MCIF Chapter 20.1


Chapter 20.1 – Yan Feng’s Unusual Hobby

Nian Bing shook his head, saying, “At least right now I won’t. But when I do go back to the Pure Wind House, I most certainly will not be in this kind of position.”

Luo Rou smiled slightly and said, “Today can be regarded as your win, but not for long. When I know everything about you, I will make you accept total defeat.”

Nian Bing assumed a terrified expression. “I already sincerely wish to concede. Miss, don’t make things any harder for me.”

Luo Rou snorted and said, “Are you disdaining to fight me, a little girl?”


Nian Bing smiled slightly and said, “I would not dare. It is only because I have no time to fight with Miss. If Miss has the ability to enter the Mage Association LIbrary, then she can find me anytime. For at least one month, I will not leave the Mage Association.”

“Saying this means you accept my challenge. Good, let me show you out.” Having said this, without waiting for Nian Bing’s response, she took the initiative to pull him by the hand and walk out side-by-side.

The night was clear and cold, like water; the air was especially fresh and clean. Luo Rou pulled Nian Bing onto the small road in the courtyard and slowly walked outside. They were like a pair of lovers. With a beauty to one side, Nian Bing felt relaxed and comfortable, yet he did not have even the barest sliver of desire. “Nian Bing, shall we make a bet?” Luo Rou said with a small smile.

Although she spoke very easily, Nian Bing could feel the edge embedded within. “A bet? Sorry, I am not a gambler.”

Luo Rou said, “Do you not dare? Are you scared of losing to me?”

Nian Bing smiled slightly. “To ask a general is not as effective as exciting a general. If it’s provocation issued by the Wise Girl, I’m afraid there isn’t a single person who could escape. No harm in hearing you out. What kind of bet are you making?”

Luo Rou said, “We will bet for one month. If in a month, I fail to discover your true identity, then it will be considered my loss. If I do find out, then it will be your loss. How about it?”

Nian Bing looked at Luo Rou, saying, “Don’t you already know my real identity? I am not concealing anything, or rather, this is better; for you to find out my identity is truly too difficult a task, the difficulty almost borders on the impossible. We’ll bet on my occupation, only if you can find out my real occupation and offer sufficient evidence, will it be regarded as your win. What shall we bet?”

Luo Rou smiled a little, saying, “Okay, we will go with your terms. That said, you definitely aren’t just a simple mage. If I win, you must agree to one of my conditions, and conversely, I will agree to one of your conditions.”

Nian Bing said somewhat jokingly, “This conditions you speak of is too vague. If I win and I wanted Miss to become my wife, don’t tell me you would agree?”

Luo Rou released Nian Bing’s hand and laughed like silver bells. “Of course those sort of conditions are not possible, however, it would be amazing if you could beat me. I’ve bet with other people before and I’ve never lost. I’ve brought you here; I will go back – there are still many guests waiting for me. We will definitely see each other again. When you lose, you are not allowed to act shamelessly.”

Seeing Luo Rou’s receding back, Nian Bing could only helplessly laugh. He did not think that he would break away from Xue Jing, only to be provoked into this mess. Wise Girl Luo Rou would not be as easily handled as Xue Jing. He only hoped that the month would end quickly, and he would finally leave this chaotic place.

While thinking this, Nian Bing walked outwards. The butler at the entrance was nowhere to be seen. The soldiers were guarding the mansion as before. Stretching his body, he gazed at the sky. Today was really tiring, however, when he would go to the Association, he would first read some books. He had not finished reading the last book from the other day. Thinking about it, Nian Bing’s spirits immediately soared. In the world of books, his thinking had opened up, and time passed quickly. Thinking about this, he could not help but increase his pace and walked to the back of the garden. Determining his path, he headed in the direction of the Mage Association.

He had not travelled far when Nian Bing felt the Heavenly Flower Tile on his chest emit a warm airflow. Nian Bing’s heart stuttered and he immediately halted his steps. The Heavenly Flower Tile was a treasure. At dangerous moments, it would send him a warning. When he was still in the Peach Blossom Forest, he had met a poisonous malaria wasp, but thanks to the treasure’s prompt warning, he was able to prepare magic and get through the crisis. Without unnecessary hesitation, a faint and condensed blue light revolved around Nian Bing’s body. While he chanted a rhythmic incantation, he looked around the large empty street.

