MCIF Chapter 12.1


Chapter 12.1 – Magic Reaper

Shi Jiu was infatuated as he watched Long Ling’s back disappear. In his heart, he pondered on the countermeasures to deal with the situation. His heart already lusted after his Junior Sister’s body. The appearance of Nian Bing made his heart feel an impending crisis. ‘My Junior Sister is such a beauty. If I let him join the Association, I fear he will want to chase after her. I just can’t easily allow it. It seems that I have to think of a way to deal with this situation.’

Nian Bing’s mood was very good when he left the Mage Association. He knew that an evaluation from a Magic Scholar couldn’t be wrong. He didn’t expect to have already reached the level of a Great Mage while possessing two opposing types of magic at the same time. If he was to make use of two rank 4 magics, he would be much more outstanding when compared to the average Great Mage. Even though he was excited, he wasn’t arrogant at all. He knew that although the gap between Great Mage and Magic Scholar was only a level, the difference was still extremely wide, similar to a chasm.  

Nian Bing wasn’t in a hurry to return to Pure Wind House. He went and bought a black chang pao and a children’s skull mask that was sold on the streets. Then, he moved to the side street with eyes that revealed a faint cold light. As he walked into the dim corner of the street, using his black chang pao to blend in the darkness, his right hand reached for the Flame God’s stone near his chest. At a corner, he came to an halt. From afar, he could see the entrance of the Pure Wind House and the Grand Pavilion. At this moment, it was the peak time for the restaurants. The flow of customers came and went like an endless stream from the Grand Pavilion.  

Nian Bing stood there motionlessly. All along, his eyes never left the entrance of the Grand Pavilion. He had great patience and could continuously wait for that person. Within his body, his ice and fire magic was constantly circulating in order to restore the ice elements he had depleted earlier. ‘People who don’t offend me, I don’t offend them. If people offend me, then, I must punish them.’ Right at this moment, his heart was brimming with killing intent.


At last, after watching the nobles for more than half an hour, his target finally appeared. The man Third Manager Liao, dubbed as a mangy mutt by Xue Jing, came out from the Grand Pavilion’s entrance while holding an object that was seem to be the big iron fan he had earlier. Folding and unfolding, he fanned the night breeze and then closed it by lightly hitting it on his abdomen. “Tsk! Tsk! That Xue Jing was really too much, even Big Brother didn’t give me any justice! Today was such a shitty day. I have to go vent my frustration a bit.” As he was about to walked away, a middle-aged man came out of the Grand Pavilion and asked, “Little Brother Liao, where are you going at this time?”

Third Manager Liao glanced at the man and didn’t hide his intentions. “Second Brother, I’m going to the brothel to vent some of my frustrations.” The Second Manager lightly nodded and spoke, “Go! Behave properly and do not be too provocative. With your temper, it will be too late if you end up provoking someone you shouldn’t. Big Brother said that I can substitute for you, so come back a bit earlier.”

The Third Manager’s fierce-looking face cramped up into a smile uglier than a cry. “Then, I’m going. A brothel, just to a brothel..hum-hum-Hum~!” Saying so, he used the fan in his hand to repeatedly beat his plump chest. Following the streets, he proceeded towards the south. As the Third Manager moved on, Nian Bing who was watching him closely also moved. He hid the hand that was holding the Morning Dew knife and acted like an ordinary passerby as he unhurriedly walked along the direction the Third Manager took.

Third Manager Liao was humming a few notes of a song while planning which brothel house he will visit to find women today. Earlier today, he was given a lesson by Xue Jing and still had a bellyful of fire. ‘How can I be comfortable if I don’t let it flow out somewhere?’ He turned to a corner and went into a narrow and small alley. He was highly familiar with the terrain of this district. By going through this place, he would arrive at an area with the best brothels.

“Ah! Where should I go? The Clouds and Rain Pavilion or the Jade Gate House? Hum…Let’s aim for a hurricane in Clouds and Rain.” In a flash, Third Manager disappeared from Nian Bing’s view.

“Urgh! Too late! I was hoping to ambush him here, but his speed was unexpectedly greater than I thought. I suspect he has already reached the Great Swordmaster’s rank.” Without hesitation, Nian Bing carefully walked out of the small alley. In front of him, there were two magnificents brothels that had a greater flow of male customers coming in and out than the the Grand Pavilion and the Pure Wind House combined. Each of the young women there was dressed in alluring clothes that sometimes seemed like it could be torn apart by the slightest breeze.

