MCIF Chapter 16.1


Chapter 16.1 – The Fake Boyfriend Plan

Time passed quickly when reading. The library was covered with glass, attracting light from outside. Nian Bing leaned on the bookshelf, incessantly reading the things that interested him. Although the first floor had only the most basic mage knowledge, he felt as if he had discovered a treasure trove. One by one, he received the answers to the things that had occurred to his body that he previously did not understand. When Zha Ji was imparting his cooking skills to Nian Bing, he had already taught him that no matter what it is you’re learning, the foundation is the most important. For this reason, when Nian Bing was learning cooking arts, he had a deep understanding.

As the sky became progressively darker, the magic lanterns turned on. They were powered by very low grade magic stones. Nian Bing did not have any intention to leave, so he started to read his fourth book of the day, relying on the moon as a light source.

Just then, the library doors suddenly made a sound. Although Nian Bing was immersed in reading, he was still on alert. He subconsciously raised his head towards the large doors to see that it wasn’t the Mage Association President as he had imagined. Rather, it was someone he knew, the Ice Great Mage – Long Ling. She was the Mage Association’s president’s only daughter.

“It’s you?” Nian Bing called out to Long Ling, looking at her with some astonishment and he smiled slightly. Long Ling, similarly, looked at him with surprise and said, “Why are you here? Considering your magic cultivation, you don’t need to read the books on the first floor.” While talking, she closed the door. She wore the same light blue Ice Magic gown and looked warmly at Nian Bing. Her eyes smiled. When Nian Bing turned his gaze towards her, his eyes were very focused because he had just been reading a book. Along with his handsome appearance, this immediately made Long Ling’s heart race a bit.


Nian Bing stood up and shook the《Ice Magic Foundation Theory》. He smiled slightly and said, “There’s no way around it! My learning foundation was weak; studying the basics is very advantageous. Studying spells do not provide the same advantage.”

Long Ling walked to Nian Bing’s side. Her body emitted a faint, sweet scent that could not help but arouse Nian Bing’s spirit. Long Ling’s stature was not short, and compared to Xue Jing, she was only a little bit shorter. She raised her head to look at Nian Bing and said: “You are really eager to learn. I heard from Uncle Li De you haven’t left here until now. It’s already time to eat dinner now. Come on, let’s eat together. Tomorrow you can come back and read again. There are many books here; they’re not something you can finish in one or two days. You have time. Don’t tell me that you’re not hungry.?”

At the utterance of the word “hungry,” Nian Bing felt a little hunger. After eating in the morning he had not eaten anything. Putting books back carefully to where he found them, he said, “Then let’s go, Miss Long Ling. Has the President returned?” He probed a little with his question.

Long Ling shot him a glance saying, “Why are you always this polite? At the moment, you’ve already entered into the Association, and now we are all a family. Call me Ling’er. Miss, miss sounds very awkward. If we have an opportunity, I want you to teach me your method to magic control. I’ve spent enough effort in my cultivation, but in terms of control, I’m very far off from you!”

Nian Bing had a good feeling about Long Ling. No matter the time, her words were always soft-spoken; listening to it was pleasant. “Okay, Ling’er, lead the way. It’s very big here.”

The two exited the library. Long Ling led Nian Bing towards the north. While walking she said to Nian Bing, “Father returned earlier, but it was only noon, and Lord Marquis and Uncle Xue drank a lot of alcohol. When father returned, he fell asleep as soon as he put down his head. He slept for a long time before waking. When he heard you had already come, he made me call for you. Liquor can really make a mess of things. Nian Bing, do you drink alcohol?”

Alcohol? Upon hearing this word, Nian Bing’s heart felt a familiar feeling. Of course he drank; he even brewed wine. As a chef, anything with a relation to food or drink was imparted to him by the Demon Chef. “I drink a little, however, I normally do not drink much wine.” In the Peach Blossom Forest, he always accompanied Zha Ji when he drank. Zha Ji’s capacity for liquor was very good, therefore, under Zha Ji’s authority, his own capacity for liquor was also trained until it was good. However, in order to make Nian Bing maintain his taste, Zha Ji drank only one or two months. Therefore, Nian Bing did not develop an alcohol addiction.

