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36.2 The Golden-Backed Land Dragon King

The True Sun Knife was in the white-clothed person’s hand. An eagle about the size of a falcon with white feathers and red eyes sat with its two claws firmly grasped onto his shoulder. It was obvious that the True Sun Knife had been carried off with its mouth. What made Nian Bing feel strange was that the white eagle was not affected by the temperature of the True Sun Knife.

“Daddy.” Mao Mao’s shout made Nian Bing’s heart tighten. Although he had already guessed as much, he couldn’t help but feel shocked by Mao Mao’s confirmation. However, he was not the slightest bit nervous.. As a mage without any magic power left, what was the use of anxiety in front of a strong summoner? Remaining calm was the best option.

Looking at her father, Mao Mao didn’t pounce on him enthusiastically, but instead inched behind Nian Bing. At this moment, Nian Bing had become her shield.

“You still haven’t returned.” Looking at his panicking daughter, Xi La De was in a good mood. These days, he was always out and about looking for his daughter’s whereabouts. He was helpless in the face of Mao Mao’s extreme craftiness, who used every sort of trick she had to confuse Xi La De. If not for her summoned beasts having a special spiritual aura, Xi La De would have had no way of finding her.


“Daddy, Daddy how did you get here? Big Brother Nian Bing is very weak right now. I can’t go back, I need to support him!” Mao Mao adopted an innocent expression.

Xi La De’s gaze turned to Nian Bing, and he said indifferently, “Since my daughter has used her summoning technique in front of me and you are a mage, you should already know our secret.”

Nian Bing cooly looked at Xi La De. In the face of that steely gaze, he would not shrink back in the slightest, “That’s right, I already know. Could you return my knife to me?” He knew the meaning of Xi La De’s words. From the very first time he had seen Mao Mao, Nian Bing had known that in order to protect their secret, the null people of the summoning technique bloodline would not hesitate to kill.

Xi La De looked at the True Sun Knife he held. His eyes flashed with a strange light. “Not bad, this is a very good knife, while also being a top-quality magic item. It’s a pity that your current ability cannot bring out all of its potential. He casually tossed the True Sun Knife at Nian Bing. With Nian Bing’s familiarity with knives, he did not use his eyes and easily caught the knife.

“Roar–” The golden-backed land dragon angrily roared again. It swayed as it stood, still seeming like it was somewhat dizzy. It looked around everywhere, searching for the existence of its enemy.

Xi La De turned to the golden-backed land dragon. His eyes suddenly flashed, and Nian Bing was surprised to see that Xi La De’s black eyes had instantly turned frighteningly white. He spat out a simple word. “Quiet.” It was intimidation with his soul. His spirit power accumulated and directly enshrouded the golden-backed land dragon. The golden-backed land dragon that Nian Bing’s full-power attack couldn’t harm in the slightest, trembled harshly under Xi La De’s simple command. Crouched on the ground, it didn’t dare move.

Xi La De’s eyes returned to normal. Without minding his daughter, he turned to look at Nian Bing and asked, “Do you know why all of your magic power was inferior to my one word?”

Nian Bing thought for a moment before replying, “That golden-backed land dragon has an extremely high defense. It’s outer skin is like an armor for its entire body with extremely high physical and magic defense. But no matter what kind of living being it is, it will still have a weakness. I think that the golden-backed land dragon’s outer defense is very strong but its spirit power might not be as powerful. By attacking its mind directly with your spirit magic, it naturally could have effects that I have no way of producing. This probably is the principle of one thing suppressing another, like how water suppresses fire and light suppresses darkness. Of course, I do not mean to belittle the strength of spirit magic. A martial artist’s qi can suppress ordinary spells, but spirit magic can suppress martial artists. Although their spirit power is not weak, the number of mages who could withstand the strength of your spirit power attack is not many. Moreover, you have the mysterious summoning technique.”

A hint of a rare smile appeared on Xi La De’s stern face. “To still be so calm even when almost all of your magic power has been consumed, your spirit power must be pretty good. I will give you a chance; if you can survive an attack from the snow eagle on my shoulder, I will spare your life. Mao Mao, come here. If not, I will confiscate all of your pets.”

