MCIF Chapter 34.2


34.2: The Flame God’s Roar

Embarrassment. Embarrassment that was hard to conceal. The thought of the two girls looking at his naked body made Nian Bing hate that he was unable to bang his head until he died. He forced out a cough and said, “So-sorry, just now, uh…….”

Feng Nu turned around and snuck a glance. Seeing that Nian Bing had put clothes on, she tugged Mao Mao around. “It’s fine; there is no need to explain to us. I have already finished what your request. I do not want any sort of remuneration; just remember that you owe me one. Let me give you some advice. Since you seem to have some sort of storage-type magic item on you, these two knives don’t need scabbards. Why would those precious knives need to conceal their sharpness?

Nian Bing lowered his head to think, immediately grasping Feng Nu’s meaning. When mages faced off against martial artists, being able to quickly use magic determined victory or defeat. Whether or not the knife was unsheathed affected the ability to use the wand-like treasured knives to simultaneously imbue magic in the blade and better absorb magic element. Seeing the scabbard that was tossed to the side, he nodded and said, “What you said is correct. Feng Nu, I need to leave here immediately. The sharpness of the Morning Dew Knife has been exposed, and I’m afraid that there will be people coming to find me soon. Although we cannot be travelling companions, we can still leave together. You should go and pack up your things.”

Feng Nu returned the Heavenly Flame Sword to its sheathe and said with a smile, “There’s nothing to pack up. I only need this. The things that Master left will remain here. Perhaps I will return here one day. Mao Mao, can I bother you to wait for us at the entrance? I have a few things I need to say alone to your Big Brother Nian Bing.”


Mao Mao’s cute face smiled sunnily. “Okay! Big Sister, hurry up, okay? I’ll go out first.” Having said this, she ran off out the courtyard door.

Feng Nu looked at Nian Bing and Nian Bing looked at her. The two of them felt like their hearts were thudding in their chests. Nian Bing opened his mouth first and asked, “So what do you have to say?”

Feng Nu nibbled on her lower lip, and wrapped her voice in qi to send it to Nian Bing’s ear. “If, and I say if, we could stay together, would you be willing to come with me to a place with many things that would interest you? However, once we get there, you would not be able to return to real society.”

Nian Bing faintly felt something. With a sigh, he said, “Feng Nu, did you know that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen? Honestly speaking, I really like if you. If it wasn’t because of the things I need to do, I probably would have agreed with your requests. But right now, my life does not only include you; it also includes my deceased master and parents. We’ll be friends forever, right? If fate wills it, then we will definitely meet again. I’m going now, goodbye.” Morning Dew and True Sun were put into his space ring. Nian Bing lowered his head and walked in the direction of the main door. When he reached Feng Nu’s side, a red light suddenly flashed, and the Heavenly Flame Sword was pressed on to Nian Bing’s shoulder. A mountain-sized oppressive force made him unable to walk another inch.

Feng Nu spoke in a bit of annoyed tone. “Do you know what you just said, you bastard?!”

Nian Bing managed to turn his head to look at Nian Bing and discovered that she was looking at him. Her dark blue eyes held a faint smile. “Feng Nu, if I want to find you afterwards, where should I go?”

Feng Nu asked, “You will look for me?”

Nian Bing smiled slightly and said, “We are friends; why wouldn’t I want to look for you?”

Feng Nu said ill-temperedly, “Then you just need to yell out Feng Nu a thousand times, and I’ll know.”

Nian Bing laughed, saying, “I hope that is the case, because I’ll really do it!”

The sword was lifted off of him, and Nian Bing regained his freedom. Feng Nu walked next to him and said in a low voice, “I told Mao Mao to leave first because I wanted to remind you of something. The Ice and Fire Magic Source guarantees your strength, but is a big trouble for you at the same time. In this continent, there aren’t just one or two knowledgeable experts. True martial arts and magic experts have sequestered themselves at hidden locations. I think that those hermits definitely would be interested in you. You shouldn’t linger in one place for too long.”

Nian Bing nodded his head and said, “Master warned me of the exact same thing before. Although I couldn’t help but stay in Ice Moon City this time, I won’t commit the same mistake again. Thank you, Feng Nu. Oh, that’s right did you know Mao Mao from before?”

Feng Nu was stunned. She asked, “How did you know?”

