Beseech the Devil 6


Chapter 6 – The Amazing Grace

Su Ming was running all over the forest, his body was like a shooting arrow, and with his familiarities to the area as well as his flexible body it didn’t take him long to arrive at the Wu Mountain.

After crossing the forest he would arrive at Wu Mountain.

Su Ming had been collecting herbs in this forest ever since he was a small boy, all the trees gave him a comfortable feeling.

“The Beast Skin Scroll said that the Barbarian Cultivators will start condensing barbaric blood in the Blood Condensation Realm, making their body stronger and stronger. I thought I’d never have the chance to experience that, but now I can feel it for real!”


“The first level of the Blood Condensation Realm, I need to completely condense 3 blood veins in my body, but my speed has already increased this much even though I haven’t completely condensed 3 blood veins…. And my strength….”

A loud boom was heard, and a fist mark appeared on the tree. Su Ming’s right hand was numb, but he felt excited.

While Su Ming was still soaking in happiness, a red figure ran in front of him fast, and a proud expression could be seen on its face. The little red monkey had finally caught up to him, and it had taken the lead as well.

A smile appeared on Su Ming’s face and he started chasing the red figure, although he was fast, he just couldn’t compare with the speed of the little red money. If it was in the past, then every time he arrived at the Wu Mountain, the little red monkey would show a face of impatience and arrogance, as if it had waited for Su Ming for a long time.

But now, in just less than an hour, when Su Ming climbed up the Wu Mountain and reached the half way mark, he saw the little red money sitting on their usual meeting spot, showing the same face of impatience and arrogance as before, but, there’s sweat on its forehead, a sign that the monkey arrived just a minute ago.

Su Ming smiled and patted the little monkey’s head. After that he removed the bamboo basket that was on his back. He stood on top of a large stone, looking at the fog that has been gathering in the sky, far away from his current position, then he took a deep breath.

He enjoys standing there and looking into the distance. It only take a few more steps to fall into a deep abyss, and if there’s wind blowing then body will start swaying, which really dangerous, but, Su Ming had been climbing this mountain since he was a small boy. For him, this place is like his second home.

“Red, what’s on the other side of the mountain? Have you ever gone there before?” Su Ming stood there, the Beast Skin Cloth’s pages were turning whenever the wind blew. He touched the black fragment on his chest unintentionally.

The little monkey standing next to Su Ming took a look into the distance, but it didn’t answer Su Ming. It started scratching its head, as if there was something to be found within its hair.

Su Ming didn’t bother the little monkey after realizing that it was tidying its own hair. Su Ming touched his nose and shook his head before sitting down.

“Red, for this trip, I will not go back to the tribe for some time, I will stay here instead. Remember to find some wild fruits for me when you go out and play.”

The little money by his side had an astonished expression on its face, it gazed at Su Ming a couple of times before immediately showing a happy expression and nodding its head nonstop. Normally it would only have 3-5 days to stay with Su Ming, and then he would leave and go back to the tribe, leaving it all alone in the forest. But now it understood what Su Ming said, and it became very happy.

Facing the mountain wind he took a deep breath, Su Ming closed his eyes slowly, he was preparing to cultivate here. He won’t leave until he reaches the first level of the Blood Condensation Realm.

He had no idea to explain everything that had happened to him recently, so he wanted to secretly hide it all in his head, never letting anyone know about anything that had happened.

Su Ming closed his eyes, and not long after doing so, a blood vein appeared on his body, emitting a weak red amber, but the amber didn’t blink, it stayed vivid.

And the blood vein wasn’t hidden like it was a month ago, it was completely showing itself.

Su Ming doesn’t possess any God-given talents when it comes to Barbarian cultivation, but what he does have is persistence and the spirit to never give up. Time passed as Su Ming sat there with crossed legs.

The sun rises and the sun sets, the fog in the forest slowly dissolved, birds were tweeting and beasts were roaring, this all gave a feeling of warmth to Su Ming. Su Ming opened his eyes at the dawn of the next morning.

Su Ming turned his heard around and found out that the little monkey was gone, but there were some wild fruits on the floor.

Su Ming picked up a few wild fruits and ate a few of them. Su Ming doesn’t have a big appetite, so eating a few of these would make him full. He likes to eat them, but he doesn’t like to eat too many at once.

After eating some fruits he sat back down crossed legs and started focusing on condensing the Barbarian’s blood in his body, but this time, only after a few hours, Su Ming opened his eyes and had a puzzled expression on his face.

“The first blood vein is fully condensed, but the second blood vein… I have a feeling that the blood in my body isn’t enough….” Su Ming couldn’t exactly understand what this feeling was, but it was like the first blood vein had already absorbed most of his fresh blood, leaving almost no blood left for the second blood vein.

This sounded mysterious and hard to explain, but this is what Su Ming was feeling right now.

“Not enough blood…” Su Ming scratched his head and started think. What he doesn’t know is that the Barbarian cultivators, especially during the initial stage, needs a strong body to aid their cultivation, at the same time he needs to eat a huge amounts of herbs to help produce more fresh blood, which is require to condense more and more blood veins.