Fortunately, Nian Bing’s mask hid the blush that turned his face into a red tomato as he tried to not stare at some parts for too long. ‘What should I do? He said he was going in the Cloud and Rain Pavilion. Should I go in? What about the way I dressed. It’s too conspicuous, but I can’t go in without a disguise.’ Then, he noticed the male servants going to and fro from the brothel’s side door. He then quickly blended into the shadow and stealthily arrived near the small alley next to the brothel and into a dimly lit entrance at the side. He waited patiently for a lone servant to come out. His wait wasn’t in vain, and when that male servant approached his hidden place, he knocked him out with a small iceball to the temple. Then, he stripped the unconscious servant and changed into his clothes. Since he couldn’t hide his handsome face with a mask, he made it so that the hat that was part of the uniform hid part of his face, tugging his blond hair inside. Afterwards, he walked to the side door without anyone obstructing him since everyone was so busy that they didn’t care about him.

‘Now, I just need to find him and lure him out to finish him.’ As Nian Bing thought about it, he suddenly felt someone tugging his clothes. He turned toward the direction of the tugging and saw a group of half-drunk people. The man who was tugging at Nian Bing sported a well groomed brown beard that gave him a clean and respectful expression, despite his eyes being glazed over from the intake of alcohol. “Hey! Didn’t you hear me calling you? We need booze! More booze! We ran out of it during the Truth and Dare game. It’s such bad luck that we ran out of it just when it was our Patriarch’s turn!” Nian Bing was stunned for a moment when he saw the so-called Patriarch wearing a cat mask that hid most of his facial features. Dressed in blue scholar clothes, the Patriarch sat aloof and mysterious like a fog in the deep of the night. If Nian Bing had known, he would have just walked in with his mask and his black gown.

“Aww! I want Ru Se to play a round of Truth or Dare too! We need to shed light on his mysteriousness tonight! Hurry up and bring us some booze! Ri Shi, you’re hogging Dan all to yourself again. I, Me Ki, want a hug from Dan too.” A cute girl that didn’t seem to belong to the brothel was seated in the middle of the group, leisurely sipping her wine with the confidence of a Queen.

The young woman called Ri Shi hissed in displeasure as she boldly sat on Dan’s lap and nuzzled closely against him. “If you don’t keep away, don’t blame me for baring my fangs at you, Sister Me Ki.” Mischievously, Me Ki cast a smoke ball in the blink of an eye and sent it at Ri Shi. The surprise attack caused Ri Shi to lose her balance after being caught off guard by the smoke. Her long fine hair was tied in a loose bun and swayed left and right as she shook her head trying to disperse the smoke. Me Ki took advantage of this opportunity to grab Dan’s arm and pull him towards her. “Hohoho! This round is my win.” Me Ki smiled smugly at Ri Shi while hugging Dan. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hug him for too long since a wind blade was hurled at her by Ri Shi. It was so sudden that she didn’t have time to dodge or cast a protective spell. Just when the wind blade was about to reach her, a big hand grabbed her collar and pulled her away. The wind blade grazed her cheek, and a few strands of hair was cut. That was quite a light consequence compared to the wall behind her, which was deeply cut by the wind blade.

Me Ki pouted at the viciousness of the attack. “That was dangerous! I could have died. Dan, look at your mean girlfriend.”

Ri Shi was fuming, but she wanted to maintain a good appearance in front of Dan. Still, she icily turned to glare at Me Ki with a look so vicious that if looks could kill, Me Ki would be killed a thousand times over. However, Me Ki knew that she would be protected and didn’t lack cultivation. If not, she wouldn’t have dared to infuriate Ri Shi to the point that she wanted to kill her.

