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Slaughtering the Land Dragon Legion

“Ling’er, use Twin Ice Globes, quickly,” Li De ordered anxiously.

The sluggish Long Ling hurried to begin chanting. “Powerful ice element! Condense and turn into the ice from the ancient cold river, turn into the ice from the splendid moon. Ice and ice combine and become two ice globes.” Two giant ice globes appeared. Perhaps it was the influence of Nian Bings’ control techniques, but Long Ling deliberately compressed the ice globes. Although time was short, they looked substantially firmer.

A light flashed in Nian Bing’s eyes. He immediately understood what Li De was thinking. If there was just one thing in the vortex it would continue to spin until it was swallowed by the vortex. However, if it hit a stationary solid, it would easily smash to pieces when spinning with the vortex. The Twin Ice Globes were supposed to act as the stationary solid. Whether or not it could produce a good outcome would depend on Long Ling’s magic control.


The ice globes flew into the vortex, immediately slamming into the thirty plus land dragons one after the other. With the rotational momentum of the vortex, the ice globes were soon dyed red. Although Long Ling could not keep the ice globes perfectly still, they were a little slower than the whirring of the vortex.

“Mercenaries, I leave the rest to you.” After the ice globes had smashed the twelfth iron-backed land dragon into pieces, Li De stopped the spell. After all, maintaining an AoE rank 7 spell was not easy, even for a magic scholar like  him.

The dizzy land dragons finally managed to place their feet on solid ground. Zi Qing Jian shouted, “Nian Bing, help me protect my sister,” and was the first to charge out. His battle style was extremely similar to Hua Rui’s, and his impressive body strength was definitely not inferior to hers. The land dragons’ tough scales were no match for his heavy sword, and a land dragon head rolled on the ground.

There were close to twenty land dragons remaining that still hadn’t shaken off their dizziness when the eight mercenaries near Nian Bing launched their attack.

“Little Sister Feng Nu, are you not going?” asked Zi Qing Meng, who was worried about her brother.

Feng Nu smiled. “I do not like the stench of blood, and there is no need for me to take action right now anyway.”

Zi Qing Jian’s strength was already at the martial master level. Perhaps his qi did not have the depth of Jia Te Lin’s, but his innate body strength and courageous spirit meant he possessed an awesome destructive power. Under his lead, the first four land dragons were destroyed at the hands of the mercenaries. Finally, the dizzy land dragons regained their senses. Their gigantic claws and sword-like teeth posed no small trouble fro the mercenaries. Massacring them would not be easy. Except for Zi Qing Jian, the other mercenaries chose to attack their eyes and deliver fatal blows. However the land dragons seemed to have wizened up as they stopped receiving terrible wounds.

There were sixteen land dragons left, and ten of them were surrounded by Zi Qing Jian and the others, while the remaining five were headed straight for Nian Bing and co.

Feng Nu gave Zi Qing Jian a look, then smiled bitterly. “See, now it’s time for me to make a move. Nian Bing, do not use any spells; save your magic power.” Her expression suddenly changed as a fiery red aura burst forth from her body. Her facial expression was abnormally calm as she charged at the five land dragons head-on.

Long Ling made a sound of alarm. “Nian Bing, hurry and use magic scrolls to help her. She will die if faces the land dragons head on.” The gentle, benevolent girl would have chanted a spell herself if there was enough time. She knew that the only one who could help Feng Nu right now was Nian Bing.

Nian Bing smiled but shook his head. “There is no need. Just wait and see.”

The red-clad figure was smoke as she smoke as she eerily  wafted through to the center of the five land dragons. Even with Nian Bing’s visual acuity, he only saw flashes of silver light. The red figure never stopped moving and instead broke into the midst of the land dragons that Zi Qing Meng was engaged with. At the moment, Zi Qing Meng had already slain one.

The five land dragons were still wildly rushing at Nian Bing and them. Ka Luo, who had been observing them the whole time was about to intervene when he saw a strange sight. The five madly rushing land dragons’ upper halves slid down to the ground. Blood and broken flesh exploded over ten meters away when they were only thirty meters away from Nian Bing and the others. They had been turned to piles of meat.