Mao Mao blinked, seeming to resolve herself to do something. She moved her body to block Nian Bing. “Daddy, you cannot kill Big Brother Nian Bing! Big Sister Feng Nu said he is a good person.”

Xi La De creased his eyebrows. “Feng Nu?”

Mao Mao replied, “Big Sister Feng Nu told me to say the words ‘daughter of a phoenix’ to you. Daddy, let Big Brother Nian Bing go. At worst, I will go home with you.”

Xi La De snorted coldly and said, “You silly girl, you actually dare to negotiate with me? Come.” His final word was full of an intimidating aura. Under the spiritual pressure, Mao Mao’s complexion became even paler. Nevertheless, she still remained blocking in front of Nian Bing, forcefully shaking her head.

Nian Bing patted Mao Mao’s shoulder. “Go and return to your father. I don’t need a woman to protect me. Don’t worry; I will be fine.”

Mao Mao turned her head back to Nian Bing, her eyes filled with tears. “Big Brother Nian Bing, but you don’t have any magic right now! The snow eagle is very fierce. Big Brother, you……”

“By the power of the spirit, children who have lost something! I will lead you into the lost eternity.” Xi La De’s voice held a certain magnetism. When she heard this voice, Mao Mao could not help but shudder. Her eyes emitted a dazed light as she turned around and walked to her father, step by step.

Spirit magic was truly strange. Mao Mao obediently walked to her father’s side and stood there, seeming to have lost her will. Xi La De calmly said to Nian BIng, “No matter what sort of relationship you have with Feng Nu, no matter what happened between you and my daughter, if you cannot block my snow eagle’s attack, you will die.”

Nian Bing breathed in deeply, his gaze falling on the snow eagle on Xi La De’s shoulder. “Come.” The single word was filled with his confidence. He waved his right hand and tossed out four scrolls from his space ring onto the ground in front of him. Without any magic, he could only rely on scrolls. Although he had spent a lot of time on these scrolls, they couldn’t compare to his life.

Xi La De smiled calmly and said, “I want to see what sort of strange power the Ice and Fire Magic Source has. Little Snow, attack.”

The cold aura emitted by the snow eagle caused the air to suddenly become bitingly cold. It spread its wings and pushed off from Xi La De’s shoulder.  The snow eagle itself actually had an attribute.

A light flashed and four scrolls fell into Nian Bing’s hands. Although the snow eagle looked to be far less intimidating than the golden-backed land dragon, he did not dare slack off in the slightest.

The snow eagle advanced, unfurling its snow-white wings approaching a span of two meters. With a loud and clear shriek, two streaks of ice shot out from its wings and condensed into two giant ice blades. With a flash of blue light, they intersected each other as they headed towards Nian Bing. Nian Bing twirled his fingers and a ball of flame ignited, rapidly becoming a Fire Wall that appeared in front of him. Soon after, he sent the remaining three scrolls flying out at the same time while retreating several steps. The ice blades collided with the Fire Wall, and the strength of the attack was weakened by a large amount. At this time, gigantic Twin Balls of Ice melded together. The remainder of ice blades’ strength could only leave two deep scores on the surface of very large  Twin Ball of Ice before they started to spin rapidly in the air and, tracing a beautiful arc, heading straight for the snow eagle. Offense was the best defense.

The two red eyes of the snow eagle were filled with a disdainful light. Its wings suddenly retracted as it descended towards the ground. Just as it almost collided with the Twin Balls of Ice, the snow eagle immediately increased its speed and charged straight at Nian Bing. The latter simultaneously cast out two scrolls in order to cast a type of Ice and Fire Source attack. With a wild exploding sound, an amalgamation of red and blue light formed into a giant whirlpool attack in front of the approaching the snow eagle. This was the strongest attack that he could currently make.

The clear and piercing voice of the eagle came again. It was not equipped with strong defensive capabilities like the golden-backed land dragon. The two opposite extreme magics of the Ice and Fire Source simultaneously erupted. Cold and hot intertwining together produced strength that was not so simple. The snow eagle that had been charging forward earlier, forcefully changed the direction of its attack . It skyrocketed upward right before reaching the Ice and Fire Magic Source, and in the air it traced a parabola, evading the attack and once again charging at Nian BIng.