Long Ling smiled and said, “Drinking a little is okay. Alcohol isn’t a good substance – drinking a lot can lead to a mess.” Nian Bing felt very relaxed with Long Ling. The two chatted a bit and then left for a pointy-tipped building not too far away. Long Ling brought Nian Bing to the second floor. “We generally eat our meals here. Besides me, father is meeting with Brother Shi Jiu and you. Other mages eat their meals in their own rooms. We will eat first, and then I’ll lead you to the resting place. Afterwards, whether it be that you wish to leave or to go out are all convenient options.

They entered into the left-hand room. Upon entering the door, Nian Bing saw Shi Jiu. Shi Jiu looked at Nian Bing and wrinkled his brows. In the seat of honour sat a person wearing a blue-green magic robe. He seemed to be forty to fifty years in appearance.The symbol on the chest of his mage robe made it easy to recognize that this person was the Ice Moon Empire’s Mage Association’s only Magister, as well as the Association President.

Nian Bing looked at Long Zhi; Long Zhi simultaneously sized him up. Seeing Nian Bing’s handsome face and sensing his restrained aura, Long Zhi could not help but secretly nod his head. He was an expert in reading people. From just his appearance, he could tell that Nian Bing was stronger than his disciple. Although he was younger than his daughter, his breath was steady and unflustered. Additionally, he was the youngest Great Mage. Long Zhi could not stop his heart from swelling with good feeling.

Nian Bing walked to the front of the table and respectfully saluted Long Zhi, “Nian Bing meets the President.”

Long Zhi pointed at the seat next to him, saying, “Please sit. I welcome you to the association.” His speech was ordinary, but it gave Nian Bing a sense of pressure. At the time, Nian Bing’s mind had already completely recovered from when he was reading. Although his visage appeared to be polite and modest, his heart was constantly on the alert. He tried to preserve as much of the tranquility as possible as he walked toward the seat on Long Zhi’s side.

Long Ling did not sit down next to Shi Jiu and instead sat next to Nian Bing. She smiled slightly and said, “Father, I am hungry. Let us start eating.” Dishes soon spread over the round table, and the aroma permeated the whole room.

Long Zhi smiled a little and said, “Everyone is present. Here, Nian Bing, eat a lot of food. In the future, when you don’t have anything going on, you can come to eat with us.” While talking, he took the lead and picked up his chopsticks.

Shi Jiu shot a glance at Nian Bing, his eyes letting out a sinister light. Even though it immediately passed, the ever alert Nian Bing still saw it. His heart moved, and subconsciously glanced at Long Ling. Although Nian Bing was clever, he could not understand Shi Jiu’s intention.

Long Zhi did not eat much. He was focused on Nian Bing from beginning to end. When he saw him look at his daughter, he couldn’t help but smile and say, “Nian Bing, you and Ling’er are both Ice Mages. If you have the opportunity, swap pointers with each other, so you can progress together. Where are you from? How long have you practiced magic?”

Nian Bing’s came to, and he hastily put down his chopsticks. He said deferentially, “I am from the Harmonic Flower Empire, but I left with my parents when I was young. I have practiced magic for about ten years. However, I did not have guidance from a teacher and could only cultivate by fumbling on my own, which you would mock.”

Long Zhi smiled indifferently, saying, “If by fumbling about, everyone could reach your level, then we old guys should just retire. Magic Scholar Li De is a man who does not ordinarily boast much, but he praised you greatly. Since you have already entered into the association, you do not need to restrain yourself. From now on, we are all a family. If you have a problem, you can ask any of the elders in the association to teach you, or you can come and ask me.”

Nian Bing looked at Long Zhi and thought that he is really worthy of being the Mage Association President because he was completely restrained. Compared to him, Shi Jiu was a small worm. “Thank you very much, President. Today, I stayed at the library for the afternoon. That place is a sea of magic. I think that even with just this amount of knowledge, it would take me a long time to learn. If there is anything I don’t understand, I will definitely ask you to teach me.”

Long Zhi pointed at the food on the table and said, “Do not worry about speaking, just eat more.”

His mind remaining alert, Nian Bing did not taste the flavors of the vegetable and meat dishes. Long Zhi asked only dull questions, but Nian Bing was very alert- if he were to answer wrongly, he would immediately be in big trouble. Shi Jiu and Long Ling shot glances at Nian Bing from time to time. Long Ling’s glances were very curious, while Shi Jiu’s glances were filled with jealousy and resentment.

“Nian Bing, where were you during the few days of the sealing of the city?” Long Zhi asked a crucial question.

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