Me Ki shrugged before she grinned and sneaked a kiss on Dan’s cheek, ignoring the murderous intent coming from Ri Shi in front of her. Ri Shi was pushed to her limit and stomped over, wanting to kill Me Ki. However, Dan saw what was coming and immediately pulled Ri Shi into his embrace, whispering into her ears, “Ri Shi, you know Me Ki is just fooling around. You’re the one I love the most.” After hearing those words, Ri Shi’s face flushed red. After seeing Ri Shi’s face flushed red, Me Ki thought that she had completely infuriated Ri Shi, and complacently turned back to her savior, a middle-aged man that appeared wise and brimming with knowledge. “Thanks Bo Da Shen!” The middle-aged man nodded and returned to his conversation about the theory of magical formulas and transcription with a young woman that was sitting next to him. The young woman was fully concentrating, listening to the explanations and taking notes of some important points as her long hair spilled all over her shoulders and down to her waist. It was obvious she wasn’t there to enjoy the brothel’s specialities, but she clearly was enjoying the festive atmosphere of a social gathering and the learning experience of seeing a new environment. At some point, she started humming and singing to the beat of the music playing on the stage in the middle of the brothel. Suddenly, she stopped singing and stared into the distance. Her blushing face was as cute as a cherry blossom bud.

From the entrance came a young man that wasn’t too tall, but had an arrogant and wild aura that made people feel like he was born to be a conqueror. That young man walked towards their table with the assuring demeanor of a king. Seeing this, Bo Da Shen smirked knowingly and laughed, saying, “Little Ke Se Ki, let’s continued our discussion another time.” Then, a sigh could be heard coming from Ru Se. “Ah Ri Se, you are late. Didn’t I tell you not to gamble and provoke duels everywhere?” Ah Ri Se shrugged and didn’t even bother giving excuses. He just sat down next to Ke Se Ki and gave her a rogue smile which made her blush even further.

Suddenly, Me Ki remembered they were still lacking alcohol. She saw Nian Bing still looking at their group with admiring eyes. She chuckled and waved her hand at Nian Bing as a reminder to hurry and bring her order. Nian Bing had no choice but to obey since he didn’t want to cause a scene. He was still quite puzzled over the fact that even females visited brothel. In addition, he was impressed at their use of magic. He never knew that spell casting could be this smooth and fast. He still had a lot to learn.

He was about to go search for the kitchen when he was ruthlessly shoved to the side by a petite figure that didn’t have any of the bewitching charms of the prostitutes in this place. However, she was full of confidence with a smile that could sooth any hearts. “Ah! Patriarch Ru Se, welcome to this humble place. I, Ri En, as the proprietess of this brothel, hope you are satisfied with our services. If there is anything that catches your fancy, we will gladly accommodate you. Oh? May I have the honor to know these dashing men and beautiful ladies?” Her honeyed words were not too overbearing, and she didn’t dare flatter too much as she couldn’t make out Patriarch Ru Se’s expression.

Just when Ru Se was about to reply, the sound of something breaking could be heard nearby. Ri En turned her head and saw a servant panicking as he tried to clean the soiled clothes of a young master sitting on another table. Her smiling expression didn’t change, but her insides were boiling in fury. “I apologize Patriarch for being discourteous and I will take my leave first. You don’t have to worry about the alcohol as it is on the house. Oh! And Wu Yue, come here and entertain the Patriarch and his entourage.”

A young woman beautiful like a peony who was strolling from table to table in order to ease people’s troubles or entertain them with some casual conversation quickly came next to Ri En. “Mistress Ge, you have call me?” Ge Ri En smiled softly at Wu Yue and said, “I need you to replace me to make sure Patriarch Ru Se didn’t lack of anything. As my heir, this should be a good learning experience for you.” Wu Yue respectfully bowed in gratitude towards her mistress, and then, towards Patriarch Ru Se and his entourage, greeting them elegantly. “Greetings, Patriarch! I’m Wu Yue. Please feel at ease to request anything from me this evening.” She had noticed their group since a while ago, especially this man they called Patriarch, with his features entirely hidden. Smiling seductively, she thought to herself, ‘Since this man’s mysteriousness has intrigued me, I will subtly make sure he gets drunk enough to spill all his secrets. After, it would be impossible for any man to resist my, Wu Yue’s, charms.’ Patriarch Ru Se nodded lightly to the greetings, his reaction still hidden by the mask.

As Wu Yue sat beside the aloof Patriarch, Ge Ri En walked towards the clumsy servant and the heroic looking young master. “Young Master Hai Da, I’m so sorry about this servant’s mistake.” The young master called Hai Da lazily stroked the sword on his side without saying anything. It seemed like he was pondering whether he should just cut off the head of the servant or refrain himself from creating a bloody scene. Seeing his expression, Ri En got a cold sweat and decided to act first. She emitted a green colored dou qi that only covered her hand and slapped the servant. The slap sent the servant at least three meters away from his original position. “Ya Ge! Look at what you did to Young Master Hai Da! You deserve to be severely punished. Apologize to Young Master Hai Da!”

