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Chapter 11.3 – Ice-Snow Storm Variation

Snowflakes appeared in succession. Sensing the drop in the surrounding temperature, Li De’s complexion became solemn. From inside his chest, he pulled out a small and exquisite magic staff measuring only 20 centimeters and quietly chanted a few sentences. Immediately, many large water ripples were produce in front of him. This wasn’t a simple water wall spell. In fact, it was an advanced water wall spell. It was a rank 5 pure defensive water magic, Water Mirror spell. Not only was it capable of greatly raising the defense, it could also counterattack the opponent’s magic to a certain extent.

At last, the Snowstorm took shape. It was beginning to revolve at high-speed with Nian Bing as it center. The velocity of the rotation became faster and faster. Unexpectedly, Nian Bing’s silhouette was gradually disappearing. A blue light radiated from Nian Bing’s eyes as his right hand pointed forward. The Snowstorm condensed and turned into a small tornado which flew towards the Magic Scholar Li De.

Looking at this from the side, Shi Jiu with disdain said, “Junior Sister, do you remembered what I told you earlier? How can his Snowstorm be called a Snowstorm when it only affects such a small area?”

Long Ling’er displayed a strange look in her eyes. “No, Senior, you’re wrong. Father once said that not only can the Snowstorm attack a large area and transport the Ice mage through the air for short period of time, but it can also become a completely pure offensive magic given that you have very good control and sufficient magic power. With this Snowstorm being purely offensive, his capacity has been fully displayed with the use of its formidable power. Father told me to wait until I could reach this kind of mastery, then it would be possible for me to tread onto the path of a Magic Scholar.”


Looking at the whole area completely condensed by the Snowstorm, Li De’s expression finally changed a few times. He grasped his magic staff and waved it once again while repeatedly chanting out loud. Two Water Mirror spells appeared in front of him with the purpose of obstructing the Snowstorm.

When Nian Bing’s condensed Snowstorm was about to reach Li De. The charging Snowstorm was unexpectedly halted. At that moment all three of them became astounded, the Snowstorm had suddenly soared. The whole vortex rose horizontally like a gigantic whip and descended toward Li De’s position.

When all was said and done, Li De didn’t immerse himself in several decades of magic for nothing. Even when thrown into confusion, he didn’t panic. Instead, he took a step forward with his magic staff pointed upwards. He forcefully raised three Water Mirror spell above his head, welcoming the Snowstorm’s attack.

The Snowstorm drew out from Nian Bing’s Ice and Fire source of magic power, making every snowflakes as sharp as a knife. Mirrors could reflect light and even reflect energy, but when it came to a faceoff with sharp blades, it could only be a confrontation of pure strength. An ear-piercing friction continuously sounded out as the first Water Mirror quickly shattered under the Snowstorm’s high-speed spinning. Immediately, it came into contact with the second Water Mirror. Even when the Snowstorm arrived to Li De’s last line of defense, unexpectedly, the power didn’t weaken. With the exception of the snowflakes becoming a bit sparse, the firepower of the Snowstorm didn’t vary the slightest. The hurricane affected the whole lounge, giving Shi Jiu and Long Ling’er no other choice but to retreat to the edge of the lounge and cast their own defensive magic. At this very moment, Nian Bing had already used his magic power to his extreme limit.

Li De’s eyes released a brilliant light as his body suddenly distorted. His last Water Mirror soon collapsed under the assault of Nian Bing’s valiant Snowstorm, and his body was immediately drilled through by the barrage of snowflakes. Everyone cried out in alarm. A blue billow appeared, Nian Bing’s whole body trembled as he was sent back several steps and almost fell on the ground. Quietly, the Snowstorm faded away with the great waves, and apart from the extremely low temperature, everything else returned to normal in the lounge.

Li De reappeared not too far from Nian Bing. Seemingly in deep thought, he said, “How surprising! To think that a rank 4 magic can pressure me into using the rank 7 Water Blossom Harmonizing with the Heavens. Young man, your magic control is almost on par with mine. It’s a pity that your magic power has only just reached the realm of Great Mage.”

On the side, Long Ling’er exclaimed in surprise. “Uncle Li De, you’re saying he’s a Great Mage?”

Li De slightly nodded and replied, “Apart from him, you are the first child to have such good innate skill. Being able to cultivate to this degree at such a young age is already difficult. His magic power is about the same as yours. However, his magic control is already much better. Clearly, his spirit force extremely powerful. It’s already approaching the level of Magic Scholar. He can receive the title of Great Mage. The reason why your father doesn’t let you take the test has to do with your magic control being insufficient. After you strive with great effort into that aspect, you can soon strive to become a genuine Great Mage. Child, how old are you?” The final question was meant for Nian Bing. His tone was already more gentle.

Although Nian Bing consumed a great amount of ice magic power, his spirit power was still powerful. He could still support himself by drawing upon his Ice and Fire magic source, and so, he didn’t feel greatly weakened. In a respectful tone, he answered, “Honorable Magic Scholar, this year I am eighteen years old.”

