MCIF Chapter 16.3


Chapter 16.3 – The Fake Boyfriend Plan

Shi Jiu got up and said, “Good, in the future, if there is anything you are not clear about in the Association, you can come to me. From the color in the sky, it’s getting late. As your Elder Brother, I will not disturb your rest. From now on, we are like brothers. I’m going first then.” Shi Jiu handed over the key in his hand to Nian Bing as he selfishly calculated in his mind. He knew that Nian Bing’s magic level excelled compared to his. Since he didn’t have the heart of Long Ling, it was much better for him to become fellow brothers in the Ice Moon Empire Mage Association as there would be more benefits in the future.

Nian Bing stood up, and saw Shi Jiu off to the doorway. He said with a smile, “Big Brother, you also rest early. You don’t need to bother with this little brother.”

Suddenly, Shi Jiu had a mysterious smile and softly said, “I heard Teacher Li De say that you are very interested with the library’s resources. Let me tell you that the first three floors only have a few common magic resources, that’s all. Only the fourth floor contains our Association’s secrets. Only that place has extraordinary and terrible magic restrictions that even the Magic Scholars in the Association are unable to enter inside.”

Nian Bing’s heart stirred. He asked, “Big Brother, to tell me such things, could it be that you have a method to go inside?”


Shi Jiu told him the words he planned in advance, “Didn’t I tell you just a moment ago that I have a special status in the Association? I have followed Master since I was a child, and I have grew up in the Association. There was one time when Ling’er and Master entered the fourth floor. Considering the fact that I am Master’s disciple, if there comes an opportunity, maybe I can bring you along… but this is a secret and you cannot talk about it. Inside the room there are all kinds of exceptionally complex records, and they are unusually hard to comprehend. In reality, entering there isn’t too big of a deal. Ling’er and my current meditation methods came from there. Our cultivation progress is many times faster than that of an average person. From now on, we are family. Big brother definitely won’t forget about you in the future if I gain any benefits from that place.” As he finished speaking, Shi Jiu mysteriously smiled at Nian Bing before he turned around and left.

As he walked away, Nian Bing also smiled. ‘Is this a way to bribe me?’ Looks like this Shi Jiu was thinking of forming a clique for his personal interest. In the future, as long as he was tempted by a benefit, there would be no secret left about the fourth floor of the library. It was unknown what kind of special magic records would be there. As he thought about it, Nian Bing’s heart couldn’t help, but burn with passion. In the case that he could learn a powerful magic, revenge against the Ice God’s Pagoda would no longer be just a dream. Walking to his room, Nian Bing carefully took out his Morning Dew Knife from the pocket at his chest and hid it under his mattress. Looking around at his surroundings, his hand held his new magic wand, Icicle Rod, as he went out of his room. He first needed to return to Pure Wind House. Leaving for such a long time, he hoped Uncle Li would not suspect him. He hoped his luck would not be too bad, and Ming Yuan would not decide to go out and try to find him, which could be troublesome for him.

Thinking about the probability of it happening, Nian Bing hastily and quietly departed from the Mage Association. After confirming that no one was following him, he took off his magic gown. He bought a piece of square cloth on the street and wrapped his gown and his magic wand in it. Afterwards, he returned to Pure Wind House at mach speed.

As he was about to reach the back door, he saw a slender red figure. His whole body immediately froze. “Mi-Miss… Why are you here?” This time, he wasn’t faking his shock.

Xue Jing turned back and looked at Nian Bing with a sour expression. “You are very late! I heard from Uncle Li that you went out at noon, and only now, have you returned. You didn’t even tell me about it and went out to play around.”

Nian Bing forced out a smile and said, “Miss, you can see I’m a poor young man. How can I go and play around with girls? Are you going to go to the back garden to practice sword dances today?”

Xue Jing groaned and replied, “Just to let you know, you better not dare to go outside to play with girls. If you want to do so, you will need money, and with your ability I don’t think you have the resources for that. Today I went to find you several times, but you were unexpectedly missing. I specially came here to wait for you and wanted to see when you would finally come back. Since you didn’t return too late, I will forgive you this time. However, next time, you better pay attention to this matter.”

Nian Bing pointed at the bundle containing his magic gown and magic wand and said, “Miss, I only went to buy some clothes that’s all. It’s my first time coming to such a big city, so I went to buy some thick clothes. My luck is not bad; I came across a sale. They were two coppers coins each, quite worth it. Do you want to look at it?”

Xue Jing said with a certain revulsion, “Look at what? It’s only some lousy clothes.”

In Nian Bing’s mind, he let out a sigh of relief and said to himself, ‘Using this method to escape this kind of situation is clearly useful.’ The reason why he justified the presence of the clothed bundle was because Xue Jing’s gaze was on it earlier.

Xue Jing saw that Nian Bing was taciturn and didn’t speak. The look in her eyes became a little gentler as she continued, “Your face seems to be pretty good; it healed quite quickly. It seems like your cheek is thick enough.”

Nian Bing touched his face, if it wasn’t for the rank 1 healing spell, he feared that even one week would not be enough to heal. ‘If she was hitting herself, would she say that her own face was thick? Ah~! A woman indeed…’

Xue Jing continued speaking, “Nian Bing, right now, I have a matter that I want to ask you for your help. I don’t know if you are willing to help me.”

Nian Bing stared blankly and asked, “Miss, I’m only a normal woodcutter servant. How can I help you?”

Xue Jing snorted and replied, “You don’t need to think too much about it. You only need to say if you’re helping or not.”