The servant called Ya Ge crawled back next to Ri En with his cheek swelling like a balloon and blood still flowing out from his mouth. It appeared as if he had lost some teeth in the process. “Yes Mistress Ge! This lowly servant apologizes to Young Master Hai Da.” Ya Ge knelt down and hit his head on the ground numerous times until Young Master Hai Da emitted an agreeing sound. “For all this trouble, Young Master Hai Da can pick any number of girls, excluding the ten beauties, to spend a night with.” With a faint smile, Hai Da lightly nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Nian Bing found his way into the kitchen. The instant he stepped inside the kitchen, he heard a roaring that didn’t seem human. “WHAT IS THIS? This shrimp is so raw that it can even sing Under the Sea! DO IT AGAIN!”

“But, but, Master Rao Mi Se, this is the tenth time we had to redo it. The customer can’t wait anymore. We should…”

A middle-aged man with blond short hair and deep blue eyes roared again at the incompetence of his kitchen staff. Some of them were so scared and depressed that they ran away from the kitchen without taking a look back. “Damn you, cowards! Can’t even cook shrimp right! Sigh! This is going nowhere and here I thought that amassing knowledge from this place will help me on the road to be the God of Cookery like Master Chow. It’s been years and I have yet to begin my enlightenment. I have even regressed. It makes me ashamed to still be called Gao Dun Rao Mi Se by people. ”

Timidly, Nian Bing entered the kitchen and asked the only kitchen staff that wasn’t tearful or fearful where he could get alcoholic drinks. In fact that kitchen staff was cutting vegetables like what happened wasn’t any of his business. “I would like to ask where are the drinks. I have an order for 30 bottles of liquors from Patriarch Ru Se’s table.” The kitchen staff lifted his head and pointed with his chin to the left corner of the kitchen. Even while he directed Nian Bing, his hand didn’t stop cutting vegetables. It was like the way of cutting vegetables was deeply ingrained into his body. Nian Bing gave a surprised glance at that average looking man and couldn’t help but ask, “May I ask your name? I’m new here so I didn’t get to meet everyone.” The man looked at Nian Bing for a moment before saying, “I’m Ji Shi. Nice to meet you. And you are?” Nian Bing hesitated. He really wanted to acquaint himself with this man and share their cooking skills, but he was currently infiltrating this place for ulterior motives. He pretended that he remembered he was tight on time and excused himself.

After he took the alcohol, he quickly ran away from the kitchen as another wave of shouting and insults swept out. This time, it was something about chicken being so raw that a skilled veterinarian could still save it.

Just when he was about to reach the Patriarch’s table, he suddenly caught sight of Third Manager Liao kissing and petting two young women, one on each of side. Nian Bing’s killing intent surged, but was quickly repressed. It wasn’t the time yet. As he observed Manager Liao go up the stairs, someone suddenly appeared from the corner of the second floor. The person violently bumped into Manager Liao and almost made him stumble down the stairs. The one that bumped into him was a young man with a lively expression and a cheeky half-smile that seemed to be part of his usual bearing. He was accompanied by a young woman that was like a pear blossom in the rain. When Manager Liao saw the young woman, his anger that was about to flare like a firestorm was replaced by a lustful expression. “Oh! Such a beautiful woman, why are you crying like this? Come here, unlike that bastard, I won’t make you cry…well, you won’t cry like this for sure…hehehehe!”

Manager Liao was so focused on that woman’s beauty that he didn’t notice the trace of blood on her fingers. Seeing the perverted expression on Manager Liao’s face, the young woman cried out in alarm and hid behind the young man dressed in rich and elegant clothes. “No! Help me Young Master Si Bi’er! He looks disgusting.”

The handsome man called Si Bi’er frowned at Manager Liao’s attitude. He was clearly unsatisfied by the lack of acknowledgment from the old man. Since he was young, no one had ever disregarded him like that, not even the neighborhood dog. He was the heir of one of the richest merchant families in the Ice-Snow City. Although his family only provided the ingredients for Pure Wind House, his face shouldn’t be unfamiliar to one of the three managers of the Grand Pavilion. “Third Manager Liao, this girl is under my protection. She’s not a prostitute for you to take liberties with. And even if she were to be one, I doubt you will have enough energy to go through a third flower after being drained dry by the first two. You should be more careful with your health, you are not young anymore. Anyway, sister Lan Di, let’s leave this place before something else happens.”

