Beseech the Devil 7


Chapter 7 – Ancient!

Su Ming clearly felt a huge stream of warm energy together with the appearance on the scarlet light. It flowed into his body, and in the blink of an eye it had reached all over his body, it even merged with the cold stream of Black Dragon saliva. The warm energy and the Black Dragon saliva penetrated into his bloodline.

A cracking sound was heard from Su Ming’s body. His body which sat cross legged started shaking violently, and the fourth blood vein was fully condensed.

At the same time, lots of impurities were pushed out of Su Ming’s body, and a stinking smell followed, but, the smell disappeared when the wind blew.

Four blood veins signifies that one has successfully entered the first level of the Blood Condensation Realm. Su Ming had finally become a Barbarian Cultivator at the first level of the Blood Condensation Realm.


Su Ming’s eyes were still closed, and he didn’t show any signs of waking up any time soon. Time passed by slowly, and the fourth blood vein had fully condensed, and it was now stable.

The next morning arrived and the little monkey came by with a happy expression on its face. But, a shocked expression emerged no its face as it looked at Su Ming who was covered in black dirt. It scratched its head and started walking circles around Su Ming.

It couldn’t figure out what had happened to Su Ming even though it was somewhat intelligent. It walked closer to Su Ming with a curious expression on its face, and it tried touching Su Ming with its paw.

But, just before its paw could reach Su Ming’s body, the scarlet light blinked violently and covered Su Ming’s body entirely, the little monkey saw all of this with a look of awe on its face, then Su Ming’s body vanished in thin air.

From the little monkey’s point of view, Su Ming had been devoured by this scarlet light. The little monkey’s eyes widened and is let out a loud roar, then it immediately dashed over to Su Ming’s previous position and started searching around crazy, but it gave no results. It stomped on the ground and sat down, not moving at all.

Su Ming looked around with a puzzled look on his face, he had no idea where this place was. The surroundings were covered in white fog, so he couldn’t see too far, but, he could barely see a mountain peak not far from him.

He had just woken up, and he remembered that he was sitting on top of a boulder on Wu Mountain, but he couldn’t figure out why he was here right now.

A shocked expression emerged in his eyes, he looked down on his chest, but the strange black fragment was gone.

“Gone…..” Su Ming was anxious and doubtful. He took one more look around, then he slowly stood up with a gloomy look on his face. He carefully started walking towards the mountain that was covered in fox and could be seen from far away.

The mountain was not too far away, so it didn’t take him long to reach it. Su Ming stood at the bottom of the mountain and looked up towards the peak, he was shocked by what he saw.

This is a mountain without any plants or trees. The surface was smooth, like someone had polished it, and there’s totem carvings on it… Mountain totems, river totems, beast totems, universal totems….. There’s even some words that Su Ming has never seen before. It seemed like something that only existed in ancient legends.

As Su Ming gazed at the carvings on the mountain, a booming sound could be heard. A gap opened up in the middle of the mountain, as if there was an invisible force that had opened the mountain.

The gap was narrow, and the end couldn’t be seen. A path leading to the gap opened up under Su Ming’s feet.

Su Ming hesitated for a moment, but he quickly made up his mind. Since he is here, and he doesn’t know where this place is, or how to leave it… He decided that he could only follow the path laid down in from of him.

He had a feeling that all of this was related to the black fragment, he could clearly remember that the fragment was emitting a huge amount of warmth right before he arrived here.

Su Ming followed the narrow gap and walked into the mountain. It felt like he had walked for a long time, and the path in front of him was becoming wider and wider, and the walls… the walls were covered in strange carvings. Su Ming couldn’t understand any of them, there were some carvings of herbs, and some of naked men with rugged hair surrounded by a weird big pot. It looked like they were doing something with the herbs.

Su Ming was looking at those images on the walls, but then a door appeared in front of Su Ming. He stopped and turned his gaze towards the door.

There are carvings on the door as well, 5 herb totems were carved onto the door, and they were surrounded by some irregular lines that were emitting scarlet light that Su Ming was familiar with, forming a circle and filling the door with light.

There are fifteen small, hollow holes at the center of the door, and it looks like you can place something in it, making a round formation.

A frown appeared on Su Ming’s face, he looked carefully at the door a few more times, then he looked around him again, then he stared at the five herbs that were carved on the door.

“This is…… Iron Core Pistil, yes, that’s an Iron Core Pistil!”

“This….. This looks like Elation Leaves, but it resembles Spice Grass too….”

“And this is Glowing Grass! I used to harvest this.”

