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37.2 The Story of the Dragon God

Nian Bing asked Mao Mao, “Do you know what’s going on? Don’t tell me that golden-backed land dragon did something else?”

Mao Mao pondered and then replied, “The iron-backed land dragon is already a very strong species. If it reaches one hundred years old, its body will strengthen. Upon reaching three hundred years, the iron-backed land dragon will evolve into a golden-backed land dragon. This is also my first time seeing it. Daddy said before that golden-backed land dragons were the kings of the earth. Besides the true, greater dragons, there are few organisms that can contend against it. No matter whether it be physical or magic defense, the golden-backed land dragon has reached the pinnacle of its form. However, our spirit magic is the nemesis of the earth king. From the way it looks now, it’s possible that the golden-backed land dragon was stimulated to evolve by Daddy’s spirit magic. Even I don’t know what it will evolve into. I think Daddy means to give me it as a pet to raise; it’s really too great.”

Nian Bing nodded his head, and couldn’t contain his interest. He whispered, “Stay here and don’t move. I’m going to go look.”

Mao Mao giggled and said, “It’s okay if you go. We’ll go together; anyway, it’s not far. With Daddy here, nothing can happen to us.”


Nian Bing looked at her and helplessly nodded. “Then you definitely must not call out and stay behind me and be careful.”

With a noise of agreement, Mao Mao set her fox Na Na on the ground, and they walked in the direction of where the golden light had first appeared. As the two people looked at the place lit up by a golden light from behind a large tree, they indeed saw a golden-backed land dragon. However, it was currently undergoing a transformation. It was originally a very large creature, though it had shrunk a little right now. However, two lines of large protrusions burst out from its back. Its four limbs looked to have become thicker, and its entire body had turned completely gold. Its outer skin had become rigid, seeming like it was covered by a layer of golden scales. Its back fins had become longer than before, and moreover, they seemed to each be twisting together, forming a spear like spike. The spikes were about one meter in length. Upon careful counting, the twisted dorsal fins were nine in total, nine pikes extending from its back from the back of its neck to its tail. At the same time, its tail was also undergoing  a change. The very long tail seemed to be bifurcating into nine sections, though it still had not reached completion at the moment.

Unending golden flames were spat out from the golden-backed land dragon’s mouth, the scorching air charred  the surrounding shrubbery. It seemed to be very excited; its eyes which had turned blood-red were looking all about. A golden aura surrounding its body formed a natural defensive layer that flickered in and out of view. Its live force seemed to be getting stronger.

“Grawr–” An angry roar came from the golden-backed land dragon. It snapped back its massive skull, spitting out a massive golden flame at Xi La De in the air.

Xi La De snorted coldly. The green bird brought him higher, dodging the golden flame. After spitting out a mouthful of the golden flame, the golden-backed land dragon appeared tired. It lowered its head to gasp for breath, seeming to store more strength to attack Xi La De again. It was just too bad that Xi la De would not give it such an opportunity.

“By my life, by my blood I summon you, o noble Khaldrys! My companion! Show us your greatest power.” On the back of the green bird, he quickly bit his finger. With his blood, he drew a small hexagram. The instant the hexagram was completed, the bird he was riding suddenly trembled. Xi La De patted the green bird’s back and with a flash of light, it disappeared into thin air. Xi La De naturally began to fall to the ground.

Right at that moment, the surrounding air suddenly became heavier. The red hexagram Xi La De had drew suddenly expanded, and the descent of Xi La De halted mid-air. A gigantic black shadow slowly started to emerge from the red hexagram. The clear and sunny skies suddenly filled with black clouds and the sound of a deep dragon cry resonated. The black clouds rolled in the sky, and the stagnated Xi La de was cradled by the black figure. Yes, it was a greater dragon, a emerald green greater dragon.

Nian Bing did not dare to believe his eyes and forcefully rubbed them. A dragon, a real dragon? Wasn’t it said that the dragon race had gone extinct in the warring era of ancient times? How could a dragon appear here? Heavens! Mao Mao’s father actually summoned a true dragon. The clouds begets the dragon’s arrival, this truly is the so-called dragon from clouds!