As he was about to go down the stairs, Manager Liao’s fury burst out, and without the slightest hesitation he used his fan to strike at Si Bi’er’s head. At that instant, a red dou qi burst out from Si Bi’er, and he used his fist to block out the fan. It didn’t last long since Manager Liao’s might was stronger, and Si Bi’er was sent through the wooden banister, crashing onto the table next to the stairs. Si Bi’er spat out a mouthful of blood. His complexion was white, and he couldn’t get up by himself. Sister Lan Di smiled, and her whole body trembled at the sight of the blood as if she was repressing the excitement within herself. Still, she tried to run down to Si Bi’er, but she was held back by Manager Liao.

“You’re not going anywhere, but into my pants.” Manager Liao licked his lips in anticipation and forcefully turned her face towards him. What he didn’t expect was the look of madness in her dark eyes as if her eyes were two voids sucking his soul for eternity. It sent a chill down his spine. Even so, he still tried to drag her with him. His pride didn’t allow him to release her now that he went and injured the young heir of the Ma Che family, Si Bi’er Ma Che. Before he could drag the young woman, a shout could be heard. “Let her go or the only thing going into your pants is this sword.”

The voice came from a tall and bulky man with large shoulders and a wide back. His features were sharp like he was sculpted with a knife. On his back, he had a greatsword that shone with a dark light which made people shiver coldly after just looking at it. He stood up from his seat, which happened to be next to Patriarch Ru Se. As he stood, silence filled the whole brothel, even the drunks felt the chilly atmosphere that had just settled.

Humph! You want to fight me? You think that the size of your sword can determine the issue of this battle? Dream on!” As he finished shouting at the man, he emitted a dense yellow dou qi that covered his whole body. Without waiting for an answer, he ran towards the broken banister, jumped down from the stairs and tried to ruthlessly land on Si Bi’er’s weakened body. Seeing this, Nian Bing, who was the nearest, threw caution to the wind and charged towards Si Bi’er. He was able to grab the young master and dodge the vicious attack in the nick of the time. The aftershock sent him tumbling as he crashed into another table with Si Bi’er.

Seeing that dishonorable act, the man grabbed his greatsword and charged at Manager Liao in fury. A dense blue dou qi emitted from his body and covered his weapon. “You, despicable trash! I, Sir Jin Xe, will clean this earth of your kind!” Without hesitation, he covered his greatsword with some of his dou qi and swung it towards Manager Liao’s side in an attempt to slice his body in two. The force and the timing of the slash were near perfection which said a lot about the high martial cultivation of Sir Jin Xe. When Manager Liao’s saw the slash coming at him, his pupils contracted; he mustered all his dou qi and concentrated it on his fan, using it to strike at a single point on the sword. Since his fan was smaller than the greatsword, he couldn’t completely block it. So, he used his fan as a leverage to deviate the sword and dodge most of the attack. Even with this, the greatsword still cut deeply into his forehead, but it wasn’t a lethal cut.

Tsk! You think just deviating my sword is enough? Think again!” Without a break, Sir Jin Xe twisted his body and changed the direction of his sword like water flowing down a river. The greatsword descended and sliced through Manager Liao’s body like a knife cutting a cake. Blood splurted out from the two halves and showered the nearest people with the crimson color of life.

Nian Bing stared at Sir Jin Xe dumbfounded as the man in question snorted and said, “This is what we call Xianxia’s justice. Nobody messes with the members of the Radiant Sect! Don’t ever forget that my real name is Sir Jynx. Happy April Fool’s!”


A big thanks for all the Radiant Sect members for participating in this prank chapter:

Ruze = Ru Se

Miki = Me Ki

Eclipse = Ri Shi

Wavydashen = Bo Da Shen

Kiseki = Ke Se Ki

Ares = Ah Ri Se

DanDG = Dan

Sibirmacek = Si Bi’er Ma Che

Therandomonet = Lan Di

Sir Jynx = Sir Jin Xe

Grenn = Ge Ri En

Jacob = Ya Ge

Jstone = Ji Shi

Hydramon = Hai Da

May = Wu Yue

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