MCIF Chapter 7.2


Chapter 7.2 – Fusion of Ice and Fire

An ordinary person would have already died from the breakage of their internal channels due to the fire and ice elements that wreaked havoc in the body. Nian Bing was in a severely dangerous state, even though he had dual attributes. If he made a mistake, he might either freeze or burn to death.

The  spasms of Nian Bing’s body became increasingly violent as red and blue aura continuously stimulated his body alternately. Nian Bing’s pores gradually exuded blood due to the tremendously painful stimulations to his meridian channels.

The Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone and the Flame God’s stone seemed to be thrown into a state of frenzy as his  body’s condition progressed. As the ice and fire elements frantically collided with each other at a crazy rate, it resulted in the two different magic becoming increasingly intense. Suddenly, as Nian Bing’s life was about to end, a warm green aura permeated out from his chest. It simultaneously fused with the two ice and fire magic powers. Nian Bing’s body was no longer half blue and half red at this moment. The ice and fire magic had already circulated through his entire body during the progression of their battle; which resulted in a mixture of the two magic powers in his body. Nian Bing shouted out as the gentle green aura mixed with his two magic powers. The ice and fire elements unexpectedly slowed down under the effect of the fusion with  the green aura. The two elements weren’t as violent as before. Nian Bing took it as an opportunity to hastily try and control the two countering magic. He was astonished to find that all of the magic elements in his body started to fuse with the green aura as it circulated throughout his body. Even though the rate of fusion was very slow, the process was already unstoppable.

The green aura only remained for a short while before disappearing. The pain from the cold and hot stimulations disappeared after the magic power in Nian Bing’s body underwent that bizarre state. As the two ice and fire elements circulated, they reach a marvelous fusion state. The ice and fire elements seemed to be completely separated from each other, but also seemed to be completely bonded  together as they slowly circulated. As  the battle between them gradually weakened, the scattered magic powers gradually gathered into a beautiful vortex that revolved in circles of blue and red colour. The Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone and the Flame God’s stone still inserted forces into their respective elements, like how they did previously. The vortex of elements wasn’t large. As the two magic powers gathered, the two auras slowly became sparkling and translucent.



Rong Tian smiled as he caressed his son’s head. “Ice can extinguish fire. However when the fire reaches a certain degree, it can equivalently extinguish ice, mutually subduing one another. The water and the fire relationship is the closest among the four basic magic elements. Ice is also the same as they are filled with liveliness. There was once a senior magician stated that when fire and water reaches a certain phase, they can become interchangeable. There is nothing absolute in the world. If the elements power are the same between the ice and fire elements, they will only have a fine distinction between them. That statement had once influenced the magic world greatly. There was a minority that agreed with that, but the majority objected. I was initially on the opposing side. However, after I met with your Mother, I found out that that statement of the interaction between ice and fire isn’t completely impossible. Since I am a fire magician, my knowledge about ice was negligible so it was impossible for me to change my flames to ice. If your mother wasn’t taken away, we might have been able to gain some time to research more on the relationships of water and fire and slowly discover the true fusion of ice and fire.”

The young Nian Bing asked curiously, “Father, what happens when water and fire fuses and how did you find that out?”

Rong Tian awkwardly coughed twice as a cover as to why his face flushed red. He replied Nian Bing, “You’re still too young. When you have grown up, Father will then tell you about it.”


‘Water and fire are the most closely related magic elements. Could it be the situation I am in now is the water and fire fusion that Father had once told me? Ice and water come from the same source. Could it be ice and fire can also be from the same source?’ Nian Bing was unadapted to the major differences in his body, but he fully understands that he must maintain this state in order to let the ice and fire magic elements to continue revolving. That way, he won’t self destruct from the battle between the magic elements.

This was the first time that Nian Bing’s body had a human’s regular temperature for this entire year. His body no longer felt half cold and half hot. The gentle and warm feeling made him enter a meditative state again. He let go of his consciousness in his comfort. He didn’t know that from this time onwards, he had become the only magician of dual elements of fire and ice, gaining some benefits from his sufferings. Even though he was still in the initial stage of fusing his dual magic, it had already made his magic unusual and no longer comparable to any other ordinary magicians.

When the first ray of light entered the room from the window at dawn, Nian Bing gradually woke from his meditative state. The two distinctive magic powers had disappeared in his body instead it had formed into a fist sized red and blue vortex instead. The two different magic powers’ aura mutually intersected with each other but didn’t encroach on each other at all as they slowly revolved. The sparkling and translucent blue and red auras looked magnificent, Nian Bing could clearly feel that his perceptions in his magic elements were much stronger than before. He rubbed on the jade tablet that hung in his chest before muttering, “Aunty, thank you! If it wasn’t for this Heavenly Flower Tile that helped to stabilize my magic powers, I’m afraid… Nian Bing will definitely pay you back this favour in the future.” The green aura  previously was from that Heavenly Flower Tile that shone when he was in a dangerous state. Blue fields on a warm day, mist rises from the jade. This jade tile had been jaded using the fat of goats. It was more effective than I thought. After a light flashed passed Nian Bing’s eye, he raised the Morning Dew Knife in his hand before he lightly chanted, “Ice elements! I plead for you to gather to form a huge and sharp blade to cut through the restraints and chains of the world!”  

A blue aura shone from the Ice and Snow Goddess’s stone. It was clear that ice elements were gathering to form a shape. A solid blue icy blade appeared in front of him while the vortex in his body continuously revolved. The formation of the icy blade didn’t affect it at all nor was there any feelings of reduction in the ice magic power. It just continued to revolve in a steady state.

Nian Bing’s heart beat rapidly. He subconsciously rubbed on the Flame God’s stone before chanting again, “Fire elements! I plead for you to gather to form a huge and sharp blade to cut through the binding chains of the world!

The aura of the flame had substituted the blue aura of the icy blade and a solid flaming blade appeared in front of him as the radiance of the blade flickered. Similarly for his right hand, there was no longer any separation between the ice and fire magic powers. Nian Bing’s heart trembled as the fusion of the ice and fire had finally allowed him to fully use  the two countering magic powers. After the radiance of the knives flashed, the icy blade and flame blade collided in mid air under his spiritual control. ‘Chi!’ The two magic simultaneously disappeared after some water vapours was produced. “I’ve succeeded! That’s great! I can finally use two magic powers.” Nian Bing excitedly jumped out of his bed. The fusion of the ice and fire magic had given him a unique power.

Zha Ji’s voice sounded from outside the room after he knocked on the door, “Why are you hollering so early in the morning? Open up!”

Nian Bing hastily hid the Flame God’s stone before opening the door. When Zha Ji first saw him, he immediately pinched his nose. “It’s so smelly in here. You brat! Did you crap in the room?”

Nian Bing was stunned and lowered his head to look at himself. He then realised that his body had unknowingly become sticky. His clothes was also stained by sticky matters; making him felt extremely uncomfortable.

Zha Ji sized up Nian Bing. He was startled to find out that in a single night, Nian Bing seemed to have grown taller. The greatest change of his body was his eyes. His originally childish eyes actually looked much more abstruse.  It felt as though it was a **. Most of all, his eyes were radiant like a pair of gems, giving him an extraordinary feeling.

“Nian Bing, what happened last night?” Zha Ji asked in astonishment.

Nian Bing scratched his head, before replying, “It seems that my magic had made a breakthrough to the next level. I don’t know why I am perspiring this much though.” He definitely didn’t know about this as when the ice and fire battled violently, it had forced all of his impurities out of his body. This resulted in him shedding his mortal body and exchanging his bone, causing many changes to his body.

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