“What about this…… it looks familiar……”

“The last one… I’ve never seen this before…” Su Ming gazed at the last one for some time, trying to recognize what it is. He wasn’t sure, but then he changed his focus to the door, should he try to open it?

But what happened shocked Su Ming, the irregular lines that were surrounding the herb totems on the door started spinning, and the scarlet lights on them started blinking violently, then they left the door and started flying towards Su Ming.

The scarlet light was just too fast, Su Ming had no way of running away from it, and in just the blink of an eye Su Ming was covered in the light.

At the same time, a large amount of memories that doesn’t belong to Su Ming appeared in his head. Those memories were like drawings, forced into his head by the scarlet light, making Su Ming’s head very uncomfortable

In this drawings there was an elusive figure doing the same actions as the ones in the carvings, he was throwing herbs into a big, strange pot. His movement was smooth, like he had done this millions of times. Every time before throwing the herb into the pot he would smell the herb, and with a determined look on his face he would wave with right hand, creating fire out of nowhere, covering the big pot.

The process was complicated, and even strength of the fire was under his control. Su Ming had never seen anything like this, back in the tribe, no one would bother with this, they would just eat the herbs straight away, and at most they would just crush them and extract the juice and mix it with other herbs to increase the effectiveness.

After a long time, the elusive figure hit the big pot with his right hand.

The fire that was covering the pot immediately disappeared, and the man lifted the cover of the pot. Su Ming saw that there were three green colored round objects with size of a fingernail in it.

Although these were just some extra memories in his head, Su Ming could smell the fragrance of the herbs. He stared at the three round objects, he was stunned as if he had been struck by lightning.

Since he was a little boy he had been mixing herbs, and he could easily tell the quality of the round object… He couldn’t even imagine something like this being possible.

The scarlet lights covering his body left him and returned to the door, causing the irregular lines to return back to normal.

Su Ming’s vision turned blurry when the scarlet light left his body, and a strange force started carrying him. When his vision returned back to normal, a red figure could be seen running towards him, a surprised expression could be seen on its face.

The red figure was the little monkey. He was jumping up and down while running circles around Su Ming. It was terrified when Su Ming disappeared, but now Su Ming is back and it felt very happy.

Su Ming stump, look around him, and realized he had return to the stone platform on Wu Mountain, he look down to his chest immediately, and discovered the fragment that once was gone is now, appear again.

“All of this must have something to do with this fragment… Maybe it’s because I reached Level 1 of the Blood Condensation realm…. From Red’s reaction, my body must have disappeared, and it wasn’t a dream…. What is this fragment, why is it here…” Su Ming thought to himself. He then started thinking about the extra memories in his head.

“Quenching and Dispersing…..Pills…..”Su Ming started mumbling the names of the techniques he saw in those memories.

“The Enlightenment pill……” this is the name of the pill, it appeared in the extra memories within Su Ming’s head.

Su Ming was mumbling, he recalled the herb totem carvings on the door, and his eyes slowly brightened. Although he doesn’t know exactly where or what that place it, the Enlightenment pill had attracted his interest.

In his point of view, a Barbarian cultivator can’t cultivate without the help from herbs that supply them with Qi and blood. Only by consuming a large amount of herbs can they become stronger, so the Quenching and Dispersing method with supposedly help him a lot in his cultivation.

“I have never seen any round shaped pills back in the tribe, even Grandfather doesn’t have any of those, and if he did then I would have seen them by now…. But, those round pills looked great… I wonder how effective they would be if I concocted them…”

“So, the next step is to look for these 5 herbs…. Red, have you seen any of these 2 herbs before?” After making up his mind, he called for the little monkey and picked up a small stone, then he drew two herbs he had never seen before on the ground, and when he finished drawing he turned his gaze towards Red. A hint of anticipation could be seen in his gaze.

Red looked at the drawing for some time, then he nodded his head.

Su Ming felt relieved upon seeing that Red knew about these herbs. He walked a few rounds around the stone platform, thinking about something.

“I can gather those herbs, but in order to concoct those pills…. The process seems complicated… And I will need fire…. Almost like cooking… This will be interesting.” Su Ming thought carefully as he furrowed his brow.

He remembered that the pot was unusual, different from the ones used in the tribe to cook rice. He was searching through those extra memories, he knew that the pot was used for quenching and dispersing, and the pot was called the Ancient Cauldron.

“Those pots back in the tribe won’t work… and I will need fire…” Su Ming raised his head while mumbling, his eyes were bright. He looked towards one of the far away mountain peaks belonging to the Wu Mountain.

The mountain peak was brown, and there was thick smoke coming out from it.


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