MCIF Chapter 12.1


Chapter 12.1 – Magic Reaper

Shi Jiu was infatuated as he watched Long Ling’s back disappeared. In his heart, he inwardly pondered on the countermeasures to deal with the situation. He was almost ten years older than Long Ling and practically watched her grow up. From her childhood until the present, his heart already lusted after his Junior Sister’s body. The appearance of Nian Bing made his heart feel an impending crisis. Nian Bing and Long Ling’s ages were almost the same. Nian Bing’s features were more handsome than his and, in addition, his original magic strength was exceptional for his age. Except for his family background that couldn’t be compared, Shi Jiu felt incomparable to Nian Bing since there were not much to be compare. ‘My Junior Sister is such a beauty. If I let him join the Association, I fear he will want to chase after her. I just can’t easily allow it. It seems that I have to think of a way to deal with this situation.’

Nian Bing’s mood was very good when he left the Mage Association. He knew that an evaluation from a Magic Scholar couldn’t be wrong. He didn’t expected to have already reached the level of a Great Mage, while possessing two opposing types of magic at the same time. If he were to make use of two rank 4 magics, he will be much more outstanding when compared to the average Great Mage. Even though he was excited, he wasn’t arrogant at all. He knew that although the gap between Great Mage and Magic Scholar was only a level, the difference was still extremely wide, similar to a chasm. Nian Bing clearly remembered his father words when he said that he reached the Great Mage’s realm at the age of 24. He then had to painstakingly cultivate until the age of 35 years old before he broke through the Magic Scholar’s realm with the help of the Flame God’s Stone. It could already be considered quite a fast cultivation speed. On the continent, most of the young Magic Scholars can’t be compared to his father. In fact, breaking through from Great Mage to Magic Scholar also required someone to have an excellent opportunity to do so. Without chance, it was possible to bitterly cultivate more than ten years before getting promoted from Intermediate Mage to Advanced Mage. To an Advanced Mage, the gap between it and Great Mage is the same as between the rank of Great Mage and Magic Scholar. However, if an Advanced Mage were to cross that realm, he would then join the ranks of the powerful mages. Unfortunately, he would have the same social standing of a warrior if he was unable to do so. The strongest Great Mages could use rank 5 large-scale magic whereas Magic Scholars could use rank 8 magic. From rank 5 to rank 8, that was the characteristics of the rank promotion.

Nian Bing wasn’t in a hurry to return to Pure Wind House. He bought a black chang pao and a children’s skull mask that was sold on the streets. He moved to the side street with eyes that revealed a faint cold light. It was almost time for him to return to Pure Wind House. As he walked into the dim corner of the street, using his black chang pao to blend in the darkness, his right hand reached for the Flame God’s Stone near his chest. At a corner, he came to an halt. From afar, he could see the entrance of the Pure Wind House and the Grand Pavilion. At this moment, it was the peak time for the restaurants. The flow of customers came and went like an endless stream from the Grand Pavilion. Although the Pure Wind House had less customers, most that went out were refined scholars or ordinary mages.

Nian Bing stood there motionlessly. All along, his eyes never left the entrance of the Grand Pavilion. He had great patience and could continuously wait for that person. Within his body, the power of his Ice and Fire source was constantly circulating in order to restore the ice elements he had depleted earlier. His left hand reached into his chest and grasped the Morning Dew knife. ‘People who didn’t offend me, I don’t offend them. If people offended me, then, I must punish them.’ Right at this moment, his heart was brimming with killing intent.


At last, after watching the nobles for more than half an hour, his target finally appeared. The man Third Manager Liao, dubbed as a mangy mutt by Xue Jing, came out from the Grand Pavilion’s entrance while holding the big iron fan he had earlier. Folding and unfolding, he fanned the night breeze and then, closed it by lightly hitting it on his abdomen. When the young women who were in charge of receiving the customers at the entrance saw him coming out, they suddenly straightened. None of them dared to take a breath. The Third Manager walked to a young woman, pinched her white and delicate face, and cursed, “You, fucklet! Are you a vampire?! Tell me, who’s going to come if they are welcomed by you! Give me a smile! Ah?! You didn’t hear me?”

The young woman shuddered and hurriedly said, “Ye-yes, Third Manager. I understand my mistake.”

Third Manager lewdly smiled. “Recognizing your mistake, that’s good. Tonight after you finished your work, come to my house. I will properly teach you. I must let know what you should do from now on.”

A frightened gleam was reflected from her eyes. “Please! Third Manager, I-I know my mistake. Forgive me!” Her knees went soft, almost kneeling on the ground.