Could Nian Bing refuse? He still didn’t plan to leave Pure Wind House right now, so he had no other alternative but to nod his head. “It’s my honor to be able to help Miss.”

Xue Jing’s eyes were shining. She was originally beautiful, but that glint in her eyes increased her charm. It was like her eyes were saying, ‘It seems you know what’s good for you in this case.’ “Good! Then, we agree on it. I want you to lend me your face to use.”

Nian Bing jumped in fright. “Miss, my…”

Xue Jing said with disdain, “Look at your appearance, where’s your manly spirit? What are you afraid of? As if I would eat you.” As she finished saying the words, her charming face flushed red. Her voice lowered a bit and she continued, “Remember what you said last time at the pavilion? I want you to help me out with something related to that matter.”

Nian Bing’s eyebrows slightly creased as he asked, “You said to me that you like someone, right? How can I help you with that?”

Xue Jing snorted and replied, “Anyway, you already promised. If this matter works out, I will ask Uncle Ming Yuan to teach you lots of things, maybe even recruit you. I’ll definitely make things easier for you in the future.”

Nian Bing sighed. “Miss, then first tell me about what you want to make me do.”

Xue Jing walked until she was next to Nian Bing and said in a low voice, “I want to let you be my boyfriend.”

Smelling the sweet scent of a young maiden emitting from Xue Jing’s body, coupled with  suddenly having heard the soft tone of her whispers, Nian Bing couldn’t help feeling like he was high in the clouds. With difficulty, he pulled back his attention and said, “Miss, I’m afraid it won’t do. You, you are the Miss, and I’m only a servant…”

Xue Jing raised her hand and hit Nian Bing’s shoulder with slight displeasure. “Let me finish talking, all right? You really are like a toad who wants to eat swan’s meat. You believe I will really let you be my boyfriend?! I only want you to help me probe that person and find out if he had any feelings for me in the end. Tomorrow evening, I want you to follow me to attend a banquet. Your looks aren’t too bad, so that’s the reason why I asked you to lend me your face earlier. When that person comes, I can show off how affectionate we are. If he has me inside his heart, feelings of jealousy and hate will certainly arise. Then, then…”

Nian Bing’s heart went cold for no reason. ‘A toad who wants to eat swan’s meat, huh? Xue Jing, ah, Xue Jing! You also greatly underestimate me. It seems like you are this kind of girl that I don’t necessarily look up to. These words of yours, I will remember them. Inevitably, one day, I can return them back to you.’ Because of the misfortune in his childhood, it made Nian Bing inevitably extreme. He coldly glanced at Xue Jing who, at this instant, had her head lowered and was thinking about her beautiful future.

“But Miss, even if I’m going, I’m afraid that it will be inappropriate with my low status.” Nian Bing deliberately repeated the two words “low status” a few times,.

Xue Jing didn’t hear Nian Bing’s change of tone and impatiently said, “I have my own plan. Since I let you follow me, naturally, I won’t let you lose face, since that will also make me lose face. For this kind of high-class banquet in Ice Snow City, not just anyone can participate. Perhaps, in your lifetime, you can only hear about it, but never be able to go. You should be grateful to me instead of shirking. Tomorrow, I will give you a magic gown and let you disguise yourself as a mage. As for the other things, I can easily arrange it. You just don’t need to take care of it. Tomorrow, you don’t need to work. I will go find you early on and teach you some basic etiquette. During the banquet, you don’t need to do anything. You only need follow me, that will be enough. Do you understand?”

Nian Bing’s heart turned cold as he nodded his head and replied, “That’s good! I will do my best to make sure you are satisfied.”

Xue Jing faintly smiled and said, “You can rest assured, I will certainly keep my word. I only want you to do things properly. After this is over, I will naturally fulfill my promise. As such, go to bed early so you will be in good condition tomorrow.” As she finished speaking, her red silhouette swiftly jumped  and with a few flickerings in the air,  disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Nian Bing coldly looked at the direction Xue Jing had flew off in as he talked to himself, “You helped me out once, so I will not argue with you. However, this will be the last time. No one can insult me and not pay the price for it.” Suddenly, his mind stirred as he thought of something. He slapped his forehead. “Ah! How did I forget that appointment. It looks like I still need to return to the Mage Association for a moment. I must keep that appointment as I don’t know what kind of tricks that Ice Magic Scholar can do.”

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  1. Well… all of this author’s MCs have flaws.

    Ah Dai was too stupid, Tang San was too into challenges and prideful, Zhou Weiqing thought with his d*** too much, and this MC can’t take a joke.

    Ya it was an insult, but it was a playful one that wasn’t meant to harm or be actually taken seriously, not to mention she was shown to be a little on the harsh side… so she’s like a tsundere -except realistic, not the anime exaggeration obviously. Sour on the outside, but sweet on the inside…

        1. Well, it’s one good point for this author.

          The MC’s enemies are mixed with good and bad points, and the MC and his allies are also mixed with good and bad points.

          You won’t find as many of the generic cookie cutter young masters that are void of good points or overly good people that only have decent points.

          Tang San probably has the most 3-dimensional characters amongst Chinese authors…. the main characters are just as awesome as other Xianxia characters, but they are also more flawed and relatable while still being badass..

  2. It’s just weird to see him to get pissed off by Xue Jing just like that when she always talked to him like that even thought she didn’t mean any harm. Like DMR said too many protagonist of Xianxia are flawed or too extreme about certain things.

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