Nian Bing smiled slightly and answered, “If not, then how would she, with her identity as a legendary practitioner of summoning magic, expose her secret to you so easily? Actually, I always have sensed that you cannot be  so simple. But don’t worry, I won’t ask you any more questions. Every person has their own secrets. It’s good that you know Mao Mao, so I will hand her over to you.”

Feng Nu glared at Nian Bing with ill-humor. “Don’t tell me that you don’t understand. Sometimes, it’s not good to be too smart.”

Nian Bing shrugged and replied, “Of course I knew that. If it were someone else, I wouldn’t say anything even if I saw something. Okay, I really will leave now. Feng Nu, we will meet again some day.” Having said this, he spread open his arms and fiercely took Feng Nu’s fragrant, pretty body into his grasp. Then, he suddenly let her go and, using a Snowstorm scroll on his person, condensed a snow storm that sent him into the air. He had disappeared in the blink of the eye, leaving only a few small snowflakes behind in the courtyard.

Feng Nu’s charming face flushed red as she stared up into the sky. The intense differences between their bodies had excited her pretty body. This was the first time she had let someone of the opposite sex get so close to her. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t have any averse feelings towards it. Nian Bing had left, and the disappointment and frustration continued to assail her heart as if disappointed at a loss.

“Mao Mao, you can come in. We will go soon.” The door opened, and Mao Mao, who heard Feng Nu’s call, came in. Her original vivacious self however, had become somewhat dull. Feng Nu had just wanted to go and pick up her few things before leaving when she suddenly felt that something was wrong in her heart. She walked up in front of Mao Mao and suspiciously looked at the latter’s wooden appearance. Creasing her brows, she asked, “Mao Mao, are you alright?”

Mao Mao somewhat sluggishly looked at Feng Nu, but didn’t say anything. Feng Nu silently said, Not good. When she reached out a hand to touch Mao Mao she hadn’t used much force, but her palm easily passed through Mao Mao’s body. A red light flashed and Mao Mao’s body actually disappeared into thin air. A cockroach the size of a chicken egg appeared on the ground. It looked at Feng Nu in a tizzy, lowered its head, and burrowed into the ground. It had disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Feng Nu was shocked for a moment, but then her pretty face wore a playful and good-tempered expression. “What a sly cat. You’ve actually dared to fool me. No wonder you promised to listen to me; you were actually going to use a phantom spell.” She could tell that the large cockroach just now must’ve been one of Mao Mao’s summoned pets. It had the special ability to transform into a human figure, while the real Mao Mao had probably run off earlier.

Helplessly shaking her head, Feng Nu did not chase after her. With that strange magic, it wouldn’t be difficult for Mao Mao to shake off anyone she wanted. Sighing slightly, she said to herself, “No doubt she’s Xi La De’s daughter; the pets the Dragon Summoner raised have very special characteristics. Never mind, with Xi La De’s ability, it won’t be too troublesome for him to find his own daughter. I don’t need to force her to do anything. I still have to hurry to the Lang Mu Empire to finish my business. Nian Bing, what you said is true. If we are fated, then we will definitely see each other again.’’

Not long after Nian Bing had left stealthily, the Ice Moon Empire Royal Family’s person arrived at the Ice and Snow City to announce his decree, but they could not find Nian Bing. Although the Ice Moon Empire Mage Association was not important in the empire’s eyes, the association’s name was still known. The King’s emissary could not come to a conclusion and returned unhappily. The owner of the Grand Pavilion, Jin Hao, was not very satisfied with these results. His consolation was that the might of Nian Bing had left. If he appeared at the Pure Wind House again, Jin Hao could use his status as someone who denied the imperial decree and get Marquis Nuo Ya to arrest him.

Following Nian Bing’s departure, the Grand Pavilion’s livelihood had gradually recovered a bit. Due to Ming Yuan’s increase in culinary skills, however, they were still unable to exceed the ability of the Pure Wind House.

Three days after Nian Bing had left, the owner of the Pure Wind House, Xue Ji, was looking for his daughter that afternoon when he found a letter that had been left on the table in her room. The contents of the letter were only a paltry few words: Father, I will go help you find Nian Bing. We cannot let such a good chef go. Don’t miss me. Jing JIng.