Long Ling’s face turned even paler, and the magic wand she was gripping was trembling slightly. Zi Qing Meng muttered, “D-didn’t she say she didn’t like the smell of blood?”

The corners of Nian Bing’s mouth lifted “Yes, she does not like the smell of blood. If you didn’t see, no blood splashed on her.”

Zi Qing Meng mumbled, “Father once said that a true martial saint is equivalent to at least twenty martial masters. Since she just entered the martial saint realm, I think that she should be about equal to ten. What frightening power.”

Although Feng Nu’s strength was terrifying, the scene put on now was partly due to her Nine Heavenly Flames Sword. If she used this near god-grade blade with her Nine Flames Qi, cutting apart a iron-backed land dragons scales was not too different from cutting a piece of paper.

Right now, Zi Qing Jian’s side had finished their battle. With Feng Nu in the fray, the land dragons could only die.

Ka Luo’s voice suddenly spoke. “Nian Bing, watch out.”

Nian Bing whirled around, only to see a giant land dragon attacking him from the side, intending to collide with him. At the moment, Zi Qing Meng was scared stiff and Feng Yun was stunned. Only Long Ling and Li De could respond. Long Ling took out a magic scroll from his chest while Long Ling actually ran over to Nian Bing, turning her back to the land dragon only ten meters away.

“Ling’er!” Nian Bing was not scared by the land dragon, but he nearly jumped in fright because of Long Ling’s recklessness. His wrists shook as a red light flashed outwards.

An explosive sound erupted when the land dragon toppled down only three meters away from Long LIng. Its giant head had been split in two, the broad True Sun Knife embedded in its neck.

Before this land dragon had appeared, Nian Bing was prepared. He definitely would not commit the same offense twice. Perhaps a low ranked spell could not harm a land dragon, but with an exploding flame spell, the god-grade True Sun Knife could easily slice through a land dragon’s head. This is what he observed from Feng Nu’s Heavenly Flame Sword. He himself did not have any qi, but he hypothesized that a push from his magic would work the same way. This was the first time he had tried this and with great result.

Taking a step forward, Nian Bing tightly hugged Long Ling to his chest. “Ling’er, Ling’er, why are you so stupid!”

As he embraced her soft form, Nian Bing could not control his feelings. Long Ling’s silent care had deeply moved his heart. He knew that in this life, he could never throw away the girl in his arms. After all, the human heart is made of flesh. Such a gentle and kind girl wanted to give her life for him. How could he remain emotionless?

Long Ling blushed prettily. Since Nian Bing had left, this was the first time she had felt at peace. In Nian Bing’s warm embrace, her tears moistened his clothing.

Zi Qing Mengs’ cough startled the pair, and Long Ling hastily shoved Nian Bing away. Her face was still red as she tried to rub away the remaining tears in her eyes.

Zi Qing Meng handed Nian Bing back his True Sun Knife. She teased, “Your kitchen knife has extensive applications. After cutting off a land dragon’s head, don’t use it to make our food.”

Nian BIng smiled bitterly, “That was just an emergency measure. Relax, I will definitely clean True Sun. Ling’er, you cannot do such a thing again. I will protect you and me. Do you know just how much my heart hurt?”

Long Ling’s expression was calm once more. “Nian BIng, we are just ordinary friends. Do not say such things to me again.” She turned around and went back to her sedan.

Nian Bing went blank for a moment before hurrying after her. He grabbed Long Ling’s hand. “Ling’er, it was my bad before. If you want, I-I will court you, is that alright?” His feelings were unavoidable, so as a reasonable person, Nian Bing chose to dress them directly. However, Long Ling’s answer shocked him to the core.

“Of course you cannot. Nian BIng, I forgot to tell you something. Senior Brother Shi Jiu and I are engaged.” Long Ling shook off Nian Bing’s hand, then sat down in her own sedan.

