Beseech the Devil Prologue


Beseech the Devil



This mysterious sound, when heard, pierced one’s soul. And those souls would shiver on this cold, snowy night.

The desolate wind from this land floated toward the north. A storm of snow swirled with the wind, littering the ground with broken shards of glass. From afar, the snowy area could only be pictured as this – a desolate land.


It was not midnight, and merely the sunset, yet the sky blackened as though it was. Anyone who spied upon this darkened sky experienced an ominous feeling, leaving them restless. But in that silver field, an enormous silhouette could be spotted. It could only be seen as a magnificent city, as if a huge beast was arriving.

In the center of the city held a seven-edged altar tower with a black body. A man, Yun Feng, stood unmoving within the thunderstorm and heavy snow that fluttered beside him. Winds whooshed through the altar, echoing that unknown sound across the land with a rougher tone.


“Is there still hope……Is there……”

A hoarse chant sounded out from within the altar into the shower of snow that blended with the wind, becoming masked within the air.

“If there is still hope, then where is hope? If there is no hope, why am I seeing hope!!” That voice roared out to the heavens, filled with sensations of hysteria and madness.

Below the altar were countless shadows clothed in grass. They stood there in complete silence, and from a distance, one would see an impressive army of one hundred thousand males and females surrounding the altar. Their fanaticism peaked just then in that packed area as the words spoken by that person on the altar washed upon them, giving them everything.

The snow became heavier.

“Since you let me see it, there will be hope. But where…….is hope!” The hoarse sound from the altar was bitter and contained sorrow that could not be diminished.

“Today Ming Huang had went wrong, San Thai wasteland, come back snowy wind, thousands build, the old me will have to count the pretty day again!” That sound grew louder suddenly, the cause unknown, but what could be seen was the sudden change of the sky’s color. The falling snowflakes paused mid-air, and suddenly rewinded. They merged together in cohesion, and the earth trembled! The snowflakes ceased their descent and formed a huge snow-colored dragon. The dragon cried mournfully at the sky, and the loud sound shattered the air, startling those who heard it – the cry causing them to tear apart.

Blood, covered by a baleful aura, dripped from the dragon’s body. It quickly permeated its entire body, turning the snowy dragon into a bloody dragon! It roared out in terror while struggling to rush toward the sky, like a shooting star heading toward the skyline to open a hole – a path to hope.

At a fast speed, as if instant but endless, the dragon seemed to hit an invisible wall. The earth tremored once more, a buzzing sound released toward all directions. The bloody dragon roared terribly once more as its body started collapsing layer by layer in a swift manner.

But just before the dragon was to be broken wholly, the silent people below the altar pinched their tongues and bit them, spraying out mouthfuls of blood. The blood was pulled by a mysterious power, galloping up toward the dragon like a river of blood rising up to the sky. The dragon merged with the blood and eased its destruction, allowing it to rise even higher.

Upon seeing the dragon soar higher, everyone’s’ eyes were glued to it. But then the dragon fiercely shivered, roaring so deep that it traveled millions of miles. It could not stop its body from falling apart, and countless snowflakes began to fall from the high sky – a sky dyed like the red Acheron.

In this moment, that instant when the dragon was collapsing, many different roars passed through the dragon’s mouth.


“Shame……” From the top of that altar, in the center of the location, a man wore a purple cape and crossed his legs. The face of this man was spread with many wrinkles and brown spots. He was chanting with his eyes open, but his eyes were dimmed… It seemed clear now that he was blind.

There was a spine placed perfectly in front of him giving out a white awn. On his right hand, he held a slab, stopping at the thirteenth backbone.

His hollow eyes stared at the sky for what seemed like an eternity, and he signed.

“Tell the fear king…….I have done my best……”

As he spoke, his right hand with the slab moved up from that strange spine again, fracturing against that beast’s bone and giving out a cracking sound. Spreading out, his shadow gave a bleak, merging with the sound, revealing a sense of lonely sorrow and decline.

” I, as the Gear Yu Dynasty’s old man… What I saw in this world, all of you can’t see……”

“All of you…..can’t see……”



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