Third Manager grabbed her by the collar. He angrily shouted, “Your mother! You’re courting death. Attending me is your once in a lifetime great fortune. Since you’re unwilling, you can go to hell!” He raised the fan in his hand and was about to waved it down toward the young woman’s face when he suddenly felt his hand being stopped forcefully. “Your mother! Who dares to obstruct me?” He turned back while cursing. What appeared behind him was a middle-aged man who had grab onto his fan. The man wasn’t necessary pure. He appeared majestic, but his eyes were like those of a vulture. Seeing this man, Third Manager immediately soften down and hurriedly smiled apologetically. “Second Brother, I didn’t think it was you. This little girl didn’t want to give me any face. I just want to give her a lesson!”

The middle-aged man snorted and said, “I should give you a lesson instead. When will you change your loathsome character? A rabbit doesn’t eat the grass by its own burrow. You want to play with some women, just go to a brothel to find one. If you keep making trouble inside the Pavilion, I’ll just go inform Big Brother and let him stop you. Could it be that you don’t know that what the Boss dislikes the most is anything affecting the vitality of his staffs? Although the three of us are managers, if you provoked the Boss’ anger, we will be unable to defend you. Furthermore, Big Brother allowed me to admonish you. You better not provoke that girl Xue Jing from Pure Wind House anymore. They have the support of the Mage Association behind them, and even the Boss didn’t dare to make a move against them. Not to mention that since it’s you, you will one day provoke the anger of someone who will decide to hire an Advanced Mage to get rid of you; your death will be in vain.”

Hearing the middle-aged man reprimanded him, although his heart was resentful, he didn’t dare say much. “Second Brother, the matters that happen inside the Pavilion today wasn’t much of my fault. I’m going out. In the future, I’ll take note of what you said.”

The middle-aged man lightly nodded and spoke, “Go! Behave properly and do not be too provocative. Big Brother said that I can substitute for you, so come back a bit earlier.”

The Third Manager’s fierce-looking face cramped up into a smile uglier than a cry. “Then, I’m going. A brothel, just to a brothel.” Saying so, he used the fan in his hand to repeatedly beat his plump chest. Following the streets, he proceeded towards the south. As the Third Manager moved on, Nian Bing who was watching him closely also moved. He let out the hand that was holding the Morning Dew knife and acted like an ordinary passerby as he unhurriedly walked along the direction the Third Manager took.

Fifteen minutes after Nian Bing left to follow Third Manager Liao, a man that he met earlier, the First Manager, hurriedly left the Grand Pavilion. At that moment, the Second Manager who was welcoming the guests at the entrance saw him and hurriedly asked, “Big Brother, why are you in such a hurry? Don’t tell me something happen inside the Pavilion?”

The fat on the face of the First Manager trembled as he shook his head. “Nothing grave happen inside the Pavilion. The Boss only told me, that an extremely honorable guest will be coming to our place tomorrow. He instructed me to suspend all business for tomorrow. Tonight, after all the guests had left, you and Old Three have to watch carefully that everyone cleaned everything perfectly from inside out. We must not allow even the smallest bit of carelessness.”

The Second Manager blanked from the suddenness and said, “Big Brother, what kind of honorable guest is this? Last winter when the prince came here, the Boss didn’t even stop the business. Our family’s business is a big business. If we stop business for a day, we can lose a lot of income!” The First Manager spoke impatiently, “Enough already! Stop asking! You just need to know who’s coming tomorrow. Just as I said, I have work to do. A little bit of carelessness must not be allow! Where’s Old Three?”

The Second Manager was somewhat reluctant to talk. “Third Little Brother, Third Little Brother, he took care of some matters of the inner Pavilion. He said he had to go out, I just let him go.”

The First Manager snorted and said, “He’s surely went to a brothel again. Such  terrible shortcomings he had, I don’t even know when he will be able to correct it. Immediately go grab him back for me. Tomorrow, if we don’t receive the honored guest properlyl, the results won’t be any good for us.”

The Second Manager agreed and rushed to chase after Third Manager.

Meanwhile, Third Manager Liao was humming a few notes of a song while planning which brothel house he will visit to find women today. Earlier today, he was given a lesson by Xue Jing and still had a bellyful of fire. ‘How can I be comfortable if I don’t let it flow out somewhere?’ He turned to a corner and went into a narrow and small alley. He was highly familiar with the terrain of this district. By going through this place, he will arrived at the best brothel.

“Stand right here! You already arrived to your end.” An ice-cold voice came out from behind him. Third Manager Liao felt the hair behind his neck stood up. He abruptly turned back and used his fan to block in front of him.

Under the moonlight, he saw a black clothed man with a very tall build, broad shoulders, and a wide back. On his face, there was a white skull mask. The sudden sight of it made him jump in fright. “Your mother! Which bastard are you?! Dressing up as God, playing the devil? I’m going to beat you to death.”

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