Li De’s eyes brightened momentarily. “Eighteen years old! You’re saying that you’re only a year younger than Ling’er. It appears I can only use “genius” to describe you. Ling’er is nineteen years old and even after this event, she can barely enter the realm of Great Mage and you’re saying you’re younger than her. An eighteen years old Great Mage. Hahahaha! Looks like, we, the Ice Moon Empire’s Mage Association, will produce a promising young person. Come back tomorrow. I believe the president will certainly want to see what the genius looks like.”

Although Nian Bing really wanted to read the ice magic spells books tonight, he also knew at this moment he couldn’t act with undue haste. He respectfully gave his salutations the Magic Scholar Li De. “I’ll trouble you then.”

On the side, Shi Jiu’s face constantly changed as the light in his eyes continuously shifted. He absolutely didn’t anticipate that this commonly dressed youngster could unexpectedly possessed the strength of a Great Mage. Compared to the praised genius Long Ling’er, he was still able exceed her a bit. The jealousy was affecting his thoughts, turning him speechless and his complexion ashen. At this time, Nian Bing turned towards Shi Jiu and Long Ling’er and said, “Many thanks for both of your help! Then, I’ll come back tomorrow.” As he finished speaking, he had walk towards the two of them with a hint of smile. After that, he turned and walked outside. Long Ling’er looked back at Nian Bing’s silhouette. Suddenly an odd feeling rose in her heart. From when she was small until now, she was always the princess of the Association, like a moon surrounded and cupped by all the stars, praised as a genius mage. She never thought that a youngster in plain clothes had a magic cultivation that was a bit stronger than hers. Thus, she didn’t feel any jealousy. Instead, toward Nian Bing, she was very curious. She was curious as to how he had cultivated to this kind of degree, and wanted to know how he accomplished it. She suspected that he had grown up with a magic stone. Since the age of five, her father had formally taught her magic in order to make her experienced, and quickly understand the true essence of its nature. Although she was only nineteen years old this year, in term of magic, she already had fourteen years of cultivation. In addition, her comprehension was extremely outstanding, helping her succeed until now.

“Ling’er, do you feel very surprised? You must realize, there are many people outside and the outside world has its own principles. ” Li De looked at Long Ling with deep meaning contained in his eyes.

Long Ling lightly nodded and said, “Earlier, his use of the Snowstorm formidable power was truly great! Previously, I only heard Father talked about it and didn’t expect the use of the Snowstorm’s close range flight to have that much of a strong firepower. Uncle Li De, your magic also seemed extremely exhausting. Just now, I didn’t see you chanting the spell to cast that rank 7 magic. I don’t know when I, Ling’er, will be able to reach that kind of level.”

Li De wrily smiled and said, “Are you speaking in jest of me? The one who wants to stop talking is me. Even your father won’t be able to activate a rank 7 magic without chanting. I was extremely careless before. I only used low level magic to defend. By the time I could react, I already ran out of time to chant any spell. I could only use a rank 7 scroll. Ah! My very expensive scroll in a few moments… It was completed with your father’s help, if I were to go and sell it, the value would be at least 100 purple coins. Nevertheless, a one’s life doesn’t have a market price. I’m going to go look for your father now. I must inform him of this matter.”

Shi Jiu was somewhat discontented and said, “Teacher Li De, this matter has this much importance? Perhaps, just a moment ago, is it possible for that young man to also have used a scroll?”

Li De calmly spoke, “If I can’t differentiate between him constantly using scrolls or not, then I’m also an impostor Magic Scholar. Magic can be activated with scrolls. However, magic control can’t be faked. I can give you a Snowstorm scroll. Can you successfully exercise control over it like he did? Not only that, you have to be able to gather the Snowstorm in a way that could be compressed and still be able to control its sudden change of direction. Although he is almost proficient enough, he is still a bit short of being a Magic Scholar. His magic control ability is powerful compared to the current Great Mages on the continent as they are already lacking. I truly don’t know what kind of practice he has had to do from his young age to attain this level.” As he finished speaking about it, he looked at Shi Jiu with a gaze containing a deep meaning. Then, he turned around and left.

With Li De gone, Ling’er sobered from her previous surprise. She mumbled, “Uncle Li De hasn’t smiled for a very long time. But he was smiling during the test just now.”

Shi Jiu unhappily said, “I saw. Right now, Teacher Li De is also somewhat… Forget it! Nevermind about him. Junior Sister, let’s go. How about I accompany you for a midnight snack?”

Ling’er shooked her head and said, “No, Senior. Today, I just discovered that with my current magic cultivation, there is still a huge gap I need to fill. Among my peers, I am not superior in the least. I want to make the most of it with cultivation. I’ll strive hard and soon catch up to Nian Bing. You should also cultivate more. See you tomorrow. I don’t know if Father will meet Nian Bing tomorrow.” She finished speaking, greeted Shi Jiu, and floated away.

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