That’s why a Barbarian cultivator who is in the Blood Condensation Realm, their level is higher, the power of their blood and Qi will be greater and once he unleashes that power, with just the strength of the body he can tear apart a live, that’s why they are called Barbarians!

All of this is secret within a tribe, and only those who possess a Barbarian’s body can know.

“Normally when someone in the tribe gets hurt he will lose a huge amount of blood, and his complexion will become pale, and he will be feeling weak at the same time. Then he will need to consume some herbs that will help him produce more Qi and blood…” Su Ming’s eyes brightened up, and after thinking carefully, he stood up again and put his bamboo basket on his back, then he started running towards the mountain side. This time he is faster, so it only took him half an hour.

When he came back there was some fresh herbs laying in the bamboo basket with some dirt on them. Su Ming cleaned then herbs, then he took out a stone bowl from the basket and crushed the herbs with a couple of dew drops, creating a dark green use with a strange smell.

But, he quickly got used to the smell after a couple of seconds. He added some more herbs into the juice, and when he finished putting all of the herbs inside the stone bowl he took a deep breath, and without any hesitation he drank all the juice within the stone bowl.

A frown appeared on Su Ming’s face… It was awful… He forced himself to drink everything down to the last drop, then he sat down cross legged again.

Time passed and it was now midnight. Su Ming opened his eyes and started staring into the darkness in front of him.

“There’s some effect…… but not much…… the method should be correct, or did I made some mistake somewhere……” A frown appeared on his face, he couldn’t ask Grandfather about this now, and he can only figure it out by himself.

“No!!” Su Ming’s eyes blinked, he was a doctor in the tribe and he was responsible for gathering herbs, he would usually gather herbs and present them to Grandfather, then he will pick some herbs to take away, and only then will it be sent to the tribe leader. It will be stored according to demand, and will only be taken out when there’s a need to make a potion to heal someone.

The herbs that Grandfather picked was including the saliva of the Black Dragon, but the Black Dragon saliva had little to no effect on him, so he had kept it for Su Ming to nourish his body.

“There’s still some Black Dragon saliva left after I gave some to Lei Zhen.” Su Ming searched his bamboo basket and found a small clay container. A familiar fragrance greeted him when he opened the container. He shook it and discovered a small amount of remaining potion.

Without hesitating, Su Ming placed the container in his mouth and drank all the content in one go.

He sat down cross legged and immediately started focusing on condensing the second blood vein, Su Ming had consumed a lot of Black Dragon saliva ever since he was a small kid, and he would feel drowsy upon drinking like, like he was drunk.

This was the first the he was cultivating according to the Barbarian’s methods after consuming the Black Dragon’s saliva. Followed by the blood circulation in his body he could clearly feel a cold stream appearing in his body. This cold stream started flowing around to all body parts.

Followed by the flows of the cold stream it started merging with the blood in his body, making the speed of his blood circulation increase, and the total amount of blood increased at the same time.

“This is it!” Su Ming felt very excited, and just as he was about to continue… His body started shaking, and his eyes opened up instantly, showing a look of disbelief and a wandering expression.

“Why is it like this…… is Grandfather……”

Within his body, Su Ming could clearly feel more cold streams appearing every part of his body, it was like these cold streams had been stored in his body for many years, waiting for Su Ming to start circulating his blood, waiting for the day they could explode free.

And the Black Dragon saliva that Su Ming just drank was the key to this explosion!

Now all the cold streams were gathering from every part of his body like rivers, and they slowly merged into a sea.

This is a gift that Grandfather has been preparing for him ever since he was small, a precious gift that would constantly nourish his body with the Black Dragon saliva. If Su Ming started cultivating the Barbarian path, then this force would greatly assist him in the early stages of his cultivation, and if he were to fail then it would still provide him with a healthy body.

Su Ming remembered all the previous years, the kindness in Grandfather’s eyes and the face that was getting older and older, day by day. The expectations he had for Su Ming and the disappointment half a month ago.

“Grandfather….” Su Ming mumbled, a low noise could be heard from his body… It’s the awakening of the force of all the Black Dragon saliva in his body, it is pushing his blood and condensing it into the second blood vein, and it is condensing fast!
[TL: Sorry, the force isn’t supposed to be there, but I couldn’t resist… Star Wars spoilers…]

After the second blood vein appeared, the third blood vein appeared as well!

Even the fourth blood vein was being condensed!

Immediately after that, Su Ming’s body started becoming bigger and bigger, growing with a speed that anyone could see. The circulation of the Qi and blood was helping his body grow, and if this continued then he would not be a weak boy anymore, he will become like the rest of the Barbarian tribe members, possessing a strong and sturdy body.

But at this point of time, the black fragment on Su Ming’s chest, out of expectation, emitting the scarlet light like what it did in the body of Barbarian’s statue.
But at this point of time, the black fragment on Su Ming’s chest, out of his expectations, started emitting a scarlet light like what it did in the body of the Barbarian statue.

With a small flash of scarlet light, a dramatic change happened.


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