The Heavenly Flower Tile’s warning was completely correct. A skin-piercing airstream with great oppressive force suddenly shot out from a rooftop on the left. Rushing out to Nian Bing’s position was a red light. Feeling the airflow of the attack, Nian Bing suddenly knew who it was. At that moment, he had finished his spell. But when he was just about to release his defensive rank 4 Ice Edge Shield, suddenly from an oblique angle, a white light pierced through. The white light was not very intense, but it was very quick. Though released afterwards, it still arrived much faster, catching up to the red light and blocking its front from Nian Bing.

A soft dinging sound came out, and a sharp intense sound shook Nian Bing’s eardrums painfully. Subconsciously, he retreated next to the wall. Two silhouettes, white and silver, simultaneously fell to the ground. The silver figure was naturally as Nian Bing who assumed, Mad Girl Xue Jing. The white figure, on the other hand, beyond his expectations, was Yan Feng. Before, when Nian Bing was leaving, Yan Feng seemed to have gone to the bathroom, leaving Nian Bing with no way to send his regards before leaving.

In Yan Feng’s hands was the white scabbard of the short blade. “Mad girl, even now you’re going crazy. As a martial arts cultivator, you’re actually hiding somewhere to sneak attack a mage, you are really not suited to practicing martial arts.”

Xue Jing’s eyes were full of fury. Furiously, she glared at Nian Bing. “So I sneak attacked, what do you care? You are an outsider, why did you save him? Get away from here, today I will kill him.”

Nian Bing’s eyebrows creased slightly. He said, “Xue Jing, I didn’t think we have such animosity between us.”

Xue Jing’s eye rims were suddenly red. “None? After what happened today, how am I supposed to lift my head in front of my sisters? I ask you, since you are a mage, why did you come to our Pure Wind House to chop wood? Why did you lie to me? Everything else you did, it was all a farce right? It was all to deceive me right? What sort of hatred exists between us for you to scheme against me.”

Nian Bing did not think that Xue Jing would complicate such a simple matter. His eyebrows wrinkled a bit. “Xue Jing, you’re not wrong, I am a mage. But going to your house to chop wood was completely because I was delighted to. I have my own goals, I never thought of deceiving you. You never asked me whether or not I could do magic. Is not telling you that lying? Calm down a bit, okay?”

“Calm down? I will not calm down. Today, in front of so many guests, most people saw you and I come together, but you didn’t acknowledge me and danced the first song with Rou’er. What were your intentions? Was it to make a demonstration of me? You are such a vile, contemptible person, and today I will kill you.” The long sword lit up with the red light of Dou Qi, and was obviously going to strike again.

Nian Bing was suddenly suffused with a funny feeling. He clearly discovered that the reason for Xue Jing’s hatred was largely because of jealousy. Thinking of jealousy, these two characters, he could not help but feel funny. Don’t say that this unruly girl who had always looked down him actually carried good feelings towards him?

The red light exploded and the long sword in Xue Jing’s hands, like a rainbow piercing towards the sun, hacked down at Nian Bing. With such vigorous fierceness, it was obvious that Xue Jing used all of her strength.

A white curtain rose up from below. A silvery sound rang out, one after the other. Nian Bing only felt that before his eyes was a flower. Xue Jing and Yan Feng had already come five meters in front of him. It’s just that currently, Xue Jing’s face appeared somewhat pale. Only half remained of the precious sword in her hands. The short knife/sword, emitting a faint cold air, was held at her slender neck. Killing intent from Yan Feng’s eyes came out nonstop. He said coldly, “Mad girl, I don’t care if you go crazy in front of me, but you wanted to kill my friend. Don’t expect me to be polite. Other people would have misgivings about your father, but I don’t care.”

“Yan Feng, stay your hand.” Nian Bing hurriedly yelled out. Going over in front of the two, very briefly, he saw that Xue Jing’s eyes looked at him for one moment, then she looked at Yan Feng the next. It seemed as if she did not know there was a sword that could take her life anytime. Tears flowed down her soft skin and tumbled down. In an instant, her sad aura filled the air. Suddenly, Nian Bing saw a strange expression coming from Xue Jing’s eyes. In the midst of anger and hurt, there was utter despair. In his mind, he secretly cried out, ‘Not good’. His response was very quick. Realizing in an instant that something was wrong, he immediately raised his hand to grab Yan Feng’s short sword.

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  1. Idiot girl… she needs a slap…

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  2. That stupid girl. Such a bad temper. I truly hate characters like her. And now a cliffhanger. Thanks for the new chapter.

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