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Chapter 4.3 – The Silver Feather Knight Regiment

Zha Ji was once the Demon Chef, and he had always received courteous and grand receptions no matter where he went. Looking at the few silver coins thrown to them, he did not even give them a single glance and said coldly: “Do you think we are beggars? This is a major road, not your house.”

The knight took another step forward with his expression unchanged, but his imposing manner gave out an increasing pressure, and he repeated his former words, “Please leave immediately.”

“What basis do you have to be so overbearing?” Nian Bing said angrily, standing in front of his Master. Although he clearly knew that the knight had the strength of a swordmaster, but he did not have any fear.

Looking at the little fatty in front of him, the knight’s eyebrows furrowed, his hand gripping the sword hilt on his waist, repeating for a third time: “Please leave immediately.” Very obviously, if he was rejected again, he would begins attacking.


At this time, two women got off the horse-drawn carriage, and the angelic voice sounded out once more, “Enough, this is not our territory, we are travelling now, do not cause unnecessary trouble for others others.” The attractive sound caught Nian Bing’s attention, and when he saw the two beautiful forms, he couldn’t help but be dazed momentarily.

The lady in front appeared to have an appearance of 27-28 years old. She was wearing a blue qipao with silver embroideries, each having its own beautiful design. She had long, shapely eyebrows, a nose of jade, creamy white skin, a head of long, dark green hair that spread out from behind her like a waterfall, bound with a silver ring, and blue eyes as clear as water. Her face wore a faint smile, looking toward Nian Bing.

Nian Bing was completed dazed, his normally stable hands were slightly shivering. Zha Ji looked at her, and praised her silently in his heart, even after having travelled the mainland for so many years, he had not seen many beautiful young women of such quality.

“Little Pervert, who allowed you to look of my mother like that.” The little girl at the side of the young woman suddenly jumped up, both hands at her waist, giving Nian Bing a  discontented look. She looked to be around 12-13 years of age, wearing a white dress, bearing some resemblance to the beautiful woman, though with a slightly childish air. Although she was currently angry, it still did not reduce her cuteness. With her short dark green hair dropped down to just over her ears, and her hands on her waist, it greater displayed her naivety and innocence.

“Mom, Mom.” Tears gleamed in Nian Bing’s eyes, and he suddenly shouted out loud: “Mom… Mom!” Zha Ji was not holding on to him, and he suddenly rushed towards the beautiful young woman.

The knight who was in front of them reacted extremely quickly, with one step, he blocked Nian Bing’s advance. But at this moment, nothing else existed for Nian Bing except that beautiful woman, the seemingly fat body quickly moved to one side, and his right hand subconsciously pulled out the long sword from the knight’s waist, and using the sword like a knife, he struck seven blows with lightning speed towards the knight. At the same time, his left hand’s fingers flicked, and two icicles flew out towards the knight’s eyes without warning.

As a swordmaster, furthermore a Silver Feather Knight, he definitely had gone through the trial of blood and fire. Even so, facing a child who did not even come up to his waist, how much precaution could he have? The sword which had been his companion for so many years seemed to come alive in Nian Bing’s hands, and the seven continuous flowing blows did not seem to have any particular style except for one word – speed. His self-preservation instincts kicking in subconsciously, the Knight’s body bent backwards, dodging the icicles and sword coming at him; however, though he successfully managed to dodge the ice cons, but the 7 swift blows were not so easily dodged. Nian Bing had been training by chopping firewood the whole year, and his wrist had been strengthened to that of an adult’s. The sword instantly struck the knight’s armor, causing sparks to fly out. Even though he had not caused any real damage to the knight, but he had certainly made him look bad.

The time in between was more than sufficient for Nian Bing, as he swiftly bypassed the knight and flew swiftly towards the beautiful woman, tears streaming down his plump cheeks, his whole body seemingly imbued with a sorrowful aura.

To a knight, his sword is his life; having his sword taken from him and used against him could be said to be the greatest insult possible. Furthermore, the one who did so was just a child! The knight who had seemed so calm previously shouted out in anger, and with a quick step, he had already chased Nian Bing from behind, a dim blue light coalescing around his right hand, striking towards Nian Bing’s head.

“Be careful!” Zha Ji cried out in alarm.