Following Nian Bing’s departure, the waves caused by the Magic Chef of Ice and Fire gradually settled, returning to the original quiet. But Xue Ji’s and Jin Hao’s battle had not ended. When the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Worshipper came for the second time to Ice and Snow City looking for the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Stone, the result was the same as her last visit. But this time, the Goddess’ Worshipper temper was even worse. She implicated Marquis Nuo Ya and using the Snow Goddess’ Worshipper’s influence in the Ice Moon Empire, forced him to gradually disappear from the political scene.

Nian Bing did not directly fly out of the city. After all, that would attract people’s attention. He used the Snowstorm spell to carefully land in a corner without people near Ice and Snow City’s south gate. And with that, he swaggered out of the second biggest city in the Ice Moon Empire.

Walking on the wide main street, Nian Bing’s mind could not be said to be free from worry. For him, Ice and Snow City was a giant cage. Although there were many beauties that attracted him, the feeling of being restricted was hard to stomach. Luckily, everything he had wanted to do had been done. The True Sun Knife had the additional epithet of the Flame God’s Roar; and while giving advice to Ming Yuan, he had gained more insight into details of cooking. The most valuable thing to him was acknowledging Long Zhi as his teacher. In the three months time, he had finally filled the gap in his magic theory. Although there were still many things he did not understand, he had at least already memorized them. Comprehension took time. With the knowledge in his mind, the comprehension would come in time. Nian Bing was confident in his intelligence.

The main avenue was lined with large trees that looked to be at least several decades old. The shade of the tree protected travelers from the sun’s rays, bringing in bursts of coolness. The fresh air was comfortable and refreshing. Nian Bing walked along the street unhurriedly. While slowly making his way, he thought over the magic knowledge in his mind that he didn’t understand.

Just as he was immersing himself in the sea of magic, he suddenly jumped in fright because of a voice. “Big Brother Nian Bing, you’re so slow! I’ve been waiting for you for half a day.” This voice was familiar, expectation hidden amidst the excitement in her tone.

Nian Bing, who thought that he had already been freed from all the entrapments of Ice and Snow City, subconsciously turned to a large tree on the road side. With a helpless tone, he said, “Mao Mao, how come you’re not with Feng Nu? Why’d you run off to here?” Nian Bing wasn’t surprised in his heart. After all, he had only flown for a short while in Ice and Snow City, and his flying speed was not any faster than walking. Mao Mao had simply run in front of him.

Mao Mao’s sly and charming smile appeared as she bounced out from behind a tree. “Big Brother Nian Bing, could it be that you don’t want to see me? Daddy always says that Mao Mao is very cute.” While saying this, her fair face couldn’t help but wear a hurt expression.

Nian Bing’s brows wrinkled slightly and said, “Mao Mao, you should answer Big Brother’s question first.”

Mao Mao lowered her head and said, “Big Sister wanted to send me home, but I don’t wanna go back! If I go back, I’m afraid that Daddy won’t let me go out again. Big Brother, I don’t know anybody; I don’t have any money to eat. Let me come with you. Mao Mao will definitely be obedient and listen to what you say.”

Nian Bing forced a smile and asked, “We’ve not even known each other for four hours, why are you so sure of me?”

Mao Mao giggled and answered, “Because Big Sister Feng Nu said you were a good person! Of course, the more important thing is that you can make yummy food to eat. That meal was the best food Mao Mao has ever eaten. If I can go with you, Big Brother, then not only will it be fun, I can also eat yummy food. Mao Mao will cling to you, Big Brother, you can’t throw me away.”

Nian Bing steadied his heart and put on a cold face. “Why can’t I? I’m not very familiar with you. Seeing as we’re acquaintances, I will give you some money so you can buy stuff to eat on the road. Now quickly go home. I have many more things to do, how could I bring you along?” While saying this, he fished his money pouch out of his chest. He took out a purple-gold coin from the bag and kept it before giving the rest of it to Mao Mao. He turned to leave. He secretly felt that this Mao Mao would definitely be a giant trouble to him. Being far away from her was much better.

Mao Mao held the money bag in her hand and looked at Nian Bing’s departing figure. Suddenly, she let out a large cry, “Big Brother is not a good person. Big Brother is bullying Mao Mao. Mao Mao is a girl; being alone outside is very pitiable! No food to eat, no clothes to wear, if I meet a bad person Mao Mao will die. Big Brother is bad, Big Brother is bad, Big Brother is so mean to Mao Mao. Wuwuwu……”

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