Yes, it was a true greater dragon. It was over twenty-three meters in length. With its massive dragon wings unfurled and bringing with it a haze. Atop its head were a pair of antlers, with whiskers coming from the corner of its mouth. Below its forehead was a pearl, and its entire body was covered in green scales. Its limbs underneath its belly were thick and powerful. A single dragon claw was enough to grasp the head of the golden-backed land dragon. Its massive body twirled in the air. With its wings spread out and its claws extended, it descended to the ground. The strong wind blew over the surroundings. The entire body of the golden-backed land ragon covered in gold light suddenly trembled, and it raised its head at the green dragon and roared.

The dragon’s cry sounded out again, and the green greater dragon seemed to be angrily roaring. The powerful golden-backed land dragon did not dare to disobey and raised its head. The green dragon descended, its four, powerful claws seizing onto the scales on the back of the golden-backed land dragon, while constantly roaring. The golden-backed land dragon seemed to be conversing with it as their voices began to weaken.

Xi La De slid off the green dragon’s back onto the ground and looked at the golden-backed dragon up close. With a satisfied smile, he said, “Thank you, noble Khaldrhys. I will trouble you to bring him back.”

The green greater dragon looked at him and nodded, and conversed in human speech. “For it to exist, he had to submit. I already promised it that in a hundred years, it will be permitted to join the dragon race.”

The green dragon Khaldrhys nodded at Xi La De and roared a dragon roar at the sky. It shifted its sight towards where Nian Bing and Mao Mao were standing. “Little Mao Mao, you have to listen to what your father says. If not, Uncle Dragon will spank your little butt.”

In the face of the green greater dragon, Mao Mao was not scared at all. She skipped out from behind the tree and giggled. “Uncle Dragon don’t hit me, I’m going back with Daddy. However, you should let Mao Mao play with your feelers. I heard people say that dragon whiskers can whip rock into dust.”

The green greater dragon gave a low rumble. Its massive head dangled down strengthless, and helplessly said, “You girl, you’re getting more audacious by the day! Okay, I will go. When you get back let your dad spank your butt.” Although its words were rebuking, its tone did not contain any real intention of scolding. Its powerful wings flapped making Xi La De take several steps backwards. With a flap of its wings it was aloft, bringing the golden-backed land dragon with it. Into the air they flew, and in a moment, they had pierced through the cloud cover. The clouds gradually dissipated and the green greater dragon Khaldrhys had disappeared.

Nian Bing stood there, seemingly pondering over something. Suddenly, he flicked his wrist, and the Proud Sky knife that was in his hand chopped at a tree next to him. With the acceleration of the wind, Proud Sky met almost no resistance as it sliced into the tree. The green light sparked again, and the knife returned to Nian Bing’s hand. The tree had fallen. A piece cut into a third of a meter long  with a diameter of about one third of a meter fell into Nian Bing’s hand. His attention seemed to be completely immersed in the tree trunk, not even noticing when Xi La De and his daughter came over next to him.

Mao Mao was just about to speak to Nian Bing when she was stopped by Xi La De. He said to his daughter quietly, “Do not bother him. He seems to be comprehending something.”

The green light flashed like lightning, and the bark was all peeled away. Nian Bing’s wrist flicked, sending the Proud Sky Knife back into his space. The next instant, Demonic Engraving had appeared in his hands. The veiny pattern of the tree trunk had been completely exposed. He cut down with a ghostly blue light twinkling around his hands. Wood shavings were sent flying as Nian Bing chanted softly, “The demonic hand fell on the transformation of the startled sky. The carving billowed hundreds of turns. The work of god exists in eternity. The blade reflects a fragment of the moon in the cold spring.” His movements seemed very slow but were very elegant. The ghostly blue light wrap around the wood block in a mist. But Xi La De, who was exceptionally strong in spirit power, could clearly see that every wave of the dream-like mist was actually at least ten rays of light cutting at the wood.

Finally, the ghostly blue light disappeared, and Demonic Engraving lay passively in Nian Bing’s hands. In his other hand was his just finished work, a dragon. A dragon that looked exactly the same as Khaldrhys. Even the dragon scales did not have any differences. It captured the action of Khaldrhys pouncing with its four claws outstretched. Its massive wings were completely unfurled. The carving’s most exquisite aspect was the green dragon Khaldrhys’ eyes. It seemed that even in the carving they held an expression. If it were not for that fact that the carving was not alive, it would simply be a miniature version of the green greater dragon with a spirit!