However, at this moment, Nian Bing’s eyes and heart were totally focused on the beautiful lady, and he ignored Zha Ji’s warning, the knight’s sword still in his hand as he ran forward, without a clue about the angry palm behind him which was speeding towards his head like a death god – that blow would be more than enough to kill him several times over.

“He is just a child.” A soft sigh rang out as a figure flashed out, and soft beautiful hand covered in silver light blocking the knight’s blow. The knight was knocked back several steps before regaining his balance, staggering around as his face flushed red.

The one who had suddenly saved Nian Bing was the beautiful lady, and when her figure vanished from Nian Bing’s eyes, he had also halted, before realising that she was just beside him. He immediately threw down the sword in his hands, crying out in woe: “Mama…” Like a young swallow returning to its nest, he threw himself into her embrace. Of course, if a young swallow was as fat as him, it probably would not be able to fly up.

The beautiful woman was rather stunned, as she held Nian Bing’s shoulders, and she was momentarily at a loss. Before marriage, she had been known for her fiery temper, and although she had reigned in her temper a little after marriage, but those who knew of her reputation usually kept their distance from her. Besides her husband, if any other man dared touch her, he would probably be chopped into pieces. However, looking at the sobbing, depressed Nian Bing in her arms, a motherly instinct rose within her, and she did not resist but instead enveloped him in her embrace.

“Child, don’t cry. Tell Aunty, what happened to you?” She said in a gentle tone.

“Mama, Mama, don’t leave me, don’t leave me.” All of Nian Bing’s repressed emotions as he missed his mother suddenly welled out, and he started crying out loud in her arms.

The little girl who was accompanying her mother saw that her mother had been ‘taken’ by someone else, and instantly ran over and pushed Nian Bing, “What are you doing! I won’t allow you to hug my mother.”

The little girl had a surprising strength, even if Nian Bing was prepared he wouldn’t be able to compare in strength. Being unprepared, he stumbled and fell to the side, but at the moment he had been clutching the woman’s skirt, and a tearing sound rang out, and with a cry of surprise from the beautiful woman, her skirt had been torn, causing part of her legs to be revealed. She immediately flushed deep red, quickly clutching the remnants of her skirt to cover herself. The knights around quickly turned their bodies, praying inwardly: ‘I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything. If the Marquis knows what happened, I’m afraid he will dig out our eyes.’

“Chen Chen, what are you doing?” After the beautiful woman covered her delicate body, she angrily rebuked her daughter beside her.  

Feeling wronged, Chen Chen said, “Mother, Why did he call you mother? You are my mother only .”

The beautiful woman looked at her daughter tenderly and helplessly shook her head. A silver radiance appeared, gathering near the tattered skirt and causing the remnants to bind together. Although it could be considered awkward, at the very least it could be considered to have been restored to a full state.

Nian Bing fell for a moment and the blow actually calmed his mind down a little. Zha Ji was already running toward him and helped him off the floor. “Nian Bing, what’s wrong?” His eyes displayed worry. Currently, what Zha Ji feared the most was that Nian Bing had broken his memory seal.  

Nian Bing got up and let Zha Ji slap the dust off of him, all while staring foolishly at the beautiful woman. He mumbled, “You, you aren’t Mama. Mama’s hair is blue.”

The beautiful woman had already corrected her dress. She gently walked in front of Nian Bing and said, “Child, could it be that your mother and I share a great resemblance?”

Nian Bing firmly nodded.

The beautiful woman looked at his plump, small face, and her eyes could not help but display a tender radiance, “Then where is your mother?”

Nian Bing’s mind was clear now, so he lowered his head and lightly shook it. “I don’t know. I only have my master.”

Hearing those words, Zha Ji let out a sigh of release and hastily said, “Madam, please excuse us. My apprentice had lost both his parents. Perhaps it is because he greatly misses his mother that he offended you. I hope you would forgive this.”

The beautiful woman gave a faint smile, “It doesn’t matter. This child is really adorable.”

Chen Chen came closer and resentfully pouted her small mouth, saying, “But he isn’t as cute as me. He is so fat, like a ball. So ugly, I could die.” In fairness, although Nian Bing had gotten a tad fat, he was still quite young after all. And with addition to his originally handsome face, he truly could not be regarded as ugly. Although Chen Chen said this, she thought to herself, ‘This small fatty has a very amusing appearance.’


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