Nian Bing’s eyes widened. He spat out another mouthful of blood and bit his tongue, bringing his spiritual power to its limits, “Return.” The Ice and Fire Source that had been rushing forward stiffly stopped its forward momentum and reversed directions, now pursuing the snow eagle from behind. At the same time, Nian Bing raised his Icicle Wand high. “Rise, Baptism of Ice.” The four scrolls he had thrown at the beginning shattered at the same time. A chill was released into the air and, in the next moment, formed into  a giant ice cage that encircled the snow eagle from the front, limiting its freedom. Baptism of Ice was a rank 6 ice magic. There were two scrolls of the four that could utilize its strength. The other two were both auxiliary rank 4 Ice spells. The four scrolls activating simultaneously meant that it took an instant for the ice prison in the air to thicken to a third of a meter. The only direction not sealed was behind the snow eagle in the direction of the Ice and Fire source.

The snow eagle felt the danger and shrieked harshly. It flapped its wings hard and covered its body in a  layer of blue light. Like an arrow, it charged upwards.

“If you want to run, I won’t let you. Change, flame.”  A boiling purple flame was emitted within the empty ice cage. The flame came crashing down from the uppermost part of the ice wall, cloaking the entire space within the ice cage. Right at this moment, Nian Bing had used up his spiritual power to control the magic in succession and he finally could not endure it any longer. His butt landed on the ground, and the Ice and Fire Source which was sweeping away all before it, disappeared without any magic control.

A shattering sound could clearly be heard. The snow eagle’s figure burst through into the sky, but its crystalline, snow-white feathers had turned black.

The snow eagle suddenly became larger in the air, shrieking ear-piercingly with no end. Several groups of snowflakes floated in the air, dancing in the wind and becoming increasingly wild.

Nian Bing’s heart froze. He knew that even if he could have kept his control for a few more moments, even the Ice and Fire Source could not kill that powerful magic beast. At best he could injure it severely, but right now it seemed that he did not have an opportunity. The snow eagle’s ability it was using was clearly stronger than the rank 4 Snowstorm. Currently, he didn’t have any scrolls surpassing rank 4. Besides sitting down and waiting for death, there was nothing he could do. But Nian Bing did not close his eyes and watched the snow eagle in the air, his heart still unresigned.

“Enough, Little Ying.”1 A red light suddenly flashed, wrapping the snow eagle till it could no longer be seen. The Snowstorm that had just been condensed disappeared.

Xi La De strode slowly in front of Nian Bing. Sensing the surrounding activity of the magic element, he said with a calm smile, “You are much stronger than I had imagined. Did you make those scrolls?”

Nian Bing nodded and replied, “That’s right, I made them. I could not completely block your snow eagle’s attack, so why did you release me?”

Xi La De extended a hand to Nian Bing. Nian Bing was not polite and grabbed his hand to stand. His body was hit with a spell of dizziness, and the fuzziness in his mind seemed to intensify. If it weren’t for the Heavenly Flower Tile on his chest emitting its warm aura, he may have fallen into an unconsciousness state sooner.

A light flashed in Xi La De’s hand, and a cherry sized green medicinal pill appeared. “Eat it. Your lost magic power relies on yourself, but this Concentration Pill should be able to cure your weakness.”

Nian Bing took the medicine pill and swallowed it. The medicine pill immediately turned into a bitter liquid and flowed into his stomach when it entered his mouth. A hot feeling rose within him, and Nian Bing’s forehead shone with a sheen of sweat, but his spirit had improved. He did not say thanks to Xi Li De, but looked at him coolly, waiting for him to speak.

Xi La De looked at Nian Bing in the same manner. “Are you not afraid that I fed you poison?”

Nian Bing smiled. “Senior, do you not think that this question is too much? If you wanted to kill me, you could’ve done so in a hundred ways. Did you need to use a basic trick like poison to do that? Moreover, when you said that you would let me withstand an attack from the snow eagle, I knew you did not want to kill me. If you want to ask something, you can ask.”

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