. It threw away the fruit care and started chasing with full speed.


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