“The Demonic Engraving God Knife is a good knife. For your knife arts to have reached this realm, I believe that you are a chef.” There wasn’t anything in this word that Xi La De hadn’t seen, but still he could not help but praise Nian Bing for his masterful work.

Nian Bing’s mind returned, and he replied with some embarrassment, “I am sorry. Because when I learned culinary arts, the figure I was most proficient at carving was a dragon, but I felt that even though my carvings had the shape of the dragon, they lacked its true essence. When I saw senior summon the greater dragon before, I was unable to hold back my excitement and carved this.

Xi La De walked over to Nian Bing and said with praise, “It was just a short period of time. You were really able to capture Khaldrhys’ essence. I can see that you hold some accomplishments in the area of spiritual power.”

Nian Bing gave the wooden dragon carving he was holding to Ma Mao who wore a face full of curiosity. “Since you are going home, this is Big Brother’s present to you.”

Mao Mao took the wooden dragon with excitement. “Fantastic. Big Brother, so you had this kind of talent.”

Nian Bing smiled and replied, “I have another gift. Although you might not necessarily have a use for it, it’ll be good for you to bring it with you.” While saying this, he pulled out the two teeth from the musk deer from before. Demonic Engraving flashed, and the teeth were immediately hollowed out. He carefully stuffed the musk gland into the teeth and then passed them to Mao Mao. “When you get back, make sure to stop them up with wax. If you ever have a wound that breaks skin, you can rumb the musk deer teeth after they have turned yellow onto your wound and it will not get infected. If you are bitten by a poisonous insect, if you use the musk deer teeth around the wound then the poison will not spread. But you need to remember that the musk deer teeth must turn yellow before they have this kind of property. Musk deer teeth will also emit a faint fragrance that I think you will like.”

Mao Mao looked at the 5 inch deer teeth in her hands. Her eyes were filled with emotion. “Big Brother, why are you so good to Mao Mao! Mao Mao likes your presents very much.”

Nian Bing smiled faintly. “You called me big brother a lot; don’t wear it out! Big Brother doesn’t have many nice things, so I can only give you these.”

Xi La De smiled. “It looks that your fortune was pretty good. Na Na is no doubt a fox that attracts treasures. Although its urine smells terrible, it can attract rare creatures. This musk deer teeth, once it’s finished, will sell for more than fifty purple-gold coins, but they are rare on the market.”

It was the first time that Nian Bing had seen Xi La De’s face with a genial smile. At this moment, he was not the cold summoner, but more like a senior. Just when he thought that Xi La De was going to leave with Mao Mao, he instead pulled Mao Mao over to the side where they had came from to sit down. He waved Nian Bing over, saying, “Do you want to hear about the story related to that golden-backed land dragon?”

With his curiousity piqued, Nian Bing walked over next to Xi La De and his daughter and sat down. Xi La De continued speaking, “Even I did not think that you would run into a thousand-year-old land dragon. In all of the writings on the continent, the creatures known as dragons were only written down as legends. But in fact, although dragons are strong, they are still just a species on this continent. It’s just that they are the strongest species. Thousands of years ago, in the time of an ancient war, the continent possessed over a thousand greater dragons. At that time, countries also possessed dragon warriors which they held as their pride since dragons represented strength. Whichever side held the more greater dragon warriors, the chances of victory would be tipped in their favor. But with the passage of time, the numbers of the dragon race dwindled. Although they were the strongest race, it was difficult for them to raise an offspring, especially to incubate an egg. They became increasingly rarer, and greater dragons become more precious. The dragons are a prideful race, and they definitely would not ask for help from humans as they believed that humans were selfishness incarnate. The reason why the assisted mankind in war was actually because they wanted to learn how to learn how to reproduce faster from humans and strengthen their own reproduction capability. But after the war, they disappeared. After all, dragons are not humans. Their body composition is too different and is unable to sustain that fast breeding rate of mankind. When the greater dragons numbered no more than one hundred, the dragon king then knew that its own species would go extinct. Helpless, it only could use its own life to used the strongest Dragontongue spell to ask the dragon god to save them. Just as the ceremony was drawing to a close, the dragon king’s Dragontongue spell was suddenly interrupted. A selfish greater dragon who desired the dragon king’s position attacked. At that time, my ancestor who had good relations with the dragon race  paid with his own life, burning all of his spiritual power to block that greater dragon, just managing to let the dragon king complete a Dragontongue forbidden spell–the Dragon God’s Prayer.”

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