“What? Y-you and Shi Jiu are engaged? No, this can’t be. You are definitely lying to me, right?” Nian Bing was in a state of shock.

Long Ling gave him a look. “Why would I need to lie to you? Since you do not want me, I naturally found someone who did.”

A bitter feeling stabbed Nian Bing right in the heart. Lowering his head, he let out a heavy sigh. “Sorry and congratulations.” Nian Bing’s eyes burned with cold fire. His head snapped up as a land dragon from where Hua Rui was headed for them. At the moment, there were still eight land dragons left.

“Ignite, endless flame!” Nian Bing raised the True Sun Knife as the Flame God’s Roar increased the rate of fire element conversion. “Endless flame! Lend me your never ending passion. Arise, Surgent Flame.”

Surgent Flame was a rank 6 auxiliary fire spell. After using this spell, a rank 6 spell could gain the strength of a rank 7 spell. It was the spell fire great mages used to surpass their limits.

An intense flame flared up around Nian BIng. The fire was not even red, but a deep, ghostly blue.

“Mighty Fire God! Please allow me to make use of your left hand, and let the flame descend to earth to eradicate the wicked power. Let the blaze illuminate the whole earth and destroy all the barriers obstructing me. –The Fire God’s Left Hand.” The flames flared up around the Flame God’s Roar as the blue Flame God’s Left Hand hovered over Nian Bing.

“Cut everything before me.” He pointed the Flame God’s Roar forward. The normally rational Nian Bing’s heart had been ignited. He only desired slaughter, endless slaughter. The Flame God’s Roar and the Surgent Flame spell had brought the power of Fire God’s Left Hand to rank 7. The blue hand grabbed a land dragon’s head.

The land dragon screamed as the it came in contact with the scorching hand. With a bang, the Fire God’s Left Hand crushed its head. The slaughter was not over yet as Nian Bing wildly exploded another land dragon’s head.

The land dragon’s giant body was cast to aside as the blue flames covered it, producing an acrid stench. These ordinary land dragons were no older than twenty, thirty years old, far younger than the golden-backed land dragon king that Nian Bing had met before. The burning land dragons rolled on the ground in an attempt to extinguish the flames, but like the fires of hell, these flames would not go out.

“Kill, kill, kill!” The rank 7 Fire God’s Left Hand showed their power as the giant hand sent the remaining land dragons flying, then encased them in a ball of flame. A massive quantity of magic power was consumed to support the spell, but Nian Bing did not care. Everyone looking on was dumbfounded. They saw that Nian Bing’s eyes had turned red at some point.

When the last land dragon exploded, the Fire God’s Left Hand disappeared, not because Nian Bing wanted to but because he had not enough power to support a rank 7 spell.

Weakness engulfed his mind, but he could only feel his heart aching. His heart aching for Long Ling.

“Nian Bing, are you all right?” Feng Nu’s concerned voice penetrated Nian Bing’s haze. This was the first time she had seen Nian Bing go wild like this. He had abandoned conserving his magic power and chose for an all-out flame attack. This was inconsistent with his rational self.

Breathing roughly, Nian Bing shook his head. “Thank you, I am fine. I just wanted to vent.”

The mercenaries were now gathered around. Ka Luo’s perception of the mages and Feng Nu had completely changed. There were near sixty land dragons, and the greater portion of them had been destroyed by Nian Bing and them. This confirmed their strength. If there were only mercenaries, they would be able to achieve victory but at a much steeper price. Ka Luo could not help feel that he had made the right decision to ask Nian Bing and his friends to join in on this operation.

“President Ka Luo, everyone is tired. We should rest before advancing,” Nian Bing relayed calmly, before going off to the side.

Ka Luo wanted to say something, but Feng Nu stopped him. “Let him be alone.”

The president spoke respectfully, “I really did not think that Miss was a martial saint. Ka Luo hopes you can forgive his earlier rudeness.” Martial saints had incomparable influence in the martial world. Because of the martial saint in his ranks, Ka Luo had completely recovered the confidence shaken by the appearance of